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FanGraphs   Jan 21st, 10:00am ET
The pitching looks elite, but the offense will have to settle for cromulence.
FanGraphs   Jan 21st, 9:00am ET
I'm from FanGraphs, and I'm here to help.
FanGraphs   Jan 21st, 8:30am ET
Episode 958 On this week’s episode, we sit down with a veteran baseball writer to talk about the Hall of Fame before hearing from a minor league outfielder with plenty under his belt already. To begin the show, Jay Jaffe welcomes Buster Olney, senior...
FanGraphs   Jan 21st, 8:00am ET
This week’s Chin Music features the return of FanGraphs’ very own Ben Clemens, and despite the dearth of baseball news, we still find plenty to talk about. We begin by discussing what’s not happening in regards to the labor situation, then...
FanGraphs   Jan 21st, 1:09am ET
Ben Lindbergh and Meg Rowley banter about the demise of the Rays’ two-city, split-season scheme, Carlos Correa hiring Scott Boras as his agent, and Brandon Gomes of the Dodgers becoming the latest ex-player to ascend to GM, then (31:18) talk about numerous...
FanGraphs   Jan 20th, 8:52pm ET
Ben Lindbergh and Meg Rowley lean into the lockout by exploring two antecedents to today’s MLB labor stalemate. First, they banter with Emma Baccellieri of Sports Illustrated about whether the Hall of Fame Vote Tracker has helped or hurt Hall of Fame...
FanGraphs   Jan 20th, 2:00pm ET
A top-flight closer who didn’t stick around for long but left some indelible marks.
FanGraphs   Jan 20th, 11:40am ET
The offseason is ice-cold, and not just the weather.
FanGraphs   Jan 20th, 10:00am ET
You're listening to baseball ASMR on WSLP Radio from Foghorn Field with Wally McCarthy on the call.
FanGraphs   Jan 20th, 9:00am ET
Seager and Semien can hasten the rebuild, but they're not an instant fix.
FanGraphs   Jan 20th, 8:30am ET
Sports Info Solutions is hiring.
FanGraphs   Jan 19th, 12:00pm ET
Does Aaron Nola throw two fastballs? Not really, but also yes.
FanGraphs   Jan 19th, 11:00am ET
The Braves remain strong, but Freddie Freeman's return is necessary if they want to stay atop the NL East.
FanGraphs   Jan 19th, 10:00am ET
The 23-year-old University of Oregon product has emerged as the top pitching prospect in the D-backs system.
FanGraphs   Jan 19th, 9:00am ET
Arizona's system is deep from past drafts and trades, but aside from Deyvison De Los Santos, it had few upward-trending prospects in 2021.
FanGraphs   Jan 19th, 8:30am ET
The Brewers are hiring.
FanGraphs   Jan 19th, 8:00am ET
The Red Sox are hiring.
FanGraphs   Jan 18th, 8:30pm ET
Ben Lindbergh and Meg Rowley reconnect with former cohost Sam Miller to discuss what he’s been up to since he stopped working for ESPN in December 2020, how the 2021 Giants rekindled his fandom, the pros and cons of paying attention to projections, what...
FanGraphs   Jan 18th, 11:00am ET
Checking in on the winter moves by SSG Landers, the NC Dinos, the Lotte Giants, the KIA Tigers, and the Hanwha Eagles.
FanGraphs   Jan 18th, 10:00am ET
The Marlins rotation is awesome. The lineup? Not so much.