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Fantasy Football Player Notes

2023 Half PPR Rest of Season Rankings

Stefon Diggs Note
Stefon Diggs photo 14. Stefon Diggs WR - (at MIA)
James Cook Note
James Cook photo 29. James Cook RB - (at MIA)
Gabe Davis Note
Gabe Davis photo 81. Gabe Davis WR - (at MIA)
Dalton Kincaid Note
Dalton Kincaid photo 92. Dalton Kincaid TE - (at MIA)
Dawson Knox Note
Dawson Knox photo 144. Dawson Knox TE - (at MIA)
Damien Harris Note
Damien Harris photo 156. Damien Harris RB - (at MIA)
Latavius Murray Note
Latavius Murray photo 169. Latavius Murray RB - (at MIA)
Deonte Harty Note
Deonte Harty photo 197. Deonte Harty WR - (at MIA)
Khalil Shakir Note
Khalil Shakir photo 236. Khalil Shakir WR - (at MIA)
Trent Sherfield Note
Trent Sherfield photo 254. Trent Sherfield WR - (at MIA)