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Fantasy Baseball Player Notes

2022 Fantasy Baseball Draft Notes

Max Scherzer Note
Max Scherzer photo 3. Max Scherzer SP
Eventually, his arm is just going to fall off, right? He's going to throw his 9 millionth inning, strike a guy out, remove his limb like something out of "Total Recall," put it on the mound and walk away into the sunset. Seems plausible, because there's no way that arm isn't bionic. The 37-year-old signed a three-year deal to return to the NL East and lead the Mets' rotation. He should be a lock for 200 IP and 250+ Ks. And his new home, Citi Field, is one of the most pitching-friendly parks in baseball. Scherzer probably isn't going to keep an ERA below 2.50, but somewhere around 2.70-2.80 will still make managers smile.
32 weeks ago
Edwin Diaz Note
Edwin Diaz photo 28. Edwin Diaz RP
If you like your closers to deliver saves with a side of anxiety, Diaz is your guy. He gets the job done, but it won't always be pretty. The Mets have tried to overhaul their team this offseason, so Diaz should be in position to save more games in 2022 than in 2021. The flamethrower is an elite strikeout option at the position. When the closer run starts, Diaz is a relatively safe top-10 choice at the position.
32 weeks ago
Chris Bassitt Note
Chris Bassitt photo 37. Chris Bassitt SP
Bassitt's success feels uncomfortable - he doesn't have a ton of velocity or much of a secondary pitch beyond his sinker. But year in and year out, he offers an ERA and WHIP that help fantasy managers. His 25% strikeout rate last year was a career-best, and his deep arsenal helps to keep hitters off balance. He'll lose out on some park value with the move from Oakland to New York, but chances are he will improve on his meager win totals from the last few years. There's no ceiling ith Bassitt, but there's an extremely high floor, so sticking him in the back-end of your rotation is a winning move.
29 weeks ago
Jacob deGrom Note
Jacob deGrom photo 50. Jacob deGrom SP
The Mets' ace is a legit superstar ... when he plays. But now deGrom, who was already coming off injuries to his shoulder and UCL, is being shut down until at least the end of April with a scapular injury. If he returns to something close to full health at some point, he'll deliver a sub 2.50 ERA with piles of strikeouts and a miniscule WHIP. But it's probably wishful thinking to project deGrom for more than 100 innings in 2022.
27 weeks ago
Carlos Carrasco Note
Carlos Carrasco photo 103. Carlos Carrasco SP
Carrasco was limited to just 53 2/3 innings last season as he was delayed due to a hamstring injury. He then dealt with elbow troubles, which ultimately led him to have surgery in the offseason to remove bone spurs in his elbow. Both his splitter and his slider have looked good thus far in the spring, and he claims to be fully healthy, so he's certainly worth an investment given his late ADP. Despite his advancing age, Carrasco still has the potential to be a No. 3 fantasy starter given his career strikeout rate and past success, so he's the exact type of late-round starter fantasy managers should be targeting.
27 weeks ago
Taijuan Walker Note
Taijuan Walker photo 120. Taijuan Walker SP
Tylor Megill Note
Tylor Megill photo 127. Tylor Megill RP,SP
Trevor May Note
Trevor May photo 171. Trevor May RP
Seth Lugo Note
Seth Lugo photo 178. Seth Lugo RP
Mychal Givens Note
Mychal Givens photo 186. Mychal Givens RP
Joely Rodriguez Note
Joely Rodriguez photo 253. Joely Rodriguez RP
Adam Ottavino Note
Adam Ottavino photo 258. Adam Ottavino RP
David Peterson Note
David Peterson photo 264. David Peterson RP,SP
Trevor Williams Note
Trevor Williams photo 400. Trevor Williams SP,RP
Drew Smith Note
Drew Smith photo 412. Drew Smith RP
Sean Reid-Foley Note
Sean Reid-Foley photo 425. Sean Reid-Foley RP
Tommy Hunter Note
Tommy Hunter photo 440. Tommy Hunter RP
Joey Lucchesi Note
Joey Lucchesi photo 478. Joey Lucchesi SP
Dedniel Nunez Note
Dedniel Nunez photo 488. Dedniel Nunez SP
Jordan Yamamoto Note
Jordan Yamamoto photo 606. Jordan Yamamoto P,SP
Alex Claudio Note
Alex Claudio photo 704. Alex Claudio RP
Eric Orze Note
Eric Orze photo 740. Eric Orze RP
Yoan Lopez Note
Yoan Lopez photo 762. Yoan Lopez RP
Adonis Medina Note
Adonis Medina photo 842. Adonis Medina RP,SP
Antonio Santos Note
Antonio Santos photo 863. Antonio Santos RP
Sam Clay Note
Sam Clay photo 893. Sam Clay RP
Locke St. John Note
Locke St. John photo 925. Locke St. John RP