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Fantasy Baseball Player Notes

2024 Fantasy Baseball Draft Notes

Carlos Rodon Note
Carlos Rodon photo 37. Carlos Rodon
Gerrit Cole Note
Gerrit Cole photo 45. Gerrit Cole
Until we know about Gerrit Cole's elbow injury, it is difficult to know how early it is worth the risk to draft him. Cole made 33 starts last season, totaling 209.0 innings pitched and struck out 222 batters. However, his K/9 of 9.56 was the lowest in the last five seasons. He remained an elite ace, allowing 157 hits and 48 walks, with a home run total of 20, reflecting his ability to limit long balls, a critical factor in his success. The Yankees are giving us nothing to go on regarding how much time their ace is going to miss, leaving it up to fantasy managers to determine what their risk tolerance is. My personal tolerance stops at "pitcher with elbow issues." Proceed with caution.
17 weeks ago
Nestor Cortes Jr. Note
Nestor Cortes Jr. photo 61. Nestor Cortes Jr.
Marcus Stroman Note
Marcus Stroman photo 70. Marcus Stroman
Clarke Schmidt Note
Clarke Schmidt photo 96. Clarke Schmidt
Luis Gil Note
Luis Gil photo 143. Luis Gil
Will Warren Note
Will Warren photo 192. Will Warren
Caleb Ferguson Note
Caleb Ferguson photo 224. Caleb Ferguson
Clayton Beeter Note
Clayton Beeter photo 252. Clayton Beeter
Chase Hampton Note
Chase Hampton photo 288. Chase Hampton
JT Brubaker Note
JT Brubaker photo 307. JT Brubaker
Luke Weaver Note
Luke Weaver photo 318. Luke Weaver
Matt Sauer Note
Matt Sauer photo 357. Matt Sauer
Colby White Note
Colby White photo 362. Colby White
Yoendrys Gomez Note
Yoendrys Gomez photo 369. Yoendrys Gomez