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FanGraphs   Jan 16th, 8:06am ET
Plus Jon Lester quotes from 2004, Camden Yards reconfiguration, Dan Dickerson's old book bag, some Cubs history, and more.
FanGraphs   Jan 14th, 11:12pm ET
Ben Lindbergh, Meg Rowley, and FanGraphs writer Ben Clemens banter about a few details of MLB’s latest labor proposal to the players, the conclusion of and possible confounding factors behind a Bill James study about how switching teams affects a player’s...
FanGraphs   Jan 14th, 3:35pm ET
This week’s Chin Music is a little bit late but it’s for a good reason, as we finally had baseball news on Thursday with Major League Baseball and the MLBPA meeting for the first time since the lockout began six weeks ago. To discuss said news,...
FanGraphs   Jan 14th, 12:00pm ET
But it's always fun — to analyze, at least. I wouldn't want to be the manager telling Hunter Renfroe to grab some pine.
FanGraphs   Jan 14th, 11:00am ET
An overview of the signings that defined the KBO offseason.
FanGraphs   Jan 14th, 10:00am ET
Signed as a non-drafted free agent out of the University of Indiana in 2020, Dunham had a solid first professional season, then excelled in the AFL.
FanGraphs   Jan 14th, 9:00am ET
Even though they've traded away roughly two-thirds of a farm system, the Yankees are still flush with young talent.
FanGraphs   Jan 14th, 8:30am ET
Episode 957 This week on the show, David Laurila is joined by Dan Dickerson, radio voice of the Detroit Tigers who last joined us back in episode 892, and Don Gonyea, a long-time political correspondent for National Public Radio and a diehard Tigers fan in...
FanGraphs   Jan 14th, 8:00am ET
The A's are hiring.
FanGraphs   Jan 13th, 9:42pm ET
Ben Lindbergh and Meg Rowley banter about a bargaining meeting between MLB and the MLBPA that reportedly produced little progress toward a deal, the odds of a punctual start to the season, the retirement of Jon Lester and their lasting fascination with his...
FanGraphs   Jan 13th, 12:00pm ET
The undersized ace won a Cy Young award and a couple of World Series rings but battled numerous injuries.
FanGraphs   Jan 13th, 11:00am ET
We're going "right up the elevator shaft" as we look through the hardest hit popups of last year.
FanGraphs   Jan 13th, 9:00am ET
The Nationals seem ticketed for last place in the NL East in 2022, but at least they have Juan Soto.
FanGraphs   Jan 13th, 8:30am ET
The Red Sox are hiring.
FanGraphs   Jan 13th, 8:00am ET
The Braves are hiring.
FanGraphs   Jan 12th, 1:15pm ET
The speedster was one of the most electrifying player of the 2000s, but a bad free agent contract and post-career legal troubles have overshadowed his legacy.
FanGraphs   Jan 12th, 12:00pm ET
In which the future looks bright, but the present is somewhat muddier.
FanGraphs   Jan 12th, 11:00am ET
He throws softer than almost everyone and yet throws more fastballs than almost anyone. What in the world makes that combination work?
FanGraphs   Jan 12th, 10:00am ET
Signed as a non-drafted free agent in 2020, the 23-year-old right-hander opened a lot of eyes last year with his power arsenal.