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Fantasy Football Player Notes

2021 Half PPR Draft Rankings

Ezekiel Elliott Note
Ezekiel Elliott photo 7. Ezekiel Elliott (at PHI)
Follow the production in the first round. There's just one player who's finished as a top-12 running back five times since 2015. That player is Elliott, and as crazy as it sounds, he wasn't even in the league in 2015. "But Mike, Elliott tanked last year to RB11." The entire team sank without Dak Prescott, but in the five games with him, Elliott was the No. 3 running back in fantasy. If he keeps falling until the end of the first round, there will be a lot of championship rosters from that area of drafts.
2 weeks ago
Tony Pollard Note
Tony Pollard photo 43. Tony Pollard (at PHI)
Rico Dowdle Note
Rico Dowdle photo 147. Rico Dowdle (at PHI)
Brenden Knox Note
Brenden Knox photo 171. Brenden Knox (at PHI)
JaQuan Hardy Note
JaQuan Hardy photo 172. JaQuan Hardy (at PHI)
Sewo Olonilua Note
Sewo Olonilua photo 182. Sewo Olonilua (at PHI)