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Fantasy Football Player Notes

2022 Draft Rankings

Rob Gronkowski Note
Rob Gronkowski photo 130. Rob Gronkowski TE - (BYE)
Gronk was still impactful at age 32. If he decides to run it back with Tom Brady one more time, Gronk should continue to provide TE1 value, health permitting.
9 weeks ago
Odell Beckham Jr. Note
Odell Beckham Jr. photo 170. Odell Beckham Jr. WR - (BYE)
Let OBJ's resurgence with the Rams be a reminder that a situation can tank a wide receiver's stats. Case in point: Beckham owned the second-worst catchable target rate in the league since joining the Cleveland Browns. Of course, his numbers weren't great.

But as a Ram, Beckham was PFF's 33rd-graded wide receiver (72.2), averaging a 19% target share and 12.4 fantasy points per game from Week 12 through the divisional round. OBJ had his best game with the Rams in the NFC title game, hauling in nine of 11 targets for 113 receiving yards (24% target share).

And he looked well on his way to another massive game in the Super Bowl after catching two passes for 52 yards and one score in the first half alone. Unfortunately for Beckham, he tore his ACL - tanking his free agency stock and putting his entire 2022 season in doubt.

It's reported that OBJ will re-sign with the Rams or the Packers, which will significantly impact where his ADP ultimately rests at.
1 week ago
William Fuller V Note
William Fuller V photo 176. William Fuller V WR - (BYE)
The one-year, $10.6 million contract Will Fuller signed with the Miami Dolphins this past offseason did not go according to plan for any party involved. Fuller battled through injuries - as he often does- and finished the season with just four catches for 26 yards.

The big-play wideout did nothing to boost his free agency stock after 2021 but will likely be added by someone with hopes he can regain 2020 form. He finished as PFF's 10th-highest-graded wide receiver that season and was ninth in yards per route run (2.28) and eighth in fantasy points per game (17.2).
1 week ago
Darrel Williams Note
Darrel Williams photo 196. Darrel Williams RB - (BYE)
Julio Jones Note
Julio Jones photo 218. Julio Jones WR - (BYE)
Justin Jackson Note
Justin Jackson photo 240. Justin Jackson RB - (BYE)
Jared Cook Note
Jared Cook photo 259. Jared Cook TE - (BYE)
Showed signs of slippage in his age-34 season, with decreased catch rate and yards per catch, and a major crash in yards per target. He'll be 35 this season, and the arrival of Gerald Everett puts Cook's role in doubt.
9 weeks ago
Cole Beasley Note
Cole Beasley photo 274. Cole Beasley WR - (BYE)
David Johnson Note
David Johnson photo 281. David Johnson RB - (BYE)
Jerick McKinnon Note
Jerick McKinnon photo 297. Jerick McKinnon RB - (BYE)
Latavius Murray Note
Latavius Murray photo 313. Latavius Murray RB - (BYE)
T.Y. Hilton Note
T.Y. Hilton photo 315. T.Y. Hilton WR - (BYE)
Chase McLaughlin Note
Chase McLaughlin photo 319. Chase McLaughlin K - (BYE)
Josh Lambo Note
Josh Lambo photo 324. Josh Lambo K - (BYE)
Devonta Freeman Note
Devonta Freeman photo 326. Devonta Freeman RB - (BYE)
Devontae Booker Note
Devontae Booker photo 328. Devontae Booker RB - (BYE)
Antonio Brown Note
Antonio Brown photo 330. Antonio Brown WR - (BYE)
Wayne Gallman Jr. Note
Wayne Gallman Jr. photo 336. Wayne Gallman Jr. RB - (BYE)
Blake Jarwin Note
Blake Jarwin photo 339. Blake Jarwin TE - (BYE)
Jarwin is still a free agent, and a hip injury casts doubt on his availability for the early part of the 2022 season.
9 weeks ago
Eric Ebron Note
Eric Ebron photo 340. Eric Ebron TE - (BYE)
Tarik Cohen Note
Tarik Cohen photo 343. Tarik Cohen RB - (BYE)
Tristan Vizcaino Note
Tristan Vizcaino photo 356. Tristan Vizcaino K - (BYE)
Carlos Hyde Note
Carlos Hyde photo 359. Carlos Hyde RB - (BYE)
Jimmy Graham Note
Jimmy Graham photo 363. Jimmy Graham TE - (BYE)
Tyrell Williams Note
Tyrell Williams photo 367. Tyrell Williams WR - (BYE)
Chris Herndon IV Note
Chris Herndon IV photo 369. Chris Herndon IV TE - (BYE)
Jordan Howard Note
Jordan Howard photo 375. Jordan Howard RB - (BYE)
Le'Veon Bell Note
Le'Veon Bell photo 385. Le'Veon Bell RB - (BYE)
Kyle Rudolph Note
Kyle Rudolph photo 396. Kyle Rudolph TE - (BYE)
DeSean Jackson Note
DeSean Jackson photo 424. DeSean Jackson WR - (BYE)
Chris Naggar Note
Chris Naggar photo 425. Chris Naggar K - (BYE)
Ryan Fitzpatrick Note
Ryan Fitzpatrick photo 437. Ryan Fitzpatrick QB - (BYE)
Was supposed to be Washington's starter in 2021 but sustained a major hip injury early in Week 1 and missed the rest of the season. He's a free agent, and it's not clear whether he'll return to be a backup somewhere or announce his retirement and bring a fascinating career to an end.
15 weeks ago
Damoun Patterson Note
Damoun Patterson photo 442. Damoun Patterson WR - (BYE)
John Ross Note
John Ross photo 450. John Ross WR - (BYE)
Kalen Ballage Note
Kalen Ballage photo 456. Kalen Ballage RB - (BYE)
Jeremy McNichols Note
Jeremy McNichols photo 462. Jeremy McNichols RB - (BYE)
Adam Humphries Note
Adam Humphries photo 476. Adam Humphries WR - (BYE)
Lil'Jordan Humphrey Note
Lil'Jordan Humphrey photo 478. Lil'Jordan Humphrey WR - (BYE)
Mohamed Sanu Sr. Note
Mohamed Sanu Sr. photo 492. Mohamed Sanu Sr. WR - (BYE)
Matthew Wright Note
Matthew Wright photo 498. Matthew Wright K - (BYE)
Nick Foles Note
Nick Foles photo 499. Nick Foles QB - (BYE)
Jonathan Ward Note
Jonathan Ward photo 515. Jonathan Ward RB - (BYE)