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Fantasy Baseball Player Notes

2022 Fantasy Baseball Draft Notes

Jon Gray Note
Jon Gray photo 88. Jon Gray SP
Fantasy managers have wondered for years what Gray would look like out of Coors Field, and now they get their chance to see. Gray has the pure stuff to succeed - a fastball that sits at 95 MPH, a strong slider, and decent command. If he benefits from moving not just out of Coors but to a pitcher's park in Texas, as everyone expects, then we could finally see a decent WHIP with a sub-4.00 ERA. He is 30 years old now, so this is a lot of hypotheticals for a veteran such as him. But he's definitely worth a gamble late in your draft.
27 weeks ago
Joe Barlow Note
Joe Barlow photo 106. Joe Barlow RP
Barlow saved 18 games between the majors and the minors last year, putting up excellent ratios. He'll get the first opportunity to close in Texas, but he doesn't have a lengthy track record with being the stopper, so the leash probably isn't that long. That's not a great thing considering his ERA metrics were far worse than his actual numbers and his walk-rate is sub par. Barlow is a closer, so he should be drafted, but don't go in expecting 25 saves given the risks.
26 weeks ago
Dane Dunning Note
Dane Dunning photo 130. Dane Dunning SP
Spencer Howard Note
Spencer Howard photo 289. Spencer Howard SP
John King Note
John King photo 303. John King RP
Josh Sborz Note
Josh Sborz photo 315. Josh Sborz RP
Glenn Otto Note
Glenn Otto photo 321. Glenn Otto SP
Brock Burke Note
Brock Burke photo 324. Brock Burke RP,SP
Jose Leclerc Note
Jose Leclerc photo 376. Jose Leclerc RP
Kolby Allard Note
Kolby Allard photo 395. Kolby Allard SP,RP
Taylor Hearn Note
Taylor Hearn photo 402. Taylor Hearn SP,RP
Martin Perez Note
Martin Perez photo 410. Martin Perez SP,RP
A.J. Alexy Note
A.J. Alexy photo 413. A.J. Alexy SP
Brett Martin Note
Brett Martin photo 421. Brett Martin RP
Drew Strotman Note
Drew Strotman photo 533. Drew Strotman SP
Jake Latz Note
Jake Latz photo 549. Jake Latz SP
Cole Winn Note
Cole Winn photo 560. Cole Winn SP
Demarcus Evans Note
Demarcus Evans photo 573. Demarcus Evans RP
Dennis Santana Note
Dennis Santana photo 617. Dennis Santana RP
Jonathan Hernandez Note
Jonathan Hernandez photo 639. Jonathan Hernandez RP
Kohei Arihara Note
Kohei Arihara photo 643. Kohei Arihara SP
Matt Moore Note
Matt Moore photo 646. Matt Moore SP,RP
Nick Snyder Note
Nick Snyder photo 697. Nick Snyder RP
Kyle Cody Note
Kyle Cody photo 748. Kyle Cody RP
Justin Anderson Note
Justin Anderson photo 805. Justin Anderson RP
Edwar Colina Note
Edwar Colina photo 943. Edwar Colina SP,RP