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Fantasy Baseball Draft Strategy: Punting Categories
By Josh Dalley on February, 14th 2019

It’s draft day and you’re sitting at your computer with your rankings and perhaps a notepad, or maybe you’re actually among the company of about a dozen or more friends as players begin to come off the board. A few … read more »

Fantasy Baseball Draft Strategy: Focus on Hitters Early
By Michael Waterloo on February, 13th 2019

When you head into your draft, you should have a plan outlined in pencil, not pen. The key to any draft isn’t nailing your first-round pick or drafting the shiny new toy who’s “absolutely going to break out this year.” … read more »

Examining Low BABIPs from 2018 (2019 Fantasy Baseball)
By Carmen Maiorano on February, 12th 2019

A few days ago, I wrote a piece about the players who sported a high BABIP from 2018, and whether those were sustainable. We uncovered a few surprises there, and in going through the low BABIP players from last year, … read more »

Roto vs. H2H: How Does Your Strategy Change? (2019 Fantasy Baseball)
By Paul Ghiglieri on February, 12th 2019

In a previous article, we reviewed the two most popular head-to-head (H2H) formats in fantasy baseball. In this space, the goal will be to compare the key differences between fantasy baseball’s original and most classic format (rotisserie) and the week-to-week … read more »

Examining High BABIPs from 2018 (2019 Fantasy Baseball)
By Carmen Maiorano on February, 9th 2019

In the age of SIERA, xwOBA, and UZR, BABIP (batting average on balls in play) is a stat that most fantasy baseball players understand from the get-go. Intuitively, BABIP measures the percentage of balls in play that go for hits. … read more »

Position Scarcity Guide (2019 Fantasy Baseball)
By Alex Altmix on February, 8th 2019

To get the best fantasy baseball team, take the best players. Easy, right? The only problem comes with the fact that in fantasy baseball, sometimes the best player for your team is not the best player available. At these points … read more »

H2H Strategy: Category vs Points Leagues (2019 Fantasy Baseball)
By Paul Ghiglieri on February, 6th 2019

For many years, rotisserie baseball was the standard and preferred format for fantasy players. However, with the rise of fantasy football, head-to-head formats began evolving across the diamond as well. The thrill of inflicting Van Dammage on an opponent each … read more »

Targeting Elite Middle RP Strategy (2019 Fantasy Baseball)
By Carmen Maiorano on February, 4th 2019

We’ve all been there. You took a hitter in the first round, then took a starting pitcher with one of your next two picks, and slowly rounded your team into form with a couple more starters, a bunch of hitters, … read more »

Players to Target for AVG/OBP (2019 Fantasy Baseball)
By Max Freeze on February, 2nd 2019

My previous article at FantasyPros discussed how to approach your draft in redraft leagues. I also touched on how batting average and on-base percentage are on the decline. Pitchers are utilizing their secondary and offspeed offerings that generate more swings and … read more »

Fantasy Baseball: 10 Mistakes Not To Repeat From Last Year’s Draft
By Dan Harris on February, 1st 2019

As we officially close the book on the 2018 fantasy football season, it’s time to take a minute, sit back, and reflect on what a fun ride it was. All done? Good, because it’s time to start prepping for your … read more »