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FanGraphs   May 17th, 11:35am ET
The Pirates infielder isn't an accomplished hitter at the big-league level, but his knowledge is second to none.
FanGraphs   May 17th, 10:30am ET
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FanGraphs   May 17th, 10:00am ET
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FanGraphs   May 16th, 2:00pm ET
Want to learn how to calculate wOBA from first principles? Want to do it while learning about the fastest man in baseball in the 1950's? Look no further than this calculation-heavy, modern-baseball-light article.
FanGraphs   May 16th, 1:51pm ET
Come ask me some questions about baseball. If the chat gets out of hand, I'll simply bring in Albert Pujols to close it out.
FanGraphs   May 16th, 1:00pm ET
Don't hit the panic button on Megill or Luzardo yet, but keep it in reaching distance.
FanGraphs   May 16th, 12:00pm ET
The Astros rise while the Dodgers fall out of the top tier for the first time ever.
FanGraphs   May 16th, 10:30am ET
The fireballing 22-year-old rookie and a reliever held the Pirates hitless... but still lost.
FanGraphs   May 16th, 9:00am ET
The White Sox southpaw throws the same changeup he learned as a pre-teen. The Brewers lefty tweaked his changeup three years ago.
FanGraphs   May 15th, 7:00am ET
Plus Tony La Russa on not scripting, Dallas Keuchel on windy conditions, Ben Cherington on signing Koji Uehara, Reid Detmers on his curveball, facts and stats galore, and more.
FanGraphs   May 13th, 10:48pm ET
Ben Lindbergh and Meg Rowley banter about a wave of baseball ads for cryptocurrencies and NFTs coinciding with crashes in the crypto and NFT markets, injuries to Bryce Harper and Clayton Kershaw, the dominance of the Dodgers, Yankees, and (especially of late)...
FanGraphs   May 13th, 1:05pm ET
Next stop for the ex-Met: San Diego, though where, when and how he plays remains to be seen.
FanGraphs   May 13th, 12:05pm ET
McClanahan's changeup has been filthily powering a boost to his long-term projections.
FanGraphs   May 13th, 11:51am ET
His contract as the Philadelphia Flyers team tailor now complete, Eric returns to chat prospects and all things ball.
FanGraphs   May 13th, 11:00am ET
The 2020 second-rounder has a well-rounded skill set that gets built behind the scenes.
FanGraphs   May 13th, 10:00am ET
Forget everything you know about the first pitch of a ballgame. Er, forget some of it, at least.
FanGraphs   May 13th, 9:00am ET
This is an extremely top-heavy system that has been able to actualize its high-profile prospects into big leaguers at a high rate.
FanGraphs   May 13th, 8:30am ET
Episode 974 On this week’s FanGraphs Audio, David Laurila talks to a major league general manager before introducing one of the game’s new radio voices. In the first half, David welcomes Ben Cherington, general manager of the Pittsburgh Pirates....
FanGraphs   May 13th, 3:46am ET
Ben Lindbergh and Meg Rowley banter about which is more impressive, Reid Detmers throwing a two-strikeout no-hitter or right-handed hitter Anthony Rendon homering from the left side against a position-player pitcher, recount (11:50) the surprisingly long,...
FanGraphs   May 12th, 1:35pm ET
It's not just the hitters, either.