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Fantasy Baseball Player Notes

2024 Fantasy Baseball Draft Notes

Royce Lewis Note
Royce Lewis photo 36. Royce Lewis 3B,DH
Royce Lewis is the latest Minnesota Twin to offer superstar-level stats with an unfortunate injury-prone profile. In 58 games last season, Lewis smacked 15 home runs, drove in 52 runs, and slashed .309/.372/.548. His average was inflated (xBA .265), but the power is very real. The 24-year-old's xwOBACON is .410; even though his xSLG was lower, it was still .476. An entire season of Lewis has first-round upside, but fantasy managers should draft him expecting fewer games. With a bit of luck, Lewis avoids becoming Byron Buxton 2.0, and those who draft him will be rewarded handsomely.
18 weeks ago
Edouard Julien Note
Edouard Julien photo 113. Edouard Julien 2B,DH
Byron Buxton Note
Byron Buxton photo 121. Byron Buxton CF,DH
Carlos Correa Note
Carlos Correa photo 130. Carlos Correa SS
Max Kepler Note
Max Kepler photo 153. Max Kepler RF
Matt Wallner Note
Matt Wallner photo 192. Matt Wallner LF,RF
Alex Kirilloff Note
Alex Kirilloff photo 200. Alex Kirilloff 1B,DH,LF,RF
Ryan Jeffers Note
Ryan Jeffers photo 210. Ryan Jeffers C,DH
Willi Castro Note
Willi Castro photo 211. Willi Castro 2B,3B,CF,LF,SS
Carlos Santana Note
Carlos Santana photo 231. Carlos Santana 1B
Manuel Margot Note
Manuel Margot photo 317. Manuel Margot CF,DH,LF,RF
Christian Vazquez Note
Christian Vazquez photo 339. Christian Vazquez C
Kyle Farmer Note
Kyle Farmer photo 344. Kyle Farmer 2B,3B,SS
Brooks Lee Note
Brooks Lee photo 365. Brooks Lee 3B,SS
Jose Miranda Note
Jose Miranda photo 374. Jose Miranda 1B,3B,DH
Trevor Larnach Note
Trevor Larnach photo 414. Trevor Larnach DH,LF,RF
Austin Martin Note
Austin Martin photo 526. Austin Martin 2B,CF,DH,LF,SS
Jair Camargo Note
Jair Camargo photo 590. Jair Camargo C
Walker Jenkins Note
Walker Jenkins photo 631. Walker Jenkins CF,OF
Yunior Severino Note
Yunior Severino photo 713. Yunior Severino 1B,2B,3B
Diego Castillo Note
Diego Castillo photo 719. Diego Castillo 2B,LF,OF,SS