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Fantasy Baseball Player Notes

2022 Fantasy Baseball Draft Notes

Stephen Strasburg Note
Stephen Strasburg photo 113. Stephen Strasburg SP
Strasburg is coming back from surgery to address thoracic outlet syndrome, and we've seen that surgery derail promising careers before. He's thrown just 26.2 innings over the last two seasons, and although he's reportedly healthy and feeling good, he probably won't make his debut until May at this point. Despite his elite career numbers, fantasy managers cannot go into 2022 expecting to get anything from Strasburg as a starter. Drafting him for your bench and hoping you get 10 good starts out of him at some point is the safe way to go, but at this point, you should be rooting for Strasburg more from the standpoint of a baseball fan, not a fantasy manager.
8 weeks ago
Josiah Gray Note
Josiah Gray photo 114. Josiah Gray SP
Kyle Finnegan Note
Kyle Finnegan photo 141. Kyle Finnegan RP
Patrick Corbin Note
Patrick Corbin photo 146. Patrick Corbin SP
Tanner Rainey Note
Tanner Rainey photo 154. Tanner Rainey RP
Patrick Murphy Note
Patrick Murphy photo 372. Patrick Murphy RP
Austin Voth Note
Austin Voth photo 407. Austin Voth RP
Sean Doolittle Note
Sean Doolittle photo 418. Sean Doolittle RP
Tyler Clippard Note
Tyler Clippard photo 424. Tyler Clippard RP
Erick Fedde Note
Erick Fedde photo 449. Erick Fedde SP
Will Harris Note
Will Harris photo 471. Will Harris RP
Steve Cishek Note
Steve Cishek photo 472. Steve Cishek RP
Joe Ross Note
Joe Ross photo 518. Joe Ross SP
Gerardo Carrillo Note
Gerardo Carrillo photo 562. Gerardo Carrillo SP
Paolo Espino Note
Paolo Espino photo 611. Paolo Espino SP,RP
Cade Cavalli Note
Cade Cavalli photo 619. Cade Cavalli SP
Jace Fry Note
Jace Fry photo 628. Jace Fry RP
Andres Machado Note
Andres Machado photo 642. Andres Machado RP
Francisco Perez Note
Francisco Perez photo 669. Francisco Perez RP
Aaron Sanchez Note
Aaron Sanchez photo 671. Aaron Sanchez SP
Josh Rogers Note
Josh Rogers photo 681. Josh Rogers RP,SP
Anibal Sanchez Note
Anibal Sanchez photo 684. Anibal Sanchez SP
Victor Arano Note
Victor Arano photo 707. Victor Arano RP
Seth Romero Note
Seth Romero photo 727. Seth Romero SP,RP
Carl Edwards Jr. Note
Carl Edwards Jr. photo 746. Carl Edwards Jr. RP
Hunter Harvey Note
Hunter Harvey photo 810. Hunter Harvey RP
Alberto Baldonado Note
Alberto Baldonado photo 823. Alberto Baldonado RP
Joan Adon Note
Joan Adon photo 846. Joan Adon SP
Luis Avilan Note
Luis Avilan photo 851. Luis Avilan RP
Sam Clay Note
Sam Clay photo 893. Sam Clay RP
Erasmo Ramirez Note
Erasmo Ramirez photo 901. Erasmo Ramirez RP
Mason Thompson Note
Mason Thompson photo 906. Mason Thompson RP
Zack Burdi Note
Zack Burdi photo 909. Zack Burdi RP
Cory Abbott Note
Cory Abbott photo 916. Cory Abbott SP,RP