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Quarterback & Tight End Streamers: Week 9 (2019 Fantasy Football)

by Marc Mathyk | @Masterjune70 | Featured Writer
Oct 29, 2019

Sam Darnold will look to get back on track this week against the winless Dolphins.

Another mixed bag of a week in the streamer world. My quarterback streamer of the week, Ryan Tannehill, came through putting up around 22 fantasy points – good enough for a low-end QB1. Teddy, well, who would have thunk it, but New Orleans decided to play Brees. It turned out well for them but honestly, I still don’t get the move considering they were undefeated with Bridgewater with only one week left entering their bye week. For those of you that had to use Bridgewater, you found yourselves winning weeks. Unfortunately, that may have come to an end in the 2019-20 season.

Chris Herndon was my tight end streamer of the week but I did explain that in order for that to happen, he needed to be healthy and play. He wasn’t and didn’t. It was my dark horse sleeper tight end, Jonnu Smith, who exploded, seeing seven targets, catching six for 78 yards and a touchdown. Many Jonnu truthers are happy about the third-year’s breakout game. And he will be one I am eyeing this week to keep the momentum going forward but with mild trepidation.

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Streamer of the Week: Sam Darnold (NYJ) at Miami Dolphins
I was not surprised that Sam Darnold was awful against the Patriots a few weeks ago. I expected it. I didn’t expect him to see ghosts, but I did expect him to begin his comeback on the wrong foot. I also thought this past week would see him improve but not change him into a sure thing, hence, he was not on my streaming list in Week 8. Jacksonville, even without Jalen Ramsey, is a good football team with a top ten defense. Darnold did not look great but he was much improved despite still throwing too many interceptions. Now he is no longer seeing ghosts and has got a bit of his moxie back. Best of all, he will face the team that makes every team and quarterback look good.

The Dolphins are terrible and will be for the remainder of the season. This should be a huge game for Darnold as he starts his six-game descent where he faces easy competition. He is worth picking up now and to hold for the next six weeks at least. If Chris Herndon is back (and he will be dammit!), all the better.

Alternative Streamer of the Week: Ryan Tannehill (TEN) at Carolina Panthers
I still do not believe that Ryan Tannehill is the answer in Tennessee. I also don’t think he is any better than Marcus Mariota. I just think he is capitalizing on the opportunity he has been given. He has played a Los Angeles Chargers team that has been decimated by injuries and for the most part and has been stunned early in the season. Then he faced one of the easiest secondaries when he played Tampa Bay. He simply took over from Mariota at the right time. Mariota was stripped of his starting role after playing Buffalo and Denver, two of the best defenses in football. But enough of that. Good for Tanny. This week will determine how good he really is and how well he is running the Titan’s offense.

The Panthers, up until Week 8, had been stingy on defense. Last week the wheels fell off as they were annihilated by the unstoppable San Francisco 49ers. Unlike Darnold, who I think is a lock this week, Tannehill’s result will go one of two ways. Carolina is in a funk of their own since they ultimately will go back to Cam Newton and try and regroup. This could be another Tannehill week, as he embraces his third stellar situation three weeks in a row.

Dark Horse Sleeper: Mason Rudolph (PIT) vs Indianapolis Colts
I am writing this before Pittsburgh’s Monday Night game against Miami in Week 8. I will assume that the Steelers win the game handily. The jury is still out on Mason Rudolph. He was progressing nicely until he got knocked on his head causing him to miss time.  The Miami game should build up his confidence more and he does have a receiving corps that is young and dynamic. Temper your expectations this week since they will be playing a fierce Indy defense that held both the Denver offense and Patrick Mahomes to 13 points on each occasion.

Pick Up Now: Cam Newton (CAR) 
I was about to have Cam as my dark horse this week but it looks as though he isn’t ready to suit up. That being said, he is definitely worth the waiver wire pick up. He’s only 41% owned in Yahoo leagues. This sudden drop in ownership happened when Ron Riviera told the media that they were going to ride with the hot hand, Kyle Allen. Before last week, Allen was completing nearly 66% of his passes and threw seven touchdowns without throwing a pick. Against San Francisco, he only completed 51% of his passes, threw three interceptions and didn’t throw a touchdown. To be fair, he played against arguably the best defense in the league that held Jared Goff to under 80 yards this season. It was his only bad performance but it couldn’t have happened at a worse time for Allen. It is not a question of if but when. Cam Newton needs to be picked up now. It is only a matter of time until Newton is under center in Carolina.

Tight End

Streamer of the Week: Chris Herndon (NYJ) at Miami Dolphins
I’ll be bold and say Chris Herndon will play this week and he will dominate. The Dolphins are horrible against quarterbacks, tight ends…heck, they’re horrible against every team and everyone. Herndon will make Darnold better. Herndon will make the New York Jets better. Get him now and play him going forward.

Alternative Streamer of the Week: Darren Fells (HOU) at Jacksonville Jaguars
Some tight ends just hit their stride later on in life. Darren Fells is this guy. He is now TE7 on the year. That’s just behind Zach Ertz. The way both Ertz and Fells are trending, he will be TE6 a week from now. He’s getting targets and getting touchdowns. He’s emerging as a safe option and soon will not be a streamer anymore. Get him now and play the 33-year old Fells who has found the fountain of youth. Don’t be sorry or question your decision. And. Don’t. Look. Back.

Dark Horse Sleeper: Jonnu Smith (TEN) at Carolina Panthers
There’s no denying Jonnu Smith’s athleticism and college production. Many were calling for a breakout game this past week (including me) and he did not disappoint. I am still cautious about his complete breakout like I am with Gerald Everett, a similar athletic specimen. I am rooting for him but until I see another week or two of supreme production, I will only recommend him with some reservation. As bad as Carolina was last week, they were able to keep tight end phenom George Kittle out of the end zone. If Smith is for real, he needs to dominate again. I hope he does but I am not holding my breath but do think he is almost there.

Keep Your Eye On: Dallas Goedert (PHI) vs Chicago Bears
I do believe it is now three weeks in a row. Three weeks that Dallas Goedert has amassed more receptions and fantasy points than teammate Zach Ertz. This is starting to look like the changing of the guard. We know that Goedert is really talented but now it is coming to fruition. The Bears are no slouches on defense but seem like a team that is not invincible anymore now that their offense is in disarray. Goedert could be sneaky again this week, keeping his double-digit fantasy point streak alive.

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