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Fantasy Football Player Notes

2021 PPR Draft Rankings

Duke Johnson Jr. Note
Duke Johnson Jr. photo 96. Duke Johnson Jr. (BYE)
Todd Gurley II Note
Todd Gurley II photo 104. Todd Gurley II (BYE)
Adrian Peterson Note
Adrian Peterson photo 109. Adrian Peterson (BYE)
Ito Smith Note
Ito Smith photo 110. Ito Smith (BYE)
Xavier Jones Note
Xavier Jones photo 112. Xavier Jones (BYE)
With the Rams' trade for Sony Michel, Jones goes from potential solid handcuff value to likely irrelevant for fantasy purposes. There's no reason to consider him in redraft formats, despite Henderson's thumb injury causing some uncertainty in the Los Angeles backfield.
5 weeks ago
Bryce Love Note
Bryce Love photo 130. Bryce Love (BYE)
Frank Gore Note
Frank Gore photo 142. Frank Gore (BYE)
LeSean McCoy Note
LeSean McCoy photo 146. LeSean McCoy (BYE)
D'Onta Foreman Note
D'Onta Foreman photo 148. D'Onta Foreman (BYE)
Raymond Calais Note
Raymond Calais photo 152. Raymond Calais (BYE)
Stevie Scott III Note
Stevie Scott III photo 158. Stevie Scott III (BYE)
Reggie Bonnafon Note
Reggie Bonnafon photo 159. Reggie Bonnafon (BYE)
Adam Prentice Note
Adam Prentice photo 163. Adam Prentice (BYE)
Otis Anderson Jr. Note
Otis Anderson Jr. photo 166. Otis Anderson Jr. (BYE)
Dedrick Mills Note
Dedrick Mills photo 167. Dedrick Mills (BYE)
Elijah McGuire Note
Elijah McGuire photo 171. Elijah McGuire (BYE)
T.J. Yeldon Note
T.J. Yeldon photo 173. T.J. Yeldon (BYE)
Rakeem Boyd Note
Rakeem Boyd photo 178. Rakeem Boyd (BYE)
Dexter Williams Note
Dexter Williams photo 180. Dexter Williams (BYE)
Tony Brooks-James Note
Tony Brooks-James photo 182. Tony Brooks-James (BYE)
Brenden Knox Note
Brenden Knox photo 184. Brenden Knox (BYE)
DeAndre Washington Note
DeAndre Washington photo 185. DeAndre Washington (BYE)
Troymaine Pope Note
Troymaine Pope photo 188. Troymaine Pope (BYE)
Darius Victor Note
Darius Victor photo 192. Darius Victor (BYE)
B.J. Emmons Note
B.J. Emmons photo 196. B.J. Emmons (BYE)
Tyler Ervin Note
Tyler Ervin photo 202. Tyler Ervin (BYE)
Christian Wade Note
Christian Wade photo 203. Christian Wade (BYE)
Master Teague Note
Master Teague photo 209. Master Teague (BYE)
CJ Verdell Note
CJ Verdell photo 210. CJ Verdell (BYE)
C.J. Prosise Note
C.J. Prosise photo 211. C.J. Prosise (BYE)
Austin Walter Note
Austin Walter photo 212. Austin Walter (BYE)
Senorise Perry Note
Senorise Perry photo 213. Senorise Perry (BYE)
Jordan Scarlett Note
Jordan Scarlett photo 215. Jordan Scarlett (BYE)
CJ Marable Note
CJ Marable photo 216. CJ Marable (BYE)
Garrett Groshek Note
Garrett Groshek photo 217. Garrett Groshek (BYE)
P.J. Hill Note
P.J. Hill photo 220. P.J. Hill (BYE)
Khalid Hill Note
Khalid Hill photo 221. Khalid Hill (BYE)
Corey Knox Note
Corey Knox photo 222. Corey Knox (BYE)