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Fantasy Baseball Player Notes

2022 Fantasy Baseball Draft Notes

Bryce Harper Note
Bryce Harper photo 6. Bryce Harper DH,RF
Mr. Consistency. Draft Harper somewhere between 6 and 10 in the first round, leave him in the lineup and count your blessings. In one of the quietest MVP campaigns in recent memory, Harper did Harper-like things in 2021, with 35 homers, 101 runs, 84 RBI and 13 stolen bases. With the Phillies adding Nick Castellanos to provide Harper with some lineup protection, a 100 RBI season with 110 runs is probably Harper's floor.
27 weeks ago
Zack Wheeler Note
Zack Wheeler photo 34. Zack Wheeler SP
It's not often a player in a major media market puts up a career season, finishes second in the Cy Young voting and ... nobody seems to notice. Well, friends, Mr. Wheeler would like some more of your attention in 2022, albeit with some caution. His 2.78 ERA last season was a career low. It's likely some regression is coming and his ERA will be in the low 3s. He usually strikes out about a batter an inning, but Wheeler punched out 247 in 213 IP last year. Will he be able to equal that pace? The Phillies are counting on him to do just that at the top of their rotation, but you'd be wise to treat him more like a solid All-Star than a Cy Young favorite. If he's your SP2, life is good. If he's your ace, make sure to load up on solid starting pitching in the mid rounds to bolster your staff behind him.
32 weeks ago
Aaron Nola Note
Aaron Nola photo 37. Aaron Nola SP
Don't overpay for what you hope Nola will be - the 2018 version of the pitcher who looked like he was on a path to superstardom. Nola's name still resonates, but his stats can be easily replicated four or five rounds after his fourth-round ADP. His 2022 ZiPS projection has him finishing 12-7 with a 3.46 ERA. Other systems are projecting his ERA to be closer to 3.75, which basically makes him Frankie Montas. You'd feel foolish drafting Montas 39th, right? Well, if that was your draft slot plan for Nola, think again.
32 weeks ago
Nick Castellanos Note
Nick Castellanos photo 40. Nick Castellanos DH,RF
"It's a deep drive to left field by Castellanos" has become baseball's best meme, which overshadows the fact that Castellanos has been one of baseball's most underrated power bats over the last half decade. The 29-year-old picked the perfect year to enter free agency, coming off a 2021 campaign with a .576 SLG% and a .938 OPS. The move to Philadelphia should be a good one, as it gives Castellanos a chance to bat cleanup directly behind Bryce Harper.
27 weeks ago
J.T. Realmuto Note
J.T. Realmuto photo 80. J.T. Realmuto C,1B
Some of us still want to think of the 28-year-old Realmuto, who was the best catcher in baseball. But he's entering his age-31 season and is likely on the downside of his career. Catchers tend to fall off precipitously after age 30, so Realmuto will have to stave off Father Time. Double-digit steals from the catcher slot are always a bonus for fantasy managers, but Realmuto is no longer a catcher for whom you should reach. The Phillies' lineup is full of holes and won't provide much support outside of Bryce Harper. However, the universal DH rule adds to Realmuto's value. He'll get more at bats and more rest for his legs. He's still a great option at catcher. Just don't reach.
32 weeks ago
Kyle Schwarber Note
Kyle Schwarber photo 95. Kyle Schwarber 1B,DH,LF
Schwarber was really, really good in 2020. He ranked in the top 10% of the league in barrel rate, average and maximum exit velocity, hard-hit rate, walk percentage, and wOBA. He also batted a career-best .266, probably because he swung at far fewer pitches outside the strike zone than he ever had before. He'll now bat near or at the top of a strong Phillies lineup in a park that should only accentuate Schwarber's raw power. If Schwarber can hold the gains he saw last year - being more selective, hitting more line drives, etc. - then he should be in for perhaps his best season to date.
29 weeks ago
Rhys Hoskins Note
Rhys Hoskins photo 102. Rhys Hoskins 1B
Hoskins traded off some walks for some additional power last year, as he consistently made harder contact than he ever had before in his career. His 91.2 MPH average exit velocity and 112.2 MPH maximum exit velocity were both career highs, and his 17% barrel rate ranked in the top 6% of baseball. The only real problem for Hoskins, aside from his .240-ish batting average, is his difficulty staying healthy. He was limited to just 107 games last year because of an abdominal injury and he missed about a third of 2020's shortened season. The talent is there - he'll hit plenty of home runs and he'll likely bat in front of Bryce Harper and J.T. Realmuto. Just bank on closer to 120 games rather than a full season.
29 weeks ago
Corey Knebel Note
Corey Knebel photo 180. Corey Knebel SP,RP
Knebel was labeled as the tentative closer by Joe Girardi early in the spring, and he's done nothing to lose the job since. He rebounded from a terrible 2020 season to put up a 2.45 ERA and 0.97 WHIP with the Dodgers last year, and his fastball velocity sat at a robust 96.3 mile per hour. He's already throwing harder than that this spring, and combined with his outstanding curveball, his fastball can perform at an elite level. Knebel has closing experience from his days with Milwaukee, so as long as he can avoid injury, there's every reason to expect him to hold the role all year long. He could easily end up as a top-5 closer if everything breaks right.
