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Fantasy Football Mock Draft: 12-Team Non-PPR (2021)

Jul 12, 2021

Now that we’re into July and fantasy season is definitely kicking off, I wanted to do another mock draft using the Fantasy Pros Mock Draft Simulator to do a quick 17-round mock draft. Just like the one I did in May, I am picking from the 10 spot with the same roster requirements: one QB, two RB’s, three WR’s, one TE, two FLEX, and eight bench players.

In addition to explaining the reasoning behind my picks, I will occasionally call out what changed from the last mock I did. In some ways, this draft was very similar, but in others, it was very different. The more mock drafts you do, the more you can see how to improve and what works best for you, so let’s see how I did this time around.

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Standard Mock Draft from the 10 Pick

1.10 – Ezekiel Elliott (RB – DAL)
In my previous mock, I went with Aaron Jones (RB – GB) at this pick, but this time around, Jones went at the 1.06. Ironically enough, Elliott went at 1.07 last time and is available here, making him the obvious choice, in my opinion. I like grabbing at least one solid RB early to anchor my team, and Zeke definitely fits that bill as much as Jones does.

2.03 – Stefon Diggs (WR – BUF)
Yet again, I get lucky and am able to grab the consensus WR3 in Stefon Diggs this time around. Last time AJ Brown (WR – TEN) went ahead of him, and while I can’t fault that, grabbing Diggs seemed like the obvious choice with Travis Kelce (TE – KC) going at 2.01 in this draft and since we have to start 3 WRs like before as well. Still the easy pick for me.

3.10 – Terry McLaurin (WR – WAS)
In May, both Kelce and George Kittle (TE – SF) were selected in the third round, but this time they are both gone along with Darren Waller (TE – LVR), making my choice a little easier. McLaurin was the obvious choice, according to the draft assistant, even though he went later in the mock from May. McLaurin is a terrific WR2 option with WR1 upside, so I’m very happy to add him to my team.

4.03 – D’Andre Swift (RB – DET)
The only other pick that matches up with my last mock is here with Swift as my RB2. The RB landscape drops off a cliff, just like I mentioned in May, so getting a solid RB in Swift makes the most sense for my team here. I’m still looking at TE and see a few guys I’m willing to wait on depending on how the board goes here, so no reason to push it just yet.

5.10 – Josh Allen (QB – BUF)
I see a ton of WR depth go off the board, but not a single TE since my last pick, which helps me make my selection here. To me, Allen is the only QB other than Patrick Mahomes (QB – KC) that I’d be willing to draft in the first six rounds. He’s got a very high floor due to his rushing ability, and I get to stack him with Diggs. I can’t pass it up. Let’s see if one of the two TE’s I have my eye on falls back to me, though.

6.03 – T.J. Hockenson (TE – DET)
I was THIS close to taking Hock in the last round but figured I could roll the dice, and it paid off big time. To me, Hockenson is one of the few TE’s that could see the most targets on his team and be the true TE1 overall. An easy selection here. I also end up pairing him with Swift, which is making my byes become something to watch out for in these middle rounds as I work on filling out my flex and bench spots.

7.10 – Will Fuller (WR – MIA)
Last time I selected Leonard Fournette (RB – TB) as my RB3 at this spot, but I see a stud player on the board in Fuller, and I can’t let him fall past me here. Fuller went at 6.04 in May, right after I took Tee Higgins (WR – CIN) at 6.03, so to see him fall a full round later this time around makes me feel like I’m getting great value here. He’s a perfect WR3 option for me with the way this draft has gone.

8.03 – Jerry Jeudy (WR – DEN)
I almost decide to take Zack Moss (RB – BUF) here just because I need another RB, but I don’t want to stack too many players from Buffalo on my team. Also, Moss may not even be the true starter anyway. I decided to pivot and take my WR4 in Jeudy, who I think could be a great breakout candidate this year. If that offense gets in gear, Jeudy should benefit greatly and is a great fit for my flex.

9.10 – A.J. Dillon (RB – GB)
As expected, Moss goes at 8.04, but only two other RB’s go between my last pick and this one. I’m looking at backups here like Darrell Henderson (RB – LAR), Latavius Murray (RB – NO), or Zeke’s handcuff in Tony Pollard (RB – DAL). Rather than take my own handcuff, I opt to select someone else’s in Dillon. He might have enough value on his own to see my flex spot some weeks and should provide enough of a floor during byes to get me through. Or maybe I can work out a trade with the Jones owner at some point. All options are available here.

