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Fantasy Baseball Player Notes

2020 Fantasy Baseball Draft Notes
Adalberto Mondesi Note
Adalberto Mondesi photo 31. Adalberto Mondesi SS
Mondesi had a ridiculous 43 steals last year but he did it in just 416 at-bats. If he can stay on the field for a full season, 60 is not only a possibility, but likely. Add in 15 homers and we are talking about a potential first round value, albeit one with great risk.
10 weeks ago
Whit Merrifield Note
Whit Merrifield photo 40. Whit Merrifield 2B,CF,RF
Merrifield leads off the second tier of fantasy second basemen after Altuve, Torres and Albies. He won't hit 20 bombs, but we can expect a batting average near or above .300 plus 20-30 steals once again, making him a great fifth round pick.
10 weeks ago
Jorge Soler Note
Jorge Soler photo 60. Jorge Soler RF,DH
Soler did swat a ridiculous 48 homers with 117 RBIs and a decent batting average last year but let's not forget that he has missed considerable time due to injury every season prior. If he can stay healthy, that eighth round ADP will be a bargain, but it's a big if.
10 weeks ago
Salvador Perez Note
Salvador Perez photo 112. Salvador Perez C
Perez missed the entire season but is still just 30 years old and let's not forget that he was an all-star for six consecutive seasons. There is no more consistent source of power at the position but his BA has dipped into danger territory two times in three seasons. Perez ends the top teir of reliable catchers.
10 weeks ago
Hunter Dozier Note
Hunter Dozier photo 113. Hunter Dozier 1B,3B,RF
Dozier had a strong 2019, batting .279 with 26 homers, 75 runs and 84 RBIs. He won't swipe any bags, but that was good enough to outproduce Rhys Hoskins and Edwin Encarnacion from a fantasy perspective and fantasy owners can expect more four category production this year.
10 weeks ago
Maikel Franco Note
Maikel Franco photo 224. Maikel Franco 3B
Franco again played just 123 games but still hit 17 homers. With a change of scenery, we may finally get a chance to see Franco's upside which could be in the tune of 30 homers and a .275 average.
10 weeks ago
Alex Gordon Note
Alex Gordon photo 250. Alex Gordon LF
Nicky Lopez Note
Nicky Lopez photo 282. Nicky Lopez 2B,SS
Ryan O'Hearn Note
Ryan O'Hearn photo 289. Ryan O'Hearn 1B
Cam Gallagher Note
Cam Gallagher photo 371. Cam Gallagher C
Brett Phillips Note
Brett Phillips photo 393. Brett Phillips CF
Ryan McBroom Note
Ryan McBroom photo 400. Ryan McBroom 1B,RF
Bubba Starling Note
Bubba Starling photo 434. Bubba Starling CF,RF
Kelvin Gutierrez Note
Kelvin Gutierrez photo 478. Kelvin Gutierrez 3B
Meibrys Viloria Note
Meibrys Viloria photo 494. Meibrys Viloria C
Nick Dini Note
Nick Dini photo 553. Nick Dini C
Matt Reynolds Note
Matt Reynolds photo 620. Matt Reynolds 2B,3B
Humberto Arteaga Note
Humberto Arteaga photo 642. Humberto Arteaga 3B,SS
Khalil Lee Note
Khalil Lee photo 656. Khalil Lee CF,RF
Erick Mejia Note
Erick Mejia photo 678. Erick Mejia 2B,CF
Nick Heath Note
Nick Heath photo 701. Nick Heath CF
Oscar Hernandez Note
Oscar Hernandez photo 755. Oscar Hernandez C
Donnie Dewees Note
Donnie Dewees photo 768. Donnie Dewees LF,CF