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Fantasy Baseball Player Notes

2020 Fantasy Baseball Draft Notes
Josh Bell Note
Josh Bell photo 56. Josh Bell 1B
Bell had a true breakout season in 2019, improving drastically in pretty much every measurable category. His increases in exit velocity (2.3 mph), launch angle (3.8 degrees), and barrels per plate appearance (3.8%) showed that his gains were not fluky, and he even recovered from what looked to be a second-half collapse with a .927 OPS in August. The issue for Bell is that even with the improvements, a first baseman who bats .277 and slugs 37 home runs is not blowing the fantasy world away. Buy many of the gains, but don't go crazy on draft day.
5 weeks ago
Bryan Reynolds Note
Bryan Reynolds photo 94. Bryan Reynolds LF,CF,RF
Reynolds was an excellent surprise last year as a rookie, batting .316 with 16 homers and 83 runs despite being down in the minors for the first month of the season. There is some risk in drafting him but more than likely, this is a solid source of batting average in the middle of your draft.
8 weeks ago
Kevin Newman Note
Kevin Newman photo 122. Kevin Newman 2B,SS
A leadoff hitter who bat .308 last year with 12 home runs and 16 steals in just 130 games? What's not to like? Fine, he is one of the worst in the league in terms of barrel percentage and hard hit rate but even still, he had an expected batting average of .291 last year. Newman won't blow you away, but he'll chip in everywhere, especially the scarce categories. Don't forget about him on draft day.
5 weeks ago
Gregory Polanco Note
Gregory Polanco photo 155. Gregory Polanco RF
Polanco was never able to fully recover from his 2018 shoulder surgery, playing in only 42 games last year. He has seemed on the cusp of a breakout for years, but the bottom line is that he has never hit better than .258 or slugged more than 23 homers. He's expected to be ready for the start of the season, whenever that is, and there is still untapped potential, meaning you should draft Polanco late and hope everything finally comes together.
5 weeks ago
Adam Frazier Note
Adam Frazier photo 222. Adam Frazier 2B
Colin Moran Note
Colin Moran photo 246. Colin Moran 2B,3B
Jarrod Dyson Note
Jarrod Dyson photo 269. Jarrod Dyson LF,CF,RF
Jacob Stallings Note
Jacob Stallings photo 298. Jacob Stallings C
Cole Tucker Note
Cole Tucker photo 307. Cole Tucker SS
Jose Osuna Note
Jose Osuna photo 312. Jose Osuna 1B,3B,RF
Ke'Bryan Hayes Note
Ke'Bryan Hayes photo 342. Ke'Bryan Hayes 3B
Kevin Kramer Note
Kevin Kramer photo 380. Kevin Kramer 3B,LF,RF
Luke Maile Note
Luke Maile photo 393. Luke Maile C
Guillermo Heredia Note
Guillermo Heredia photo 453. Guillermo Heredia LF,CF,RF
JT Riddle Note
JT Riddle photo 465. JT Riddle SS,CF
Pablo Reyes Note
Pablo Reyes photo 505. Pablo Reyes LF,CF,RF
Erik Gonzalez Note
Erik Gonzalez photo 511. Erik Gonzalez 2B,3B,SS
Andrew Susac Note
Andrew Susac photo 517. Andrew Susac C
John Ryan Murphy Note
John Ryan Murphy photo 525. John Ryan Murphy C
Jason Martin Note
Jason Martin photo 535. Jason Martin LF,CF
Jared Oliva Note
Jared Oliva photo 558. Jared Oliva LF,CF
Christian Kelley Note
Christian Kelley photo 564. Christian Kelley C
Socrates Brito Note
Socrates Brito photo 649. Socrates Brito RF
Will Craig Note
Will Craig photo 684. Will Craig 1B,3B
Phillip Evans Note
Phillip Evans photo 701. Phillip Evans 3B,SS
Oneil Cruz Note
Oneil Cruz photo 727. Oneil Cruz SS