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Fantasy Football Player Notes

2022 Draft Rankings

Odell Beckham Jr. Note
Odell Beckham Jr. photo 66. Odell Beckham Jr. (BYE)
Let OBJ's resurgence with the Rams be a reminder that a situation can tank a wide receiver's stats. Case in point: Beckham owned the second-worst catchable target rate in the league since joining the Cleveland Browns. Of course, his numbers weren't great.

But as a Ram, Beckham was PFF's 33rd-graded wide receiver (72.2), averaging a 19% target share and 12.4 fantasy points per game from Week 12 through the divisional round. OBJ had his best game with the Rams in the NFC title game, hauling in nine of 11 targets for 113 receiving yards (24% target share).

And he looked well on his way to another massive game in the Super Bowl after catching two passes for 52 yards and one score in the first half alone. Unfortunately for Beckham, he tore his ACL - tanking his free agency stock and putting his entire 2022 season in doubt.

It's reported that OBJ will re-sign with the Rams or the Packers, which will significantly impact where his ADP ultimately rests at.
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William Fuller V Note
William Fuller V photo 67. William Fuller V (BYE)
The one-year, $10.6 million contract Will Fuller signed with the Miami Dolphins this past offseason did not go according to plan for any party involved. Fuller battled through injuries - as he often does- and finished the season with just four catches for 26 yards.

The big-play wideout did nothing to boost his free agency stock after 2021 but will likely be added by someone with hopes he can regain 2020 form. He finished as PFF's 10th-highest-graded wide receiver that season and was ninth in yards per route run (2.28) and eighth in fantasy points per game (17.2).
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Julio Jones Note
Julio Jones photo 80. Julio Jones (BYE)
Cole Beasley Note
Cole Beasley photo 93. Cole Beasley (BYE)
T.Y. Hilton Note
T.Y. Hilton photo 107. T.Y. Hilton (BYE)
Antonio Brown Note
Antonio Brown photo 110. Antonio Brown (BYE)
Tyrell Williams Note
Tyrell Williams photo 120. Tyrell Williams (BYE)
DeSean Jackson Note
DeSean Jackson photo 138. DeSean Jackson (BYE)
Damoun Patterson Note
Damoun Patterson photo 140. Damoun Patterson (BYE)
John Ross Note
John Ross photo 147. John Ross (BYE)
Lil'Jordan Humphrey Note
Lil'Jordan Humphrey photo 155. Lil'Jordan Humphrey (BYE)
Adam Humphries Note
Adam Humphries photo 165. Adam Humphries (BYE)
Mohamed Sanu Sr. Note
Mohamed Sanu Sr. photo 169. Mohamed Sanu Sr. (BYE)
Dede Westbrook Note
Dede Westbrook photo 189. Dede Westbrook (BYE)
Marquise Goodwin Note
Marquise Goodwin photo 191. Marquise Goodwin (BYE)
Chester Rogers Note
Chester Rogers photo 193. Chester Rogers (BYE)
D.J. Montgomery Note
D.J. Montgomery photo 217. D.J. Montgomery (BYE)