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Fantasy Baseball Player Notes

2022 Fantasy Baseball Draft Notes

Robbie Ray Note
Robbie Ray photo 15. Robbie Ray SP
This is one of the riskiest bets in fantasy baseball for 2022. Ray tamed his chronic wildness in 2021, pounding the strike zone with his electric stuff and turning in a Cy Young season. But do you really want to wager that the control problems won't return? Ray walked 2.4 batter per 9 innings last year. His career average is 3.9 walks per 9 innings. Ray yielded a career-low BABIP of .269 last year. If there's regression in Ray's hit and walk rates, the results could be toxic. There's an enormous range of outcomes here. We saw the best of Ray last year, and he was immensely valuable. In his bad seasons, he's been a negative-value player. Where on the spectrum he lands this year is anyone's guess. Invest at your own risk.
32 weeks ago
Luis Castillo Note
Luis Castillo photo 39. Luis Castillo SP
If Castillo is on your target list, make sure to buy a big bottle of Tums. By the end of the season, you'll probably be happy with your decision, to roster him, but there will be long stretches of the season where you'll be driven to the breaking point while following Castillo's starts on Stat Tracker. He's a notoriously slow starter, so be prepared for a bumpy ride until June. I've ridden the Reds ace through multiple tumultuous seasons, and I can't do it again. If you have a stronger constitution than I do, know that Castillo has SP1 stuff and will probably be worth it over the long haul.
32 weeks ago
Logan Gilbert Note
Logan Gilbert photo 53. Logan Gilbert SP
Gilbert pitched better than his 4.68 ERA, and became a fairly reliable starter by the end of the season. He's got two major assets - an elite fastball that sits at about 95 MPH and outstanding command. His home park helps, too, but he'll need to continue to develop a second pitch (his slider is good but inconsistent) if he wants to take a step forward. He's an ideal back-end-of-the-rotation arm for your fantasy team - he'll give you innings and strikeouts and rarely get crushed, but things will need to break right for him to finish with under a 3.80 ERA.
29 weeks ago
Paul Sewald Note
Paul Sewald photo 87. Paul Sewald RP
Sewald is a fine reliever and he upped his strikeout rate to an impressive 39.4% last year, one of the best marks in the majors. His expected stats (.182 xBA, .262 xWOBA) were pristine, and he offered plenty of hope that he could hold the Mariners' closer job if given the opportunity. That last part is the operative phrase, however, as Seattle is likely looking at some form of committee between Sewald, Drew Steckenrider, Diego Castillo, and Ken Giles. Sewald isn't a bad late-round candidate for his ratios alone, and he should add on at least a few saves even if he doesn't win the job outright.
27 weeks ago
Marco Gonzales Note
Marco Gonzales photo 132. Marco Gonzales SP
Matt Brash Note
Matt Brash photo 144. Matt Brash SP,RP
Diego Castillo Note
Diego Castillo photo 145. Diego Castillo RP
Drew Steckenrider Note
Drew Steckenrider photo 147. Drew Steckenrider RP
Chris Flexen Note
Chris Flexen photo 153. Chris Flexen RP,SP
Andres Munoz Note
Andres Munoz photo 236. Andres Munoz RP
Matthew Boyd Note
Matthew Boyd photo 240. Matthew Boyd RP,SP
George Kirby Note
George Kirby photo 312. George Kirby SP
Casey Sadler Note
Casey Sadler photo 316. Casey Sadler RP
Justus Sheffield Note
Justus Sheffield photo 368. Justus Sheffield SP,RP
Erik Swanson Note
Erik Swanson photo 374. Erik Swanson RP
Ryan Borucki Note
Ryan Borucki photo 467. Ryan Borucki RP
Nick Margevicius Note
Nick Margevicius photo 506. Nick Margevicius SP
Andrew Albers Note
Andrew Albers photo 561. Andrew Albers SP
Riley O'Brien Note
Riley O'Brien photo 584. Riley O'Brien SP
Chris Mazza Note
Chris Mazza photo 675. Chris Mazza RP
Devin Sweet Note
Devin Sweet photo 679. Devin Sweet RP,SP
Matt Festa Note
Matt Festa photo 714. Matt Festa RP
Nick Ramirez Note
Nick Ramirez photo 745. Nick Ramirez RP
Jairo Diaz Note
Jairo Diaz photo 764. Jairo Diaz RP
Roenis Elias Note
Roenis Elias photo 774. Roenis Elias RP
Taylor Williams Note
Taylor Williams photo 777. Taylor Williams RP
Fernando Abad Note
Fernando Abad photo 835. Fernando Abad RP
Patrick Weigel Note
Patrick Weigel photo 879. Patrick Weigel RP
Phillips Valdez Note
Phillips Valdez photo 908. Phillips Valdez RP
Emerson Hancock Note
Emerson Hancock photo 921. Emerson Hancock SP