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Fantasy Baseball Player Notes

2020 Fantasy Baseball Draft Notes
Mychal Givens Note
Mychal Givens photo 259. Mychal Givens RP
Givens isn't a special pitcher, pitches for a poor team, and isn't guaranteed to be the closer. Even if he were, he's tallied just 20 saves over the last two seasons. There's no reason to draft Givens, and if you're looking for a Baltimore closer, better to take your chance on Hunter Harvey.
11 weeks ago
Renato Nunez Note
Renato Nunez photo 264. Renato Nunez 1B,3B,DH
Austin Hays Note
Austin Hays photo 297. Austin Hays CF,RF
Trey Mancini Note
Trey Mancini photo 301. Trey Mancini 1B,LF,RF
John Means Note
John Means photo 319. John Means SP
Anthony Santander Note
Anthony Santander photo 329. Anthony Santander LF,CF,RF
Hanser Alberto Note
Hanser Alberto photo 352. Hanser Alberto 2B,3B,SS
Hunter Harvey Note
Hunter Harvey photo 378. Hunter Harvey SP,RP
Harvey quietly dominated in his cup of coffee last year, hitting triple digits with his fastball and striking out batters with ease. Now, Brandon Hyde has all but said he'd like him to be in the closer's role, after starting out the spring strong. The Orioles will never provide a ton of save chances and, at this point, it's too early to know if Harvey will be the closer. But, he's certainly worth drafting for the potential at the end of your drafts.
11 weeks ago
Jose Iglesias Note
Jose Iglesias photo 461. Jose Iglesias SS
Ryan Mountcastle Note
Ryan Mountcastle photo 488. Ryan Mountcastle 1B,3B,SS
DJ Stewart Note
DJ Stewart photo 581. DJ Stewart LF,RF
Asher Wojciechowski Note
Asher Wojciechowski photo 595. Asher Wojciechowski SP
Adley Rutschman Note
Adley Rutschman photo 632. Adley Rutschman C
Cedric Mullins II Note
Cedric Mullins II photo 635. Cedric Mullins II CF
Chance Sisco Note
Chance Sisco photo 639. Chance Sisco C
Pedro Severino Note
Pedro Severino photo 647. Pedro Severino C
Dwight Smith Jr. Note
Dwight Smith Jr. photo 655. Dwight Smith Jr. LF
Chris Davis Note
Chris Davis photo 686. Chris Davis 1B
Dean Kremer Note
Dean Kremer photo 693. Dean Kremer SP
Jorge Lopez Note
Jorge Lopez photo 703. Jorge Lopez SP,RP
Alex Cobb Note
Alex Cobb photo 722. Alex Cobb SP
Wade LeBlanc Note
Wade LeBlanc photo 725. Wade LeBlanc SP,RP
Rio Ruiz Note
Rio Ruiz photo 751. Rio Ruiz 1B,3B
Tanner Scott Note
Tanner Scott photo 821. Tanner Scott RP
Paul Fry Note
Paul Fry photo 836. Paul Fry RP
Shawn Armstrong Note
Shawn Armstrong photo 843. Shawn Armstrong RP
Miguel Castro Note
Miguel Castro photo 851. Miguel Castro RP
Bruce Zimmermann Note
Bruce Zimmermann photo 917. Bruce Zimmermann P
Chandler Shepherd Note
Chandler Shepherd photo 926. Chandler Shepherd SP
Josh Rogers Note
Josh Rogers photo 971. Josh Rogers SP,RP
Zach Pop Note
Zach Pop photo 1001. Zach Pop P
Tommy Milone Note
Tommy Milone photo 1035. Tommy Milone SP,RP
David Hess Note
David Hess photo 1051. David Hess SP,RP
Ramon Urias Note
Ramon Urias photo 1083. Ramon Urias IF
Andrew Velazquez Note
Andrew Velazquez photo 1084. Andrew Velazquez 2B,SS
Isaac Mattson Note
Isaac Mattson photo 1116. Isaac Mattson P
Cole Sulser Note
Cole Sulser photo 1130. Cole Sulser RP
Michael Rucker Note
Michael Rucker photo 1138. Michael Rucker SP,RP
Kohl Stewart Note
Kohl Stewart photo 1152. Kohl Stewart SP,RP
Dillon Tate Note
Dillon Tate photo 1158. Dillon Tate SP,RP
Keegan Akin Note
Keegan Akin photo 1192. Keegan Akin SP
Evan Phillips Note
Evan Phillips photo 1206. Evan Phillips RP
Thomas Eshelman Note
Thomas Eshelman photo 1232. Thomas Eshelman SP,RP
Cody Carroll Note
Cody Carroll photo 1240. Cody Carroll RP
Travis Lakins Sr. Note
Travis Lakins Sr. photo 1277. Travis Lakins Sr. SP,RP
Ryan Eades Note
Ryan Eades photo 1315. Ryan Eades RP
Bryan Holaday Note
Bryan Holaday photo 1319. Bryan Holaday C
Marcos Diplan Note
Marcos Diplan photo 1325. Marcos Diplan SP,RP
Austin Wynns Note
Austin Wynns photo 1331. Austin Wynns C
Eric Hanhold Note
Eric Hanhold photo 1348. Eric Hanhold RP
Pat Valaika Note
Pat Valaika photo 1366. Pat Valaika 2B
Stevie Wilkerson Note
Stevie Wilkerson photo 1383. Stevie Wilkerson 2B,LF,CF,RF
Rylan Bannon Note
Rylan Bannon photo 1410. Rylan Bannon 3B
Yusniel Diaz Note
Yusniel Diaz photo 1423. Yusniel Diaz CF,RF
Taylor Davis Note
Taylor Davis photo 1474. Taylor Davis C
Ryan McKenna Note
Ryan McKenna photo 1477. Ryan McKenna CF
Dilson Herrera Note
Dilson Herrera photo 1521. Dilson Herrera 2B,LF
Cesar Valdez Note
Cesar Valdez photo 1523. Cesar Valdez SP,RP
Mason Williams Note
Mason Williams photo 1529. Mason Williams CF,RF
Nate Karns Note
Nate Karns photo 1548. Nate Karns SP
Jose Rondon Note
Jose Rondon photo 1561. Jose Rondon 2B,3B,SS