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Ideal Landing Spots for the 2022 NFL Draft Class (Fantasy Football)

Ideal Landing Spots for the 2022 NFL Draft Class (Fantasy Football)

With the NFL Draft just under a month away, many people are thinking about their rookie dynasty drafts. Therefore, with this in mind, it’s time to take 20 prospects from the 2022 NFL Draft and see which landing spot would have the most impact on fantasy football players.

Now, this is not a prediction of where these players will land. In fact, most of these are not likely to happen. However, if there was a way of making this happen, fantasy owners would be extremely excited.


Malik Willis (QB) – Seattle Seahawks

Seattle makes the most sense for Willis. He has a big arm that will support Tyler Lockett (WR – SEA) and D.K. Metcalf (WR – SEA) into having big numbers, whilst also being mobile. Willis seems almost tailor-made for the Seahawks and would allow for him to slot straight in without too many amendments to the playbook, given he can make the big-time throws Russell Wilson (QB – DEN) was able to make in this offense.

Matt Corral (QB) – Carolina Panthers

The shine appears to have come off of Corral due to injuries and not many people being able to see what he can do during the draft evaluation process. However, what he does bring is situational football awareness and someone who has great accuracy and competency in the short-to-intermediate part of the game. This would elevate and bring out the best in D.J. Moore (WR – CAR), and support Christian McCaffrey (RB – CAR) on his return from injury, whilst also opening up an avenue for Terrace Marshall Jr. (WR – CAR) to be relevant in this offense also.

Sam Howell (QB) – Washington Commanders

Howell has a big arm. Not as big as Willis’ or Ridder’s. However, he can throw the deep ball with accuracy whilst also excelling in short-to-intermediate throws. He isn’t overly mobile. However, with his skill set, he will certainly bring Terry McLaurin (WR – WAS) into play as a top-12 wide receiver, whilst also supporting Logan Thomas (TE – WAS). It is likely that sitting for a year behind Carson Wentz (QB – WAS) will benefit Howell immensely. Howell needs to work on his progression and reads. However, because of the fact he locks onto one target and wants to continue throwing there, I can’t think of a better landing spot or a better QB for Terry McLaurin.

Kenny Pickett (QB) – Pittsburgh Steelers

Pickett is the most pro-ready of the five QBs at the top of this class. Therefore plugging him into a playoff team from last year makes the most sense. Whilst they signed Mitchell Trubisky (QB – PIT) in Free Agency, the amount of money he is being paid does not prohibit Pickett, or any other rookie, from being drafted. If Pickett was to be the Steelers’ starting QB, he might actually help Chase Claypool (WR – PIT) recapture his rookie season form, whilst also supporting Diontae Johnson (WR – PIT) as he looks to once again finish inside the top 20 at the position for fantasy football. Pickett would even be a slight upgrade on what Ben Roethlisberger brought to his offense from a fantasy football perspective in 2022 and beyond.

Desmond Ridder (QB) – Atlanta Falcons

Ridder is one of the most underrated quarterback prospects in this class. Having said that, nobody would be shocked if he was the second quarterback taken off the board. However, given how bad a state the Atlanta Falcons are in right now, having Ridder land here would certainly be fun for fantasy football. Not only would he help take Kyle Pitts (TE – ATL) to the moon for fantasy, but he would also support a wide receiver who is not on this roster yet to be fantasy viable in 2022. Most analysts think Ridder isn’t ready to play on day one. However, does anyone really want to watch a season of Marcus Mariota (QB – ATL) attempting to throw screen passes to Kyle Pitts?

Running Backs

Isaiah Spiller (RB) – Arizona Cardinals

Spiller has demonstrated he can not only can he exploit gaps in a tough college conference but that he also has good catching ability. Whilst James Conner (RB – ARI) was signed to a large contract by the Cardinals, there are questions about his durability and his ability to put up the hard yards between the 20s. Spiller can easily become fantasy relevant and be used as part of the spread offense being deployed in Arizona. He might not get many Redzone carries inside the ten, but he can and would make up for this with other aspects of his game.

