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Fantasy Football Player Notes

2022 Draft Rankings

David Johnson Note
David Johnson photo 115. David Johnson (BYE)
Devontae Booker Note
Devontae Booker photo 116. Devontae Booker (BYE)
Devonta Freeman Note
Devonta Freeman photo 118. Devonta Freeman (BYE)
Wayne Gallman Jr. Note
Wayne Gallman Jr. photo 124. Wayne Gallman Jr. (BYE)
Derrick Gore Note
Derrick Gore photo 138. Derrick Gore (BYE)
The most appealing part about the KC backfield is identifying the potential goal-line back. And there's a scenario where that guy is Derrick Gore.

New Cardinals RB Darrel Williams played that role last season, and Gore flashed red-zone usage last season in Week 8 with six red-zone touches. Many will point to Gore's undrafted status as a reason to believe he won't be a factor in 2022. But the team's belief in fellow UDFA Williams suggests that the team won't shy away from Gore if he is indeed the best option for the job.

He was superior to both Clyde Edwards-Helaire and Ronald Jones last season in PFF rushing grade and yards after contact per attempt. Gore was also uber-efficient in the passing game, finishing fourth in the NFL in yards per route run. It's a small sample size with just nine targets, but it's encouraging that he shows proficiency in the receiving game.
6 weeks ago
Jordan Howard Note
Jordan Howard photo 145. Jordan Howard (BYE)
Abram Smith Note
Abram Smith photo 146. Abram Smith (BYE)
After going undrafted, rookie Abram Smith signed with the New Orleans Saints as a UDFA with a $222,000 guaranteed contract - one of the biggest guarantees for any rookie free agent around the league in recent years.

It's a strong indicator that Smith will likely crack the final 53-man roster, and his special-teams ability will be his pathway to being active on game day.

Just dressing for games is half the battle for many rookies, so for Smith to have a realistic path as a UDFA should not be ignored. And neither should the general ambiguity surrounding Alvin Kamara's legal matters after he was arrested in Las Vegas during the Pro Bowl.

If Kamara is suspended for any allotment of time, Smith is looking at a depth chart composed of Mark Ingram, Tony Jones Jr., Dwayne Washington, and Devine Ozigbo.

Ingram just turned 32. Jones was a UDFA in 2020 and bombed in his lone start in 2021. Washington has been on the roster for four seasons and has totaled 47 carries.

