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Fantasy Football Player Notes

2021 Draft Rankings

Henry Ruggs III Note
Henry Ruggs III photo 54. Henry Ruggs III (BYE)
You'd think that when a team spends the No. 12 overall pick on a wide receiver, they'd actually find ways to use him, right? That didn't happen with Ruggs. There wasn't a game in 2020 where he saw more than five targets or caught more than three receptions. We did see the Raiders move on from Nelson Agholor, but he was quickly replaced by John Brown. It's no secret that Brown has struggled to stay healthy, which could be the door Ruggs needs to get more targets. He shouldn't need an injury to get targets, but if this Raiders coaching staff told us anything last year, it's that they don't know how to best utilize Ruggs.
16 weeks ago
Tyrell Williams Note
Tyrell Williams photo 73. Tyrell Williams (BYE)
The Lions signing Williams seems to have gone under the radar, but should it? He was likely brought in due to his experience in Anthony Lynn's offense, which gives him a leg up on the competition, as that's the play-caller he had his breakout 1,059-yard, seven-touchdown season under. Unfortunately, Jared Goff hasn't been a great deep passer in the NFL, which is where Williams has made most of his noise, averaging at least 15.3 yards per reception in each of his five NFL seasons played. Still, there should be at least some value in a wide receiver who's likely to lead the Lions wide receivers in targets.
16 weeks ago
Jalen Hurd Note
Jalen Hurd photo 132. Jalen Hurd (BYE)
David Moore Note
David Moore photo 148. David Moore (BYE)
Larry Fitzgerald Note
Larry Fitzgerald photo 159. Larry Fitzgerald (BYE)
Alshon Jeffery Note
Alshon Jeffery photo 167. Alshon Jeffery (BYE)
Chad Beebe Note
Chad Beebe photo 183. Chad Beebe (BYE)
Sage Surratt Note
Sage Surratt photo 201. Sage Surratt (BYE)
Chris Hogan Note
Chris Hogan photo 210. Chris Hogan (BYE)
Cade Johnson Note
Cade Johnson photo 221. Cade Johnson (BYE)
Antonio Callaway Note
Antonio Callaway photo 227. Antonio Callaway (BYE)
Victor Bolden Jr. Note
Victor Bolden Jr. photo 235. Victor Bolden Jr. (BYE)
Marlon Williams Note
Marlon Williams photo 239. Marlon Williams (BYE)
Riley Ridley Note
Riley Ridley photo 245. Riley Ridley (BYE)
Chris Rowland Note
Chris Rowland photo 251. Chris Rowland (BYE)
Duke Williams Note
Duke Williams photo 254. Duke Williams (BYE)
Dez Bryant Note
Dez Bryant photo 257. Dez Bryant (BYE)
Omar Bayless Note
Omar Bayless photo 260. Omar Bayless (BYE)
Isaiah Wright Note
Isaiah Wright photo 269. Isaiah Wright (BYE)
Trey Quinn Note
Trey Quinn photo 270. Trey Quinn (BYE)
Juwan Green Note
Juwan Green photo 275. Juwan Green (BYE)
Juston Christian Note
Juston Christian photo 276. Juston Christian (BYE)
Austin Watkins Jr. Note
Austin Watkins Jr. photo 277. Austin Watkins Jr. (BYE)
Damion Ratley Note
Damion Ratley photo 279. Damion Ratley (BYE)
Stephen Guidry Note
Stephen Guidry photo 280. Stephen Guidry (BYE)
Dontrelle Inman Note
Dontrelle Inman photo 281. Dontrelle Inman (BYE)
Josh Malone Note
Josh Malone photo 283. Josh Malone (BYE)
Whop Philyor Note
Whop Philyor photo 288. Whop Philyor (BYE)
Tyler Davis Note