Breece Hall (RB) – Houston Texans

The Texans are currently working with Rex Burkhead (RB – HOU) as the lead back. The opportunity for the best running back in this class to be dominant in Houston would be immense. The Texans’ offensive line, whilst not the best, is certainly not the worst. Also, Hall would certainly almost never come off the field. Hall to the Texans could see this rookie finish inside the top 12 at the position for fantasy in 2022.

James Cook (RB) – Las Vegas Raiders

Whilst Josh Jacobs (RB – LV) is there, a new head coach in Josh McDaniels offers a new opportunity to bring in a strong weapon in the backfield. Josh Jacobs has yet to convince anyone he is an elite receiving option out of the backfield, whilst Cook would represent this. Also, Cook could be used in the slot or even out wide. His versatility as a receiver is what will allow McDaniels to really unlock the potential of this offense, whilst also bringing in more threat into the intermediate part of the field, so defenses will be forced to be kept honest and not just double team Davante Adams (WR – LV) all the time. Cook would elevate Jacobs, Adams, Derek Carr (QB – LV), and maybe even Hunter Renfrow (WR – LV). However, there is no doubt he could hurt the value of Darren Waller (TE – LV).

Kenneth Walker III (RB) – Atlanta Falcons

The Mike Davis (RB – ATL) experiment did not work last year. Therefore, it is time to bring in a talented three-down back who can manage a full workload. Enter Kenneth Walker. Walker will be able to elevate the play in the backfield, whilst also freeing up Patterson to do what makes him a special talent. Walker would compliment Patterson better whilst also giving the Falcons a dimension to the offense they are currently missing. Walker would be a solid fantasy prospect if he landed in Atlanta.

Tyler Allgeier (RB) – Buffalo Bills

Devin Singletary (RB – BUF) started to wrestle the role of lead back towards the midpoint of the season. And this does spell the end of Zack Moss (RB – BUF) as being a relevant fantasy prospect. However, Allgeier, behind this Bills offensive line could be an exceptional running back option. Allgeier wouldn’t command 80% of the snaps, but he could easily wrestle away 50-60% of the work and be highly efficient. Allgeier would bring a real goal-line threat to the Bills whilst also being a tough runner in situations where the Bills are ahead and want to manage the game. Which, given their team will be competing for the Lombardi Trophy this season, will be often.

Brian Robinson Jr. (RB) – Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Robinson is someone who is not necessarily going to be a strong fantasy prospect in his own right. He’s a very traditional bulldozing running back. He isn’t going to command 200-300 touches and doesn’t offer a lot in the passing game. However, he does excel in pass protection and short-yardage situations. Robinson could take some of the grunt work from Leonard Fournette (RB – TB), meaning he is less likely to get tired or injured on low percentage plays. The rotation aspect will keep Fournette fresh, whilst not taking away too many high-value touches from him. However, his pass protection skills will help Brady, Evans, Godwin, and Gage to put up their explosive numbers. Not to mention, Robinson would have his best chance to succeed as a fantasy-relevant back with the goal-line work that would come from being in a high-powered offense.

Wide Receivers

Garrett Wilson (WR) – Green Bay Packers

Other than the rest of the NFC, who would not want to see this. There is a clear need for a playmaker in Green Bay after Davante Adams was traded to the Las Vegas Raiders. And, partnering him up with the current two-time NFL Most Valuable Player would be great. This landing spot would see Wilson fulfill all his potential and be in contention for Rookie of the Year honors immediately.

Jameson Williams (WR) – Kansas City Chiefs

This one seems like a natural fit. After trading away the speedster Tyreek Hill (WR – MIA), replacing him with the speed threat Williams possesses makes the most sense. Williams and Mahomes could not only get on the same page early but could make a deadly combination for years to come if this pick was to happen this month.

