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Fantasy Baseball Player Notes

2021 Fantasy Baseball Draft Notes

John Means Note
John Means photo 61. John Means
Means's 4.53 ERA and grotesque home run rate are probably going to scare the casual fantasy manager away, but there is a ton to like about him heading into 2021. First, Means had a weird year last season, as he dealt with arm fatigue early and then his father passed away, so his schedule was certainly thrown up into the air at the start. Probably because of those difficulties, his outstanding changeup wasn't effective earlier in the season, but it was back to being his money pitch by season's end. Add to that Means' increase in velocity, his strong finish (1.52 ERA, 30 strikeouts over his last four starts), and his excellent command, and there's a breakout waiting to happen, despite the tough division.
30 weeks ago
Dean Kremer Note
Dean Kremer photo 132. Dean Kremer
Keegan Akin Note
Keegan Akin photo 155. Keegan Akin
Grayson Rodriguez Note
Grayson Rodriguez photo 227. Grayson Rodriguez
DL Hall Note
DL Hall photo 238. DL Hall
Jorge Lopez Note
Jorge Lopez photo 273. Jorge Lopez
Alex Wells Note
Alex Wells photo 315. Alex Wells
Zac Lowther Note
Zac Lowther photo 320. Zac Lowther
Travis Lakins Sr. Note
Travis Lakins Sr. photo 332. Travis Lakins Sr.
Tyler Wells Note
Tyler Wells photo 345. Tyler Wells
Mickey Jannis Note
Mickey Jannis photo 356. Mickey Jannis
Mike Baumann Note
Mike Baumann photo 372. Mike Baumann
Bruce Zimmermann Note
Bruce Zimmermann photo 378. Bruce Zimmermann
Conner Greene Note
Conner Greene photo 381. Conner Greene
Gray Fenter Note
Gray Fenter photo 392. Gray Fenter
Matt Harvey Note
Matt Harvey photo 396. Matt Harvey
Thomas Eshelman Note
Thomas Eshelman photo 433. Thomas Eshelman