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Fantasy Baseball Player Notes

2021 Fantasy Baseball Draft Notes

Stephen Strasburg Note
Stephen Strasburg photo 22. Stephen Strasburg SP
Strasburg was limited to just five innings in 2020, with an injury that eventually required carpal tunnel syndrome. Although that's a minor surgery, the truth is that fantasy managers have very little data as to the impact and/or successful recovery rate after that surgery for pitchers. Strasburg's a tricky draft pick in any given year - he always provides strong value when he's on the mound, but has only topped 200 innings pitched twice in his career. Now entering his age-33 season, Strasburg will likely again provide excellent overall numbers assuming he is healthy. He looks great in the spring, though he's currently battling a minor calf injury, though it shouldn't keep him out for long. Draft him as an SP2, but anything more than 160 innings is gravy.
30 weeks ago
Patrick Corbin Note
Patrick Corbin photo 44. Patrick Corbin SP
Corbin had a disastrous 2020 season, during which he went 2-7 with a 4.66 ERA and a 1.57 WHIP. His strikeout rate plummeted, and his velocity dropped significantly, with his fastball seeing a dip of almost two miles per hour. Corbin leans heavily into his slider, and he needs it to be pristine to be an effective pitcher. And although it wasn't a terrible pitch in 2020, the swinging strike rate on it dropped from 28.1% to 21.2%, and the whiff rate from 52% to just 38.2%. If the loss in velocity and effectiveness of his slider were entirely due to the oddities of the shortened season, then Corbin is going to be a major value in drafts this year. But if not, then his days as a "set it and forget it" starter are likely over. Monitor Corbin's performance this spring, particularly with his velocity. If it's back up to prior levels, then push him up your board significantly.
30 weeks ago
Tanner Rainey Note
Tanner Rainey photo 152. Tanner Rainey RP
Will Harris Note
Will Harris photo 233. Will Harris RP
Wander Suero Note
Wander Suero photo 302. Wander Suero RP
Kyle McGowin Note
Kyle McGowin photo 318. Kyle McGowin RP
Kyle Finnegan Note
Kyle Finnegan photo 356. Kyle Finnegan RP
Josiah Gray Note
Josiah Gray photo 380. Josiah Gray SP
Austin Voth Note
Austin Voth photo 410. Austin Voth RP,SP
Cade Cavalli Note
Cade Cavalli photo 440. Cade Cavalli SP
Joe Ross Note
Joe Ross photo 472. Joe Ross SP,RP
Jackson Rutledge Note
Jackson Rutledge photo 503. Jackson Rutledge SP
Erick Fedde Note
Erick Fedde photo 516. Erick Fedde SP,RP
Jefry Rodriguez Note
Jefry Rodriguez photo 626. Jefry Rodriguez SP,RP
Patrick Murphy Note
Patrick Murphy photo 660. Patrick Murphy RP
Ryne Harper Note
Ryne Harper photo 683. Ryne Harper RP
Luis Avilan Note
Luis Avilan photo 707. Luis Avilan RP
Steven Fuentes Note
Steven Fuentes photo 713. Steven Fuentes SP,RP
Aaron Barrett Note
Aaron Barrett photo 749. Aaron Barrett RP
Seth Romero Note
Seth Romero photo 812. Seth Romero RP
Sam Clay Note
Sam Clay photo 826. Sam Clay RP
Dakota Bacus Note
Dakota Bacus photo 833. Dakota Bacus RP
Paolo Espino Note
Paolo Espino photo 852. Paolo Espino RP,SP
Ben Braymer Note
Ben Braymer photo 878. Ben Braymer P,RP,SP