10.03 – Michael Pittman (WR – IND)
Much like in the last mock, I am leaning WR here. I see a few guys that are safe floor picks, but I’m aiming for the fences here and think Pittman has the most upside in this range. Everyone else that went after him are WR2 options on their own team, but Pittman could take that role from Hilton in training camp, making him a great value here if he does. Perfect bench pick, in my opinion.

11.10 – Phillip Lindsay (RB – HOU)
There’s really nothing awesome staring me in the face here, much like before, but I figure Lindsay might end up getting the most carries in an ugly and crowded Texans backfield. It’s a short turn coming up, but there aren’t a lot of players I like more here anyway, so Lindsay it is, kind of by default.

12.03 – Tyler Higbee (TE – LAR)
The landscape is getting ugly, as I mentioned, so I decide to grab my backup TE here, who might end up with some flex appeal as the season goes along too. Higbee should see plenty of targets from Stafford, who I can’t believe is still available himself. The Rams offense should be great for fantasy, and Higbee should see plenty of action of his own.

13.10 – Matt Stafford (QB – LAR)
I’m not huge on grabbing two QBs in single QB leagues, but here I am doing it again. This time I take Stafford to pair with Higbee in another stack for my team, mainly because I can’t let him fall any farther. The value was just too crazy, and the other positions all felt like reaches at this pick. Stafford could be a great trade chip as well as a great insurance option against an Allen injury, so I don’t mind grabbing him in the 13th. The WRs I like should all still be there, although I did consider the WR1 in New York for a minute.

14.03 – Sterling Shepard (WR – NYG)
Lucky for me that WR1 in New York is still here in the 14th, and I get Shepard anyway. Sometimes things just work out, don’t they? I was shocked to see Darius Slayton (WR – NYG) go at 14.01 ahead of Shepard, who should still be the alpha on this team, at least until rookie Kadarius Toney (WR – NYG) shows everyone why the Giants took him in the first round. For now, I’m happy with Shepard as my WR6.

15.10 – Elijah Moore (WR – NYJ)
A ton of RBs go off the board between my 14.03 and my 15.10, leaving me to decide what’s better for my team: a depth RB who will likely never see the starting lineup or a flier WR who has lots of upside. I decide to take Moore here as the upside pick, figuring I can grab that backup RB option in the next round and cut either one after Week 1 if they don’t perform.

16.03 – Damien Williams (RB – CHI)
I’m not sure if Williams is the backup in Chicago or the backup to the backup, but either way, we should know early in the year if he’s going to amount to anything, making him worth the shot here with my second to last pick. If Williams gets some carries he might be worth holding, but if not, he’s a player I can cut for someone else who appears to have more production value after Week 1.

17.10 – Jonnu Smith (TE – NE)
My last pick is my third tight end in Smith who, as the two picks before him, should show me what he’s worth right out of the gate. If the Patriots plan on using him, they’ll do so early and often, and if not, he’s another easy cut for me. Either way, no real risk in the 17th round, with some potential for trade bait if he balls out. Worth it to me.

Conclusion and Draft Grades

Even though my grade is worse, I think I like my team more this time around. Getting values like Allen in the 5th and Hockenson in the 6th really make me happy with how things went down. Even though Kyle Yates didn’t like my draft, giving me a 61/100, Dan Harris and Joe Pisapia both seemed happy enough with their grades of 81/100.

My biggest regret, if there was one, was probably passing on David Montgomery (RB – CHI), where I selected McLaurin. I think if I’d made that change, my RB room would be much stronger, and my team overall would probably have gotten a better grade. If anything, this has taught me that RB’s should be a prime target in the first four rounds, regardless of the WR values left on the board.

I’m happy with this team and think it has potential, but I also think I can do better. The best part of using the FantasyPros Mock Draft Simulator is that you can do dozens of these throughout the course of a day. Take a quick five-minute break and do one yourself. Share the results with me on Twitter, @AndrewHallFF, and stick with FantasyPros through the rest of the offseason leading up to Week 1. There is plenty of analysis, rankings, and ADP data to check out, and it’s always updated with the latest to help you win your title and dominate your own league!

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