Chris Olave (WR) – Houston Texans

This one might surprise some people. However, with Brandin Cooks (WR – HOU) on the last year of his contract and unlikely to extend, it seems like a great opportunity for Olave to come in, be relevant, find his feet, and establish a connection with Davis Mills (QB – HOU) before becoming the team’s long term number one target in 2023. This wouldn’t prohibit Olave from having a productive 2022 season, but this landing spot would make a ton of sense moving forward. Especially if Mills, who showed his poise in the pocket and his arm strength at times last year, can take a step forward and cement himself as a starting quarterback for the team for years to come.

Drake London (WR) – New York Jets

The Jets took Elijah Moore (WR) last year as a weapon for Zach Wilson (QB – NYJ). However, what would really assist Wilson is to give him a big target with a large catch radius who will haul in a large number of contested catches. Wilson flashed his big-play ability in 2021 and having someone like London to throw the ball to will enable Wilson to take a few more risks and play with the parking break off a little more next year. London would elevate the whole Jets offense and really open up Wilson and Moore for big years in 2022 and beyond.

Treylon Burks (WR) – Philadelphia Eagles

Philadelphia needs a different type of receiving playmaker on their offense. In their playoff loss to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, the Eagles showed that if a team covers Smith and takes away the run, there isn’t much left for the offense to scare the opposition with. Treylon Burks would be the answer to such a problem. Not only is he a deep threat receiver, but he is exceptional in the short-to-intermediate part of the field. Burks would be a target hog in Philadelphia and would be someone who could realize his potential, given there is not a lot of target competition for him there.

Skyy Moore (WR) – Atlanta Falcons

Someone who could become an exceptional slot receiver in the NFL, Moore would benefit best in a team where he has almost zero competition for targets. At the Falcons right now, other than Calvin Ridley (WR – ATL), who is suspended and probably unlikely to remain with the Falcons past this year, only Kyle Pitts would command any form of targets. As the Falcons will be limited at quarterback in 2022 with Mariota or maybe a rookie under center, Moore would be the first or second read on most plays. If this landing spot was to happen, Moore could see as many as 150 targets in his rookie season, as it currently stands. That volume would be superb for his fantasy football stock and potential range of outcomes.

Christian Watson (WR) – Chicago Bears

The Bears struggled offensively last year. Therefore, giving Justin Fields (QB – CHI) a weapon that can catch almost everything and is also one of the quicker receivers in this class will be a huge upgrade. Watson would complement Darnell Mooney (WR – CHI), whilst also being able to thrive in his own right. As he is so good at getting open and making plays, he will be a heavily targeted receiver for Fields. Watson would really help Fields and his numbers in his second year in the league and beyond, whilst also giving him additional confidence to throw the ball into tighter windows.

Tight Ends

Trey McBride (TE) – New York Giants

Trey McBride is arguably the TE1 of this 2022 NFL Draft class. The John Mackey award winner in 2021, awarded to the best tight end in college, deserves to land on a team with an immediate need and one where he can truly shine. That’s why the New York Giants make a ton of sense. McBride would add another dimension to this offense whilst also giving Daniel Jones (QB – NYG) a reliable weapon. In this make-or-break year for Jones, McBride would certainly see a lot of targets with the Giants. Not to mention, he could also provide some protection for Jones.

Greg Dulcich (TE) – Houston Texans

Whilst there are a few other tight ends in this class, there aren’t that many free spots for tight ends to land in and be impactful this season. However, I do believe that if Houston were keen to select a tight end, Dulcich would be an excellent choice for them as they continue to try and build around Davis Mills. As someone who is a great pass catcher, Dulcich would make Mills’ life easier in the intermediate range of the field. Not to mention he also possesses a deep threat ability. Dulcich in Houston would be great for his fantasy profile. It would also be truly fun to watch.

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