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Fantasy Baseball Player Notes

2022 Fantasy Baseball Draft Notes

Giovanny Gallegos Note
Giovanny Gallegos photo 51. Giovanny Gallegos RP
Gallegos hasn't been named the closer and both the coaching staff and front office have gone out of their way to avoid annointing him the ninth-inning man. But considering his success the past two years and Alex Reyes's injury, there seems to be little doubt. Gallegos has everything you want in a closer - strong strikeout numbers, good command, and two elite pitches with his fastball and slider. You'll need to drop him below some of the more established closers because of the current uncertainty, but if you bet on him to be the primary closing option for St. Louis, you'll almost certainly be correct.
28 weeks ago
Jordan Montgomery Note
Jordan Montgomery photo 66. Jordan Montgomery SP
Montgomery was fine last year (3.83 ERA, 1.28 WHIP), but he didn't take the step forward that many had envisioned. His curveball is an elite pitch, and his changeup isn't far behind, but his sinker (.412 wOBA against) just gets crushed. If he leans further into his changeup and curve, you could see a giant step forward, especially since his whiff rate is already solid and his walk rate is above average. But if not, it's probably going to be yet another mediocre season for him, particularly with the tough lineups he'll face routinely.
27 weeks ago
Jack Flaherty Note
Jack Flaherty photo 71. Jack Flaherty SP
Here's a guy you just can't go wrong with. He has immaculate control, ace-level stuff, a really high floor and an exceptional Cy Young-level ceiling. Flaherty only pitched 78 innings last season due to shoulder and oblique injuries, but he didn't suffer any structural damage in his shoulder - it was just a strain - so that shouldn't have any lingering impact this season. He's otherwise been pretty durable. One thing to consider is that after being limited last year, Flaherty may have a cap of about 140-150 innings.
31 weeks ago
Adam Wainwright Note
Adam Wainwright photo 72. Adam Wainwright SP
Wainwright found the fountain of youth last year, pitching to a 3.05 ERA and a 1.06 WHIP and totaling 17 wins, his most since 2014. He benefitted greatly from the weak NL Central and an outstanding defense, but the bottom line is that Wainwright was just . . . good. His curveball remained effective, his sinker worked well, and he topped 200 innings pitched. Expecting this again as he enters his age-41 season would be overly optimistic, but if you have a strong staff and just need a filler for the back end of your rotation, then Wainwright is your guy.
27 weeks ago
Steven Matz Note
Steven Matz photo 92. Steven Matz SP
Matz had a surprisingly effective year despite moving to the AL East and Toronto, pitching 150 2/3 innings with a 3.82 ERA. We know what he is by now in his career - a strikeout rate that won't hurt you, a decent walk rate that isn't enough to keep his WHIP in check, and a ceiling of about 160 innings. Moving to St. Louis is a great thing for him, however, as he'll benefit from the Cardinals' excellent infield defense (Matz has a 47.1% ground ball rate). But he's essentially a replacement level fantasy starter at this point, and entering his age-31 season, we're probably not going to see much growth.
27 weeks ago
Chris Stratton Note
Chris Stratton photo 157. Chris Stratton RP
Alex Reyes Note
Alex Reyes photo 164. Alex Reyes RP
Miles Mikolas Note
Miles Mikolas photo 199. Miles Mikolas SP
Jordan Hicks Note
Jordan Hicks photo 214. Jordan Hicks RP,SP
Dakota Hudson Note
Dakota Hudson photo 219. Dakota Hudson SP
Genesis Cabrera Note
Genesis Cabrera photo 245. Genesis Cabrera RP
Jose Quintana Note
Jose Quintana photo 261. Jose Quintana SP,RP
Ryan Helsley Note
Ryan Helsley photo 418. Ryan Helsley RP
Matthew Liberatore Note
Matthew Liberatore photo 426. Matthew Liberatore SP
Kodi Whitley Note
Kodi Whitley photo 450. Kodi Whitley RP
Drew VerHagen Note
Drew VerHagen photo 454. Drew VerHagen RP,SP
T.J. McFarland Note
T.J. McFarland photo 492. T.J. McFarland RP
Packy Naughton Note
Packy Naughton photo 634. Packy Naughton RP,SP
Jake Woodford Note
Jake Woodford photo 640. Jake Woodford SP,RP
Jake Walsh Note
Jake Walsh photo 739. Jake Walsh RP
Freddy Pacheco Note
Freddy Pacheco photo 811. Freddy Pacheco RP
JoJo Romero Note
JoJo Romero photo 822. JoJo Romero RP
Aaron Brooks Note
Aaron Brooks photo 934. Aaron Brooks SP,RP