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Fantasy Baseball Player Notes

2020 Fantasy Baseball Draft Notes
Zac Gallen Note
Zac Gallen photo 31. Zac Gallen
Gallen was so absurdly dominant in Triple-A in 2019 that his MLB performance, while highly impressive, felt slightly disappointing. But his fastball, curveball, and changeup were all plus pitches in the majors, and there's every reason to expect him to continue to grow as a pitcher. There's somehow some question mark around his rotation spot, but cream usually rises to the top, and he should not only be one of the Diamondbacks' five starters, but he should excel. Expect excellent overall numbers and draft him accordingly.
10 weeks ago
Madison Bumgarner Note
Madison Bumgarner photo 33. Madison Bumgarner
Bumgarner's ERA approached 4.00 last year, but he stayed healthy all year and saw a velocity bump after two injury-plagued years. The move to Arizona is a downgrade considering the park change, but it's not quite as drastic as it would have been without the humidor. Still, Bumgarner's numbers were significantly worse away from Oracle Park last year (2.93 ERA at home, 5.29 away), so it's fair to exercise caution with Bumgarner. But, so long as you recognize him for what he is at this point in his career, he'll likely give you what you expect.
10 weeks ago
Robbie Ray Note
Robbie Ray photo 43. Robbie Ray
While the overall numbers fluctuate, Ray is largely the same guy he's always been. He's going to amass a ton of strikeouts and he's going to hand out free passes like a doctor handing out lollipops. It is just impossible to rely on a starter who can't top 175 innings or keep his WHIP below 1.33. Ray is certainly rosterable but close your eyes when he's pitching.
10 weeks ago
Luke Weaver Note
Luke Weaver photo 52. Luke Weaver
Weaver was having an excellent 2019 season before forearm tightness essentially ended his season. He opted to rehab it, which immediately places a cloud over his 2020 outlook given the uncertainty that comes along with such an injury. His best case scenario likely includes some sort of innings limit with solid, but perhaps not league-winning numbers. That's a pitcher to take in the mid-teens rounds and hope everything falls in place.
10 weeks ago
Merrill Kelly Note
Merrill Kelly photo 123. Merrill Kelly
Alex Young Note
Alex Young photo 181. Alex Young
Junior Guerra Note
Junior Guerra photo 203. Junior Guerra
Miller Diaz Note
Miller Diaz photo 211. Miller Diaz
Jon Duplantier Note
Jon Duplantier photo 229. Jon Duplantier
Bo Takahashi Note
Bo Takahashi photo 260. Bo Takahashi
Corbin Martin Note
Corbin Martin photo 262. Corbin Martin
Taylor Widener Note
Taylor Widener photo 336. Taylor Widener
J.B. Bukauskas Note
J.B. Bukauskas photo 384. J.B. Bukauskas
Taylor Clarke Note
Taylor Clarke photo 393. Taylor Clarke
Joel Payamps Note
Joel Payamps photo 399. Joel Payamps
Edwin Jackson Note
Edwin Jackson photo 429. Edwin Jackson
Keury Mella Note
Keury Mella photo 442. Keury Mella
Riley Smith Note
Riley Smith photo 461. Riley Smith
Matt Koch Note
Matt Koch photo 465. Matt Koch
Artie Lewicki Note
Artie Lewicki photo 486. Artie Lewicki