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Fantasy Baseball Player Notes

2021 Fantasy Baseball Draft Notes

Starling Marte Note
Starling Marte photo 28. Starling Marte CF
Marte's getting a little old for a player to rely on for stolen bases, and although fantasy managers need to start lowering their expectations as he enters his age-32 season, there should be enough left in the tank for him to be productive. He ranked in the top 11% in sprint speed last year and was caught stealing just twice in 10 attempts. The quality of his contact declined fairly significantly, however, and considering he now plays in Miami, anything more than 15 home runs should be considered gravy. But he'll likely continue to chip in for all five rotisserie categories and be an asset in both stolen bases and batting average, two difficult categories to fill. Again, temper expectations a bit against his historical production, but fantasy managers can still draft him with confidence.
31 weeks ago
Matt Olson Note
Matt Olson photo 56. Matt Olson 1B
Olson again hit for a ton of power last year, and ranked in the top nine percent of the league in average exit velocity for the third straight season. But he struck out 31.4% of the time, which contributed to a massive average drop to just .195. Olson had a bit of bad luck, as his xBA was .224, but still, it was by far his worst career mark. Although he'll never be a high average hitter, it's a good bet that he'll return something this year closer to his .245 career mark. Combine that with his likely near-40 home run season, and he'll make a fine mid-round selection and starting first baseman for any fantasy team.
31 weeks ago
Matt Chapman Note
Matt Chapman photo 61. Matt Chapman 3B
Chapman lost a significant chunk of his 2020 season to a torn labrum in his hip, and had surgery to repair the injury. It seems obvious that the injury was bothering him all year, as evidenced by his massive jump in strikeout rate (35.5%) and corresponding drop in walk rate. There's little reason to give Chapman's 2020 season any credence given what he'd shown the previous two years. Expect him to bounce back to the 30-homer bat with decent all-around production that we had come to expect, and enjoy the discount that his numbers from last year provide.
31 weeks ago
Ramon Laureano Note
Ramon Laureano photo 82. Ramon Laureano CF,RF
Laureano had a down 2020, which included a .213 batting average and a sharp decline in his Statcast data, as well as his steal attempts. But he had provided a fairly solid baseline over the two prior seasons, with a .288 batting average, 29 home runs, and 20 steals while being caught just three times over 171 games. Laureano doesn't excel anywhere, but he'll chip in almost everywhere, and you can get him beyond the 12th round in most drafts. He's an ideal fourth outfielder in mixed leagues.
31 weeks ago
Mark Canha Note
Mark Canha photo 130. Mark Canha 1B,LF,CF,RF,DH
Fantasy managers seem to have declared Canha's 2019 season as a fluke after he hit just five home run last year, but much of his 2020 seems to suggest 2019 was fairly legitimate. Canha built on his massive gains in walk rate in 2019 (13.5%) and increased it to 15.2%, and his quality of contact largely remained the same. He's got 20-homer power still, and he'll likely lead off or bat second for the A's. You won't need to pay much for him and given his average draft position, there's a high probability of a profit.
31 weeks ago
Sean Murphy Note
Sean Murphy photo 141. Sean Murphy C,DH
Murphy has pretty quietly put together two quality seasons in a row, albeit in limited samples. Over his past 63 games, he's put up 11 home runs, 35 runs scored, and 22 RBI, a pace that is more than respectable, even if it comes with a sub-par batting average. Murphy is dealing with a collapsed lung and may not be ready for the start of the season, but it doesn't sound like it will keep him out of action for long. He's a borderline starter in most mixed leagues, but he offers a decent floor if you miss our on more quality options.
31 weeks ago
Elvis Andrus Note
Elvis Andrus photo 167. Elvis Andrus SS
Yan Gomes Note
Yan Gomes photo 221. Yan Gomes C
Stephen Piscotty Note
Stephen Piscotty photo 226. Stephen Piscotty RF
Mitch Moreland Note
Mitch Moreland photo 250. Mitch Moreland 1B,DH
Khris Davis Note
Khris Davis photo 263. Khris Davis DH
Chad Pinder Note
Chad Pinder photo 284. Chad Pinder 2B,3B,LF,RF
Josh Harrison Note
Josh Harrison photo 385. Josh Harrison 2B,3B,LF,SS
Jed Lowrie Note
Jed Lowrie photo 416. Jed Lowrie 2B,DH
Tony Kemp Note
Tony Kemp photo 421. Tony Kemp 2B,LF,CF
Robert Puason Note
Robert Puason photo 426. Robert Puason SS
Austin Allen Note
Austin Allen photo 455. Austin Allen C
Seth Brown Note
Seth Brown photo 491. Seth Brown 1B,LF,RF
Tyler Soderstrom Note
Tyler Soderstrom photo 533. Tyler Soderstrom C
Vimael Machin Note
Vimael Machin photo 624. Vimael Machin 3B,SS
Luis Barrera Note
Luis Barrera photo 641. Luis Barrera CF
Skye Bolt Note
Skye Bolt photo 705. Skye Bolt CF
Buddy Reed Note
Buddy Reed photo 735. Buddy Reed LF,CF
Nick Allen Note
Nick Allen photo 793. Nick Allen SS