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FanGraphs   Nov 29th, 11:00am ET
The former Cy Young winner heads to Tampa to help fill out a young group of untested starters.
FanGraphs   Nov 29th, 10:00am ET
The trade makes the Mariners better, but Seattle still has a lot of work to do this winter.
FanGraphs   Nov 29th, 9:00am ET
Wacha has struggled since 2019, but a dramatic change late in 2021 could set him up for success in Boston.
FanGraphs   Nov 29th, 8:00am ET
St. Louis gets a needed mid-rotation starter, and the Mets' ongoing soap opera gets another storyline.
FanGraphs   Nov 29th, 7:00am ET
The Mariners are hiring.
Razzball   Nov 29th, 3:00am ET
Welp, we were supposed to start our fantasy baseball sleepers today, but there was some movement before the lockout. *looks in the toilet* "Hey, we got movement!" By the way, for those of you who didn't hear my thoughts on the impending lockout, you can listen...
FanGraphs   Nov 28th, 8:05pm ET
The Rangers still have a lot of work to do, but second base ought to be fixed now.
FanGraphs   Nov 28th, 7:32am ET
Plus Trea Turner and NL MVP voting, Lefty O'Doul and the Hall of Fame, Albert Belle or Tony Oliva?, facts and stats galore, and more.
Roto Rob   Nov 27th, 3:06pm ET
Need help in hits? Katchouk can provide some assistance in this department, piling up four on Friday, giving him 25 in the last seven games alone. Over this same stretch, the rookie has pitched in with three helpers, and has 10 PMs so far this season, so could...
The Fantasy Fix   Nov 27th, 9:00am ET
Welcome to Slap Shot Podcast! In episode 45, host Christopher Morais (@fuzzychris91) a look at the Montreal Canadiens’ coach situation, and whether of not firing Dominic Ducharm is the best solution. If the team were to replace him, do they absolutely...
Razzball   Nov 27th, 3:00am ET
Bit of a trivia question off the top: who were the last two big-time Yankees prospects who weren't overrated. Aaron Judge is quick to mind. Who else? Our best bet is to check the trades for guys who actualized for other organizations. Let’s see. Stanton...
Razzball   Nov 26th, 3:00am ET
And thus ends our 2022 fantasy baseball rookies series. Next up, sleepers. You can hardly wait! No, you! Hope you enjoyed our 2022 fantasy baseball rookies series. It was brought to you by me! And The Bachelorette. Kidding on the last part, but I'm obviously...
Roto Rob   Nov 25th, 3:14pm ET
Last year, Samuel was a key piece of Carolina's offense, chipping in with short receptions and acting as a constant threat in the run game. He was one of Washington's big free agent pickups in the offseason, so the coaching staff want him to be a major piece...
FanGraphs   Nov 24th, 8:36pm ET
Ben Lindbergh and Meg Rowley banter about the Rays signing 20-year-old Wander Franco to a long-term extension, rapid movement in the starting-pitcher market (capped off by the Cardinals signing Steven Matz and Mets owner Steve Cohen tweeting out his reaction),...
FanGraphs   Nov 24th, 2:00pm ET
Featuring debates on the AL Cy Young voting and the Hall of Fame's latest era vote.
FanGraphs   Nov 24th, 1:00pm ET
But is his signing a precursor to another big move in Chicago's bullpen?
FanGraphs   Nov 24th, 12:15pm ET
For once, Wanderlust involves someone staying put.
FanGraphs   Nov 24th, 11:00am ET
No mile-high mirage, the Rockies' longtime first baseman is trending toward election.
FanGraphs   Nov 24th, 10:00am ET
Anthony DeSclafani and Alex Wood return to San Francisco, which really needed them back.
FanGraphs   Nov 24th, 9:00am ET
Still figuring himself out, Gray Jr. is a 21-year-old outfielder with a top-shelf tool box.