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Fantasy Football Player Notes

2021 PPR Draft Rankings

David Montgomery Note
David Montgomery photo 18. David Montgomery (at MIN)
Sure, Montgomery finished as the RB4 last year. There were many factors that led to that, particularly the injury to Tarik Cohen, freeing up tons of targets in the passing game. Over the course of Montgomery's short career, he's played 19 games with Cohen and 12 games without him. In the games with Cohen, he averaged 2.32 targets per game. In the 12 games without him, that number rose to 4.92 targets per game. Well, Cohen is back, and the team signed Damien Williams, who's a better receiving back than Montgomery. On top of Cohen missing, the Bears had a ridiculously easy schedule down the stretch, playing against the Packers twice, Lions, Texans, Vikings, and Jaguars to close out the season. Did you know that Montgomery was the RB20 after 10 weeks (prior to starting that schedule)? He's a fine low-end RB2, but don't go about your day thinking you're getting a steal in the fourth round or anything.
4 hours ago
Tarik Cohen Note
Tarik Cohen photo 44. Tarik Cohen (at MIN)
Is it possible that Cohen is this generations Darren Sproles? Looking at their Boom, Bust, and Everything In Between numbers, they're nearly identical, as both posted RB2 or better numbers 39 percent of the time, though Cohen has delivered RB3 or better numbers 61 percent of the time to Sproles' 56 percent. Cohen is still in the same offense that gave him those numbers and with what should be a much better quarterback (regardless of Dalton or Fields) under center, leading a higher scoring offense. He's never going to be someone who wins you a fantasy league single-handedly, but he's someone who can certainly contribute in your flex spot, and he costs next to nothing.
4 hours ago
Damien Williams Note
Damien Williams photo 61. Damien Williams (at MIN)
Khalil Herbert Note
Khalil Herbert photo 110. Khalil Herbert (at MIN)
Ryan Nall Note
Ryan Nall photo 175. Ryan Nall (at MIN)
Artavis Pierce Note
Artavis Pierce photo 178. Artavis Pierce (at MIN)
CJ Marable Note
CJ Marable photo 225. CJ Marable (at MIN)