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FanGraphs   Apr 27th, 9:00am ET
Graduations and trades have left the White Sox with the worst system in baseball - and the core of a contender.
FanGraphs   Apr 27th, 8:30am ET
The Milwaukee Brewers are hiring.
FanGraphs   Apr 27th, 8:00am ET
TrackMan is hiring.
FanGraphs   Apr 27th, 1:08am ET
Ben Lindbergh and Meg Rowley banter about the unsealing of the so-called “Yankees Letter” and what, if anything, it revealed about the past prevalence of sign stealing, the end of NPB pitcher Roki Sasaki’s consecutive outs streak and Matt...
FanGraphs   Apr 26th, 5:30pm ET
The Cleveland Guardians are hiring.
FanGraphs   Apr 26th, 2:00pm ET
The return to a triennial Era Committee system accelerates the reevaluation of Negro Leagues candidates but creates new bottlenecks.
FanGraphs   Apr 26th, 1:00pm ET
Ty France has been one of MLB's hottest hitters to start this season, and it's no fluke.
FanGraphs   Apr 26th, 12:00pm ET
You don't get to be the best without doing something right.
FanGraphs   Apr 26th, 11:00am ET
It's hard to score runs when the fringes of every team's roster contain a bevy of impressive relievers.
FanGraphs   Apr 26th, 10:00am ET
There was a time when you could beat Buxton with velocity. That time is over.
FanGraphs   Apr 25th, 2:00pm ET
Saturday's Red Sox-Rays clash had everything you could ask for: a no-hit bid, pitching excellence, and dueling offensive outbursts. Just don't focus on the relievers too much.
FanGraphs   Apr 25th, 1:29pm ET
Another week, another chat.
FanGraphs   Apr 25th, 12:00pm ET
Unsurprisingly, the Dodgers stand alone after two weeks of play and in the first power rankings of the year.
FanGraphs   Apr 25th, 11:00am ET
The newest member of the 3,000 hit club makes some history as he reaches the end.
FanGraphs   Apr 25th, 9:00am ET
A pair of Pittsburgh Pirates — a back-end reliever and a prominent prospect — tell how they crafted their curveballs.
FanGraphs   Apr 24th, 7:33am ET
Plus Michael Chavis on his swing, Derek Falvey on Jhoan Duran, Gosuke Katoh on Fenway, Jim Allen on Roki Sasaki, facts and stats galore, and more.
FanGraphs   Apr 22nd, 10:08pm ET
Ben Lindbergh and Meg Rowley banter about the reaction to and tactical underpinnings of the Yankees’ controversial decision to walk Miguel Cabrera, the balance between win expectancy and entertainment, and whether analytically-driven changes have hurt...
FanGraphs   Apr 22nd, 2:00pm ET
People, please stop walking the bases loaded intentionally; that includes you, Aaron Boone. Plus, Oli Marmol does something clever.
FanGraphs   Apr 22nd, 1:31pm ET
Chasing no-hitter bids down the rabbit hole.