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Fantasy Football Player Notes

2023 PPR Rest of Season Rankings

James Cook Note
James Cook photo 30. James Cook RB - (at MIA)
Josh Allen Note
Josh Allen photo 36. Josh Allen QB - (at MIA)
Dalton Kincaid Note
Dalton Kincaid photo 78. Dalton Kincaid TE - (at MIA)
Curtis Samuel Note
Curtis Samuel photo 121. Curtis Samuel WR - (at MIA)
Khalil Shakir Note
Khalil Shakir photo 132. Khalil Shakir WR - (at MIA)
Buffalo Bills Note
Buffalo Bills photo 146. Buffalo Bills DST - (at MIA)
Tyler Bass Note
Tyler Bass photo 160. Tyler Bass K - (at MIA)
Latavius Murray Note
Latavius Murray photo 184. Latavius Murray RB - (at MIA)
Dawson Knox Note
Dawson Knox photo 310. Dawson Knox TE - (at MIA)
Ty Johnson Note
Ty Johnson photo 330. Ty Johnson RB - (at MIA)
Mack Hollins Note
Mack Hollins photo 356. Mack Hollins WR - (at MIA)
Mitch Trubisky Note
Mitch Trubisky photo 406. Mitch Trubisky QB - (at MIA)
Reggie Gilliam Note
Reggie Gilliam photo 418. Reggie Gilliam RB,TE - (at MIA)