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13 Dynasty Players to Sell Now (2022 Fantasy Football)

by Matt Barbato | @realmattbarbato | Featured Writer
Jan 27, 2022
Jalen Hurts

Jalen Hurts may be a sell-high candidate despite a strong sophomore season.

Anyone who plays in a dynasty fantasy football league knows it’s a year-round job. And now’s a good time to sit back, reassess the season that was, and identify some players who it might be time to part ways with.

Today, we’re focusing on players who you might want to consider selling from your rosters. This list will consist of sell-high candidates, as well as some players who I simply don’t believe in anymore.

Before I get into those players, I just want to offer one piece of advice: Understand that there’s a ton of uncertainty right now, as the NFL offseason hasn’t even started yet. If you’d rather wait until the dust settles on free agency and the draft to make any deals, that’s completely fair. The worst thing you can do is trade out of desperation or trade just for the sake of trading.

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Quarterbacks to Sell in Dynasty 

Jalen Hurts (QB – PHI)

Hurts had a strong season from a fantasy perspective, finishing as the QB9. But I’m still not a real believer. Sure, Hurts’ rushing gives him a nice weekly floor, but he was exposed in the playoffs against Tampa Bay, completing only 53% of his passes and rushing for just 39 yards in the 31-15 loss.

It’s safe to say opponents will try to replicate what Tampa’s defense did against him next season. And unlike Lamar Jackson, Hurts isn’t as good of a passer from within the pocket. I’m also not ruling out the possibility of Philadelphia pursuing a veteran QB via trade. Hurts’ job might not be as secure as we think.

Tua Tagovailoa (QB – MIA) 

Speaking of job security, Tagovailoa can’t seem to catch a break. He played just 13 games and finished as the QB26. He had his fair share of good moments, and I don’t think we should write him off as a prospect just yet. But it feels like Miami just wants to move on from him for whatever reason. Pay attention to who the team hires as head coach, as the arrival of Brian Daboll could be just what Tua needs. But if Daboll doesn’t come to Miami, then it might be time to make a move.

Running Backs to Sell in Dynasty 

Ezekiel Elliott (RB – DAL) 

There are going to be some big-time names on this list, and Elliott is the first. On the surface, Elliott had a great season, finishing as the RB6. But Zeke just doesn’t look like himself anymore. He doesn’t have as much burst as he used to, and it feels like the mileage is catching up to him. I’m not saying Tony Pollard is the better back, but he’s faster than Zeke right now. He’ll turn only 27 in July but now seems like the time to get something for him. The cliff may be coming faster than we thought.

Saquon Barkley (RB – NYG)

I’m tired of waiting on Barkley. I’m tired of waiting on him to stay healthy. I’m tired of waiting for the Giants to build a competent offensive line around him. I’m just tired of him and am ready to get out. His talent is undeniable, but his durability and situation are enormous hurdles. Barkley played 14 games this year and still finished as the RB32. He’s ranked as the RB12 in dynasty according to our Expert Consensus Rankings, so someone out there still might believe.

Derrick Henry (RB – TEN)

We thought Derrick Henry was invincible. But this season, he finally showed us he’s mortal. Henry suffered a Jones fracture in his foot in October. And while he was able to return for Tennessee’s playoff loss to the Bengals, he didn’t make a huge impact. Henry rushed for just 62 yards on 20 carries. Henry just turned 28. I’m not going to base this solely on injuries, but this might be your best chance to cash in on his value.

Alvin Kamara (RB – NO) 

I love Alvin Kamara. He’s such a dynamic player. But I’m terrified about everything around him. In just two years, he’s lost his quarterback and his head coach. The Saints don’t have a solution under center yet (no Taysom Hill is not the answer). They’re in salary cap misery. And the weaponry isn’t very good around him. 2022 feels like the year everything around Kamara crumbles, and his fantasy value takes a hit. I’d get out.

Jonathan Taylor (RB – IND)

This might sound insane, and I’m sorry if you spit out your drink all over your screen. Grab a paper towel, wipe it down, and hear me out. I’m not saying you must sell Jonathan Taylor. I’m just saying there’s a good chance that right now is the highest his value will ever be. And a big part of sustaining success in dynasty leagues is selling high and capitalizing on peak value.

So don’t sell Taylor for just anything. And if you’re a contender, you’re obviously better off keeping him. But if you feel your team needs a rebuild or change in direction, maybe float Taylor out there and see what you can get for him. Obviously, don’t settle.

Cordarrelle Patterson (RB – ATL) 

If you struck gold on Patterson’s random breakout season, congratulations. Now, it’s time to cash in even more on his perceived value. Patterson finished the year as the RB9, a tremendous season for someone who wasn’t even on our radars in August. But the chances of that repeating? Slim to none. In fact, Patterson failed to put up a double-digit fantasy output in his final four games. Tell Cordarrelle thank you, then get him out the door.

Wide Receivers to Sell in Dynasty

Davante Adams (WR – GB) 

Adams is an awesome player. But part of his awesomeness was being Aaron Rodgers‘ top target. But with Rodgers seemingly leaving Green Bay this offseason, Adams’ value is more uncertain than ever before. Even worse, Adams could be stuck in Green Bay if the team franchise tags him. Heck, that could lead to a holdout situation that drags into the regular season. Adams also recently turned 29, which means his best days may soon be behind him.

There’s still a lot that has to play out for Adams. But if you’re of the mindset that he’ll be catching passes from Jordan Love next season, then now might be the time to deal him.

Deebo Samuel (WR – SF) 

Again, I know this is blasphemous. But how much better can it really get for Samuel? He finished the year as the WR2 in half-PPR formats despite generating a ton of production as a running back. The 2021 season could very well be Samuel’s peak. And given the uncertainty regarding San Francisco’s quarterback situation, it might be worth it to turn Deebo’s big year into a treasure trove of picks or young assets. Like Taylor, he’s not someone I’m actively selling. But what’s the harm in floating him out there to see what you can get?

Brandin Cooks (WR – HOU)

Cooks somehow finished as the WR20 this season, but at age 28 it may be time to part ways. Houston is still in the midst of a long rebuild, and his QB situation is still up in the air. His ceiling is a low-end WR2 at this point, barring a change of scenery.

Gabriel Davis (WR – BUF) 

Think about the last thing we’ll see from Gabriel Davis this season. He caught eight passes for 201 yards and four touchdowns in Buffalo’s divisional round loss to Kansas City. If that doesn’t scream sell high, I don’t know what does.

Davis is only 22 years old and saw an increase in usage as the season went on. But keep in mind he only finished as the WR53 last year. He’ll also always be second fiddle in the offense behind Stefon Diggs. And he only garnered one more target in 2021 than he did during his rookie year. If you want to hold him and see if he gets more opportunities in 2022, that’s totally fine. But now’s a great time to sell.

Tight End to Sell in Dynasty 

Dalton Schultz (TE – DAL) 

Dalton Schultz was this year’s Robert Tonyan, and he’ll probably be next year’s Robert Tonyan too. What do I mean by that? In 2021, Schultz finished as the TE3 primarily thanks to eight touchdown receptions. And like Tonyan this year, I expect Schultz’s touchdown luck to regress significantly, especially considering the number of weapons in Dallas’ passing game. Tight end doesn’t offer many sell high opportunities, but Schultz is a great candidate this offseason.

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