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Fantasy Baseball Player Notes

2020 Fantasy Baseball Draft Notes
Aaron Nola Note
Aaron Nola photo 19. Aaron Nola
Nola simply wasn't very good in 2019. His control took a major step back and batters consistently made better contact against him, particularly against his fastball. Whether it was an aberration for the youngster after two years of major growth, or whether perhaps Nola isn't as good as previously thought, is an open question. But given how drastically his control dipped, fantasy owners would be wise to give Nola somewhat of a pass for his 2019. He can't be drafted as an ace, but as a second starter? Go for it.
27 weeks ago
Zack Wheeler Note
Zack Wheeler photo 30. Zack Wheeler
Wheeler's numbers declined from his breakout 2018 season but, overall, there were plenty of gains. He upped his strikeout rate and velocity, cut his walk rate, and set a career high in innings. Now with the Phillies, he'll see a downgrade in park, but because he's been able to avoid home runs over the last two seasons, the move should not have too much of an impact. Wheeler probably won't develop into a fantasy ace, but he's, at worst, a strong third fantasy starter.
27 weeks ago
Spencer Howard Note
Spencer Howard photo 121. Spencer Howard
Vince Velasquez Note
Vince Velasquez photo 132. Vince Velasquez
Zach Eflin Note
Zach Eflin photo 136. Zach Eflin
Ranger Suarez Note
Ranger Suarez photo 226. Ranger Suarez
Enyel De Los Santos Note
Enyel De Los Santos photo 229. Enyel De Los Santos
Adonis Medina Note
Adonis Medina photo 312. Adonis Medina
David Hale Note
David Hale photo 349. David Hale
Cole Irvin Note
Cole Irvin photo 379. Cole Irvin
Reggie McClain Note
Reggie McClain photo 411. Reggie McClain
Mark Appel Note
Mark Appel photo 462. Mark Appel