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Finding Cheap Batting Average & OBP in Category Leagues (2020 Fantasy Baseball)

Dec 30, 2019

Christian Yelich always provides a useful batting average

I get the feeling that a lot of fantasy baseball managers tend to not treat each category equally. Everybody wants to lead the league in home runs and ERA, which leads to a relative neglect of some of the less sexy categories. Throughout a more than five-month regular season, that potentially leaves a lot of wins on the table. I believe that in a lot of leagues, people tend to not pay close attention to batting average despite it being one of the easier categories to control. This article will walk you through an analysis that may help you get a boost in batting average and on base percentage for very cheap on draft day, as well as throughout the season on the waiver wire.

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If you happen to be in a league that uses both batting average and on base percentage, this is vitally important. We will use a correlation matrix to demonstrate this. A correlation coefficient gives you a number between -1 and +1 to show you the relationship between two variables. A positive coefficient (a number closer to +1) means that as one variable increases, so does the other. A negative coefficient (a number close to -1) means that as one variables increases, the other will decrease. The closer to either extreme the coefficient gets, the stronger the relationship between variables. I have picked six offensive categories to display this, using the last three years of player data as my source (with a minimum of 300 PA’s for a player to be used in the sample). Here is the matrix:


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