Tyler Davis photo 291. Tyler Davis (BYE)
Blake Proehl Note
Blake Proehl photo 294. Blake Proehl (BYE)
Jonathan Adams Jr. Note
Jonathan Adams Jr. photo 297. Jonathan Adams Jr. (BYE)
Darvin Kidsy Note
Darvin Kidsy photo 298. Darvin Kidsy (BYE)
Isaiah Zuber Note
Isaiah Zuber photo 299. Isaiah Zuber (BYE)
Jeff Thomas Note
Jeff Thomas photo 301. Jeff Thomas (BYE)
Josh Imatorbhebhe Note
Josh Imatorbhebhe photo 302. Josh Imatorbhebhe (BYE)
Dalton Schoen Note
Dalton Schoen photo 304. Dalton Schoen (BYE)
Devin Smith Note
Devin Smith photo 308. Devin Smith (BYE)
Antonio Nunn Note
Antonio Nunn photo 311. Antonio Nunn (BYE)
Taywan Taylor Note
Taywan Taylor photo 312. Taywan Taylor (BYE)
Tarik Black Note
Tarik Black photo 313. Tarik Black (BYE)
Tre Walker Note
Tre Walker photo 314. Tre Walker (BYE)
Bailey Gaither Note
Bailey Gaither photo 315. Bailey Gaither (BYE)
Jeremiah Haydel Note
Jeremiah Haydel photo 317. Jeremiah Haydel (BYE)
Steven Mitchell Jr. Note
Steven Mitchell Jr. photo 318. Steven Mitchell Jr. (BYE)
Eli Stove Note
Eli Stove photo 322. Eli Stove (BYE)
Damonte Coxie Note
Damonte Coxie photo 324. Damonte Coxie (BYE)
Trevon Grimes Note
Trevon Grimes photo 326. Trevon Grimes (BYE)
Austin Proehl Note
Austin Proehl photo 330. Austin Proehl (BYE)
Devin Gray Note
Devin Gray photo 332. Devin Gray (BYE)
Travis Jonsen Note
Travis Jonsen photo 333. Travis Jonsen (BYE)
Jon'Vea Johnson Note
Jon'Vea Johnson photo 336. Jon'Vea Johnson (BYE)
Anthony Johnson Note
Anthony Johnson photo 337. Anthony Johnson (BYE)
Fred Brown Note
Fred Brown photo 338. Fred Brown (BYE)
Marcell Ateman Note
Marcell Ateman photo 340. Marcell Ateman (BYE)
Johnathon Johnson Note
Johnathon Johnson photo 346. Johnathon Johnson (BYE)
Darrius Shepherd Note
Darrius Shepherd photo 347. Darrius Shepherd (BYE)
Gary Jennings Jr. Note
Gary Jennings Jr. photo 348. Gary Jennings Jr. (BYE)
Austin Carr Note
Austin Carr photo 349. Austin Carr (BYE)
Brennan Eagles Note
Brennan Eagles photo 350. Brennan Eagles (BYE)
Damion Willis Note
Damion Willis photo 351. Damion Willis (BYE)
Rico Bussey Jr. Note
Rico Bussey Jr. photo 353. Rico Bussey Jr. (BYE)
Branden Mack Note
Branden Mack photo 357. Branden Mack (BYE)
DeVontres Dukes Note
DeVontres Dukes photo 358. DeVontres Dukes (BYE)
T.J. Simmons Note
T.J. Simmons photo 359. T.J. Simmons (BYE)
James Hardy Note
James Hardy photo 360. James Hardy (BYE)
Johnnie Dixon Note
Johnnie Dixon photo 364. Johnnie Dixon (BYE)
Jhamon Ausbon Note
Jhamon Ausbon photo 370. Jhamon Ausbon (BYE)
Ventell Bryant Note
Ventell Bryant photo 375. Ventell Bryant (BYE)
Reggie Begelton Note
Reggie Begelton photo 376. Reggie Begelton (BYE)
A.J. Richardson Note
A.J. Richardson photo 378. A.J. Richardson (BYE)
Scotty Washington Note
Scotty Washington photo 382. Scotty Washington (BYE)
Riley Lees Note
Riley Lees photo 383. Riley Lees (BYE)
Derrick Willies Note
Derrick Willies photo 384. Derrick Willies (BYE)
Chris Lacy Note
Chris Lacy photo 385. Chris Lacy (BYE)
Lance Lenoir Jr. Note
Lance Lenoir Jr. photo 386. Lance Lenoir Jr. (BYE)
Khalil McClain Note
Khalil McClain photo 390. Khalil McClain (BYE)
Kelvin Benjamin Note
Kelvin Benjamin photo 393. Kelvin Benjamin (BYE)