It's not far-fetched to think that Smith is going to have a role on an ascending Saints offense sooner rather than later. He would hardly be the first UDFA success story to come out of New Orleans ie. Khiry Robinson, Chris Ivory, and Pierre Thomas.
4 weeks ago
Carlos Hyde Note
Carlos Hyde photo 150. Carlos Hyde (BYE)
Tarik Cohen Note
Tarik Cohen photo 153. Tarik Cohen (BYE)
Le'Veon Bell Note
Le'Veon Bell photo 156. Le'Veon Bell (BYE)
La'Mical Perine Note
La'Mical Perine photo 167. La'Mical Perine (BYE)
Alex Collins Note
Alex Collins photo 169. Alex Collins (BYE)
Adrian Peterson Note
Adrian Peterson photo 171. Adrian Peterson (BYE)
Gerrid Doaks Note
Gerrid Doaks photo 175. Gerrid Doaks (BYE)
Nate McCrary Note
Nate McCrary photo 179. Nate McCrary (BYE)
Darius Bradwell Note
Darius Bradwell photo 181. Darius Bradwell (BYE)
Kalen Ballage Note
Kalen Ballage photo 182. Kalen Ballage (BYE)
Jonathan Ward Note
Jonathan Ward photo 183. Jonathan Ward (BYE)
Peyton Barber Note
Peyton Barber photo 186. Peyton Barber (BYE)
Kerryon Johnson Note
Kerryon Johnson photo 187. Kerryon Johnson (BYE)
Jalen Richard Note
Jalen Richard photo 188. Jalen Richard (BYE)
Ryquell Armstead Note
Ryquell Armstead photo 190. Ryquell Armstead (BYE)
Max Borghi Note
Max Borghi photo 192. Max Borghi (BYE)
Mataeo Durant Note
Mataeo Durant photo 194. Mataeo Durant (BYE)
CJ Verdell Note
CJ Verdell photo 195. CJ Verdell (BYE)
Jaylen Samuels Note
Jaylen Samuels photo 200. Jaylen Samuels (BYE)
Ty'Son Williams Note
Ty'Son Williams photo 201. Ty'Son Williams (BYE)
Gabe Nabers Note
Gabe Nabers photo 202. Gabe Nabers (BYE)
Pooka Williams Jr. Note
Pooka Williams Jr. photo 204. Pooka Williams Jr. (BYE)
Andy Janovich Note
Andy Janovich photo 206. Andy Janovich (BYE)
Brandon Johnson Note
Brandon Johnson photo 208. Brandon Johnson (BYE)
Johnny Stanton IV Note
Johnny Stanton IV photo 209. Johnny Stanton IV (BYE)
Adrian Killins Jr. Note
Adrian Killins Jr. photo 210. Adrian Killins Jr. (BYE)
Trey Ragas Note
Trey Ragas photo 212. Trey Ragas (BYE)
B.J. Emmons Note
B.J. Emmons photo 216. B.J. Emmons (BYE)
Brenden Knox Note
Brenden Knox photo 217. Brenden Knox (BYE)
CJ Marable Note
CJ Marable photo 218. CJ Marable (BYE)
Cam'Ron Harris Note
Cam'Ron Harris photo 219. Cam'Ron Harris (BYE)
Corey Taylor II Note
Corey Taylor II photo 220. Corey Taylor II (BYE)
Darius Clark Note
Darius Clark photo 222. Darius Clark (BYE)
Dedrick Mills Note
Dedrick Mills photo 223. Dedrick Mills (BYE)
Garrett Groshek Note
Garrett Groshek photo 224. Garrett Groshek (BYE)
Ito Smith Note
Ito Smith photo 225. Ito Smith (BYE)
Desmond Martin Note
Desmond Martin photo 226. Desmond Martin (BYE)
Nathan Cottrell Note
Nathan Cottrell photo 227. Nathan Cottrell (BYE)
Josh Adams Note
Josh Adams photo 228. Josh Adams (BYE)
Jordan Wilkins Note
Jordan Wilkins photo 229. Jordan Wilkins (BYE)
Josh Hokit Note
Josh Hokit photo 230. Josh Hokit (BYE)
LeVante Bellamy Note
LeVante Bellamy photo 233. LeVante Bellamy (BYE)
Mason Stokke Note
Mason Stokke photo 234. Mason Stokke (BYE)
Aaron Shampklin Note
Aaron Shampklin photo 237. Aaron Shampklin (BYE)
Ricky Person Jr. Note
Ricky Person Jr. photo 238. Ricky Person Jr. (BYE)
Alex Armah Jr. Note
Alex Armah Jr. photo 239. Alex Armah Jr. (BYE)
Master Teague Note
Master Teague photo 240. Master Teague (BYE)
Brian Hill Note
Brian Hill photo 241. Brian Hill (BYE)
Leddie Brown Note
Leddie Brown photo 243. Leddie Brown (BYE)
Patrick Carr Note
Patrick Carr photo 244. Patrick Carr (BYE)
Pete Guerriero Note
Pete Guerriero photo 245. Pete Guerriero (BYE)
Rakeem Boyd Note
Rakeem Boyd photo 246. Rakeem Boyd (BYE)
Raymond Calais Note
Raymond Calais photo 247. Raymond Calais (BYE)
Xavier Jones Note
Xavier Jones photo 248. Xavier Jones (BYE)
Ryan Nall Note
Ryan Nall photo 249. Ryan Nall (BYE)
Spencer Brown Note
Spencer Brown photo 250. Spencer Brown (BYE)
Jacques Patrick Note
Jacques Patrick photo 251. Jacques Patrick (BYE)
Tayon Fleet-Davis Note
Tayon Fleet-Davis photo 252. Tayon Fleet-Davis (BYE)
Scottie Phillips Note
Scottie Phillips photo 253. Scottie Phillips (BYE)
JaQuan Hardy Note
JaQuan Hardy photo 254. JaQuan Hardy (BYE)
Shermari Jones Note
Shermari Jones photo 255. Shermari Jones (BYE)
Stevie Scott III Note
Stevie Scott III photo 256. Stevie Scott III (BYE)
Greg Bell Note
Greg Bell photo 257. Greg Bell (BYE)
T.J. Pledger Note
T.J. Pledger photo 258. T.J. Pledger (BYE)
Todd Gurley II Note
Todd Gurley II photo 259. Todd Gurley II (BYE)
De'Montre Tuggle Note
De'Montre Tuggle photo 260. De'Montre Tuggle (BYE)
Tre Harbison III Note
Tre Harbison III photo 262. Tre Harbison III (BYE)