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Fantasy Baseball Player Notes

2024 Fantasy Baseball Draft Notes

Bobby Witt Jr. Note
Bobby Witt Jr. photo 2. Bobby Witt Jr. SS
Bobby Witt Jr. showed up for his second season and made strides across the board. The 24-year-old played in 158 games and hit 30 home runs. He also stole 49 bases, scored 97 runs, drove in 96, and slashed .276/.319/.495. The sole knock against Witt is the team he plays for, but that seems like splitting hairs, considering he almost managed to go 100/100 anyway. Witt should be the first shortstop off the board in 2024, and if he's not someone else's, he should be yours.
17 weeks ago
Cole Ragans Note
Cole Ragans photo 88. Cole Ragans SP,RP
Cole Ragans arrived on the scene in 2023 and has quickly risen to the top of the Darlings of Fantasy Baseball. It's not hard to see why. In 96 innings, the 26-year-old struck out 113 batters while maintaining a stellar 3.47 ERA and 1.16 WHIP. His fastball touches 96, but his changeup that induced a 35.6 Whiff% is the pitch that made him rise up draft boards this season. Projections have his ERA landing closer to 4.00 and his K% dropping a few points to the 25 range. (This is still solid.) As with every hot name in draft season, balancing value with excitement is essential. His current ADP of 101 feels right, considering we're not sure what we'll get from an entire season.
17 weeks ago
Vinnie Pasquantino Note
Vinnie Pasquantino photo 130. Vinnie Pasquantino 1B,DH
Vinnie Pasquantino's 2023 shoulder injury cut his season short at 61 games. It was apparent he was dealing with something, as his usual stellar AVG and OBP dropped to .247 and .324. Assuming the shoulder is good to go, Pasquantino should be a significant boost to batting average and counting stats, batting close to Bobby Witt Jr.
17 weeks ago
Salvador Perez Note
Salvador Perez photo 161. Salvador Perez C,1B,DH
Salvador Perez remained a staple of the Kansas City Royals lineup in 2023, playing in 140 games and racking up 580 plate appearances. He hit .254 with a miserable .292 OBP and .422 SLG. He hit 23 home runs for the second year in a row and drove in 80. His projections for 2024 suggest more of the same for the 33-year-old. Perez is a catcher who isn't going to drag down your batting average and give you 20+ homers. That is a rare bird; at his ADP of 133, he isn't a bad value in 2024.
17 weeks ago
Maikel Garcia Note
Maikel Garcia photo 212. Maikel Garcia 2B,3B,SS
MJ Melendez Note
MJ Melendez photo 260. MJ Melendez C,LF,RF
Michael Wacha Note
Michael Wacha photo 285. Michael Wacha SP
Seth Lugo Note
Seth Lugo photo 288. Seth Lugo SP
Nelson Velazquez Note
Nelson Velazquez photo 291. Nelson Velazquez LF,RF,DH
Will Smith Note
Will Smith photo 292. Will Smith RP
Hunter Harvey Note
Hunter Harvey photo 306. Hunter Harvey RP
Hunter Renfroe Note
Hunter Renfroe photo 350. Hunter Renfroe 1B,RF
James McArthur Note
James McArthur photo 386. James McArthur RP
Brady Singer Note
Brady Singer photo 450. Brady Singer SP
Michael Massey Note
Michael Massey photo 467. Michael Massey 2B,DH
Drew Waters Note
Drew Waters photo 490. Drew Waters CF,RF
Kyle Isbel Note
Kyle Isbel photo 532. Kyle Isbel CF
Freddy Fermin Note
Freddy Fermin photo 536. Freddy Fermin C,DH
John Schreiber Note
John Schreiber photo 618. John Schreiber RP
John McMillon Note
John McMillon photo 620. John McMillon RP
Alec Marsh Note
Alec Marsh photo 656. Alec Marsh SP,RP
Nick Pratto Note
Nick Pratto photo 658. Nick Pratto 1B,LF,OF
Garrett Hampson Note
Garrett Hampson photo 664. Garrett Hampson 2B,SS,LF,CF,RF
Nick Anderson Note
Nick Anderson photo 686. Nick Anderson RP
Dairon Blanco Note
Dairon Blanco photo 729. Dairon Blanco CF,DH,LF,RF
Nick Loftin Note
Nick Loftin photo 784. Nick Loftin 1B,2B,3B
Adam Frazier Note
Adam Frazier photo 789. Adam Frazier 2B,DH,LF,RF
Chris Stratton Note
Chris Stratton photo 908. Chris Stratton RP
Angel Zerpa Note
Angel Zerpa photo 916. Angel Zerpa RP
Kris Bubic Note
Kris Bubic photo 945. Kris Bubic SP
Tyler Duffey Note
Tyler Duffey photo 991. Tyler Duffey RP
Jordan Lyles Note
Jordan Lyles photo 1113. Jordan Lyles RP,SP
Daniel Lynch Note
Daniel Lynch photo 1115. Daniel Lynch SP
Walter Pennington Note
Walter Pennington photo 1292. Walter Pennington RP
Josh Taylor Note
Josh Taylor photo 1298. Josh Taylor RP
Luis Cessa Note
Luis Cessa photo 1315. Luis Cessa SP,RP
Jesus Tinoco Note
Jesus Tinoco photo 1329. Jesus Tinoco RP
Sam Long Note
Sam Long photo 1335. Sam Long RP
Dan Altavilla Note
Dan Altavilla photo 1341. Dan Altavilla RP
Jonathan Bowlan Note
Jonathan Bowlan photo 1357. Jonathan Bowlan SP
Will Klein Note
Will Klein photo 1411. Will Klein RP
Carlos Hernandez Note
Carlos Hernandez photo 1414. Carlos Hernandez SP,RP
Anthony Veneziano Note
Anthony Veneziano photo 1417. Anthony Veneziano SP,RP
Steven Cruz Note
Steven Cruz photo 1474. Steven Cruz SP,RP
Zach Davies Note
Zach Davies photo 1510. Zach Davies SP
Austin Nola Note
Austin Nola photo 1524. Austin Nola C
Tyler Gentry Note
Tyler Gentry photo 1612. Tyler Gentry OF,RF
Nate Eaton Note
Nate Eaton photo 1620. Nate Eaton 3B,CF,LF,RF