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Fantasy Football Player Notes

2020 Draft Rankings
Kenyan Drake Note
Kenyan Drake photo 13. Kenyan Drake (at LAR)
It's crazy to see Kenyan Drake not getting the respect he deserved when he performed the way he did under Kliff Kingsbury last year. Since coming over in Week 9, he was the No. 4 running back through the remainder of the fantasy season, and the Cardinals liked him enough to move on from David Johnson and not draft a running back until the seventh round.
13 weeks ago
Chase Edmonds Note
Chase Edmonds photo 47. Chase Edmonds (at LAR)
There are some who believe Edmonds is the surefire handcuff to Kenyan Drake, though I'm not entirely sure of that, as Eno Benjamin is someone who can play. Sure, he fell to the seventh round, but it's not like Edmonds is a can't-miss player. We do know the Cardinals starting position is very valuable, so once we know which player is the handcuff, they should have bench priority in case an injury should arise.
13 weeks ago
Eno Benjamin Note
Eno Benjamin photo 93. Eno Benjamin (at LAR)
D.J. Foster Note
D.J. Foster photo 176. D.J. Foster (at LAR)