28 weeks ago
Jean Segura Note
Jean Segura photo 182. Jean Segura 2B
Segura had a solid bounce-back season after 2020's blip, as his 14 home runs were the most he had hit since 2016. A 15-10 season is probably his ceiling at this point in his career, but he hasn't slipped from his .285 career batting average and he continues to avoid strikeouts with the best of them. With the addition of Nick Castellanos and Kyle Schwarber, the Philadelphia lineup is as strong as it has been in years, and that should bolster Segura's counting stats. He's an option once you miss out on the top middle infielders.
29 weeks ago
Ranger Suarez Note
Ranger Suarez photo 189. Ranger Suarez SP,RP
Suarez was fantastic as both a reliever and a starter last year, compiling a 1.36 ERA and 1.00 WHIP. He was almost equally dominant as a starter and a reliever, though it's worth noting that he had a very soft run of opponents during his 12 starts. More troubling for projecting Suarez is that he had a comically low home run rate (just 0.34/9 innings). Yes, his sinker moves a ton and avoids hard contact, but that's simply not a sustsainable number. He's dealt with visa issues this spring, though looks to be on track for the season, so don't let that concern you much. Instead, just understand that he's due for some major regression, and is likely to pitch closer to a 4.00 ERA this year.
28 weeks ago
Noah Syndergaard Note
Noah Syndergaard photo 229. Noah Syndergaard SP
Syndergaard has pitched two innings since 2019 after undergoing Tommy John surgery and then having setbacks last season, and he'll get a fresh start with the Angels. Fantasy managers know what he brings to the table when he's at his best. A high-90s fastball, and excellent curveball, changeup, and slider, and the ability to dominate any lineup he faces when he's on. There are obvious injury concerns, but considering his low ADP, he has more upside than any pitcher going around him. Take comfort in the fact that he took a one-year deal in an effort to rebuild his value, and accept the discount on someone who could easily be an SP2 or SP3 if he stays healthy.
28 weeks ago
Alec Bohm Note
Alec Bohm photo 260. Alec Bohm 1B,3B
Bohm was dreadful last year, but there's a pretty plausible theory as to what went wrong. He was one of the unluckiest hitters in baseball in the first half of the year, ranking near the top of the league in quality of contact but just not seeing the results. Eventually, that got into his head, and he expanded the zone and watched his strikeout rate climb significantly. By the end of the year, Bohm was a total mess, swinging at pitches out of the zone, taking pitches in the zone, and watching his already poor numbers decline. That's not the type of thing that usually derails a hitter for multiple seasons, so hopefully he can get back to doing what made him a strong prospect- being patient and hitting the ball hard. He's worth a flier late in your drafts, just don't go into the season relying on him.
28 weeks ago
Zach Eflin Note
Zach Eflin photo 317. Zach Eflin RP,SP
Kyle Gibson Note
Kyle Gibson photo 353. Kyle Gibson SP
Brandon Marsh Note
Brandon Marsh photo 367. Brandon Marsh CF,LF
Bryson Stott Note
Bryson Stott photo 381. Bryson Stott 2B,SS
David Robertson Note
David Robertson photo 419. David Robertson RP
Brad Hand Note
Brad Hand photo 444. Brad Hand RP
Jose Alvarado Note
Jose Alvarado photo 464. Jose Alvarado RP
Connor Brogdon Note
Connor Brogdon photo 567. Connor Brogdon RP
Seranthony Dominguez Note
Seranthony Dominguez photo 586. Seranthony Dominguez RP
Sam Coonrod Note
Sam Coonrod photo 596. Sam Coonrod RP
Matt Vierling Note
Matt Vierling photo 623. Matt Vierling 1B,3B,CF,LF,RF
Bailey Falter Note
Bailey Falter photo 635. Bailey Falter RP,SP
Edmundo Sosa Note
Edmundo Sosa photo 656. Edmundo Sosa 2B,3B,SS
Nick Nelson Note
Nick Nelson photo 734. Nick Nelson RP
Ryan Sherriff Note
Ryan Sherriff photo 920. Ryan Sherriff RP
Darick Hall Note
Darick Hall photo 941. Darick Hall 1B,DH
James McArthur Note
James McArthur photo 949. James McArthur SP,RP
Hans Crouse Note
Hans Crouse photo 1040. Hans Crouse SP
Rafael Marchan Note
Rafael Marchan photo 1053. Rafael Marchan C
Garrett Stubbs Note
Garrett Stubbs photo 1071. Garrett Stubbs C
Andrew Bellatti Note
Andrew Bellatti photo 1148. Andrew Bellatti RP
Kent Emanuel Note
Kent Emanuel photo 1155. Kent Emanuel RP
Johan Camargo Note
Johan Camargo photo 1265. Johan Camargo 1B,2B,3B,SS
Chris Devenski Note
Chris Devenski photo 1288. Chris Devenski RP
Cristopher Sanchez Note
Cristopher Sanchez photo 1311. Cristopher Sanchez SP,RP
Jace Fry Note
Jace Fry photo 1342. Jace Fry RP
Scott Kingery Note
Scott Kingery photo 1367. Scott Kingery RF
Yairo Munoz Note
Yairo Munoz photo 1416. Yairo Munoz 2B
Damon Jones Note
Damon Jones photo 1445. Damon Jones RP
Daniel Robertson Note
Daniel Robertson photo 1461. Daniel Robertson 3B,SS
Nick Maton Note
Nick Maton photo 1484. Nick Maton 2B,LF,RF,SS
Justin Williams Note
Justin Williams photo 1511. Justin Williams LF,RF
Simon Muzziotti Note
Simon Muzziotti photo 1513. Simon Muzziotti CF
Josh Ockimey Note
Josh Ockimey photo 1579. Josh Ockimey 1B