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Fantasy Baseball Player Notes

2024 Fantasy Baseball Draft Notes

Fernando Tatis Jr. Note
Fernando Tatis Jr. photo 7. Fernando Tatis Jr. RF
In 2023, Fernando Tatis Jr. showed a deceiving decline, batting .257/.322/.449 post-suspension. Yet, a deeper look reveals a promising expected slash line of .282/.332/.511, with a low BABIP (.299) impacting his performance. Tatis achieved a career-low strikeout rate (22.2%), hitting 25 homers and swiping 29 bases. A weaker team offense hinders him, so his overall stats don't reflect his potential. Avoiding off-field mishaps, Tatis, at 25, is a strong candidate for a significant rebound. He's a steal in drafts if available at a reduced price.
18 weeks ago
Manny Machado Note
Manny Machado photo 45. Manny Machado 3B,DH
Manny Machado had a down year by his standards and by the standards of fantasy managers who took him early in 2023 drafts. In 138 games, he hit 30 home runs and drove in 91, which is in line with his career average. However, his batting average (.258) and OBP (.319) did not hold up their end of the bargain. Of course, neither did the Padres All-Star lineup. According to Statcast, he is right around average in Batting Run Value, which should drop his draft cost considerably, and his counting numbers may not hold steady with the departure of Juan Soto in the offseason. When you take into consideration the overall increase in talent at 3B and couple it with an aging Machado (he will turn 32 in July), there may be better value on the board in 2024.
18 weeks ago
Xander Bogaerts Note
Xander Bogaerts photo 83. Xander Bogaerts 2B,SS
Xander Bogaerts signed an 11-year contract with the Padres to join what looked like a deep lineup but turned out to be disappointing. The 31-year-old had 19 home runs and 19 stolen bases (a career-high), but his other counting stats took a hit. He slashed .285/.350/.440, but his expected slash numbers were .255/.318/.401. Those red flags should steer fantasy managers off the shortstop until later rounds at the earliest. With news he will gain second-base eligibility in 2024, his value gets a slight boost, but only if he falls to you.
18 weeks ago
Ha-Seong Kim Note
Ha-Seong Kim photo 86. Ha-Seong Kim 2B,3B,SS
Entering the 2024 season, Ha-Seong Kim has established himself as a valuable asset for fantasy baseball managers. At 28 years old, Kim's versatility on the field is evident with his multi-positional eligibility. His performance in 2023 was impressive, as he racked up 84 runs, 140 hits, 17 home runs, and an exceptional 38 stolen bases, ranking fifth in the NL for steals. This was a significant increase from his 12 stolen bases in 2022. Kim had 626 plate appearances and 538 at-bats during the season, highlighting his consistent presence in the lineup. His advanced metrics indicate an increased comfort at the plate, reflected in his improved walk and strikeout rates and his on-base plus slugging (OPS) reaching .749. Kim's blend of speed, improving power, and position versatility make him a strong asset for fantasy teams. His growth at the plate and on the field suggests the potential for an even more impactful 2024 season.
18 weeks ago
Joe Musgrove Note
Joe Musgrove photo 89. Joe Musgrove SP
Joe Musgrove dealt with an injury-plagued 2023, where he started only 17 games for the underperforming Padres. He pitched 97 1/3 innings and struck out 97 batters with a 3.05 ERA and 1.14 WHIP. The 31-year-old pitcher remains in the 90th percentile in BB% at 5.3, but his K% has decreased in each year since 2020. If he stays healthy, he profiles as a decent SP3 for 2024, but be prepared for an uptick in his ERA.
18 weeks ago
Dylan Cease Note
Dylan Cease photo 92. Dylan Cease SP
Dylan Cease had the letdown in 2023 that many fantasy experts predicted. After being the Cy Young Award runner-up in 2022, the 28-year-old returned and threw 177 innings with an ERA of 4.58 and an ugly 1.42 WHIP. Sure, Cease was snakebit by an unsustainably high BABIP (.330) and a terrible defensive squad behind him (27th in fielding runs above average at -64). He is an intriguing bounceback candidate with an xERA of 4.07 and xFIP of 4.08, but fantasy managers must note that none of his metrics suggest the 2022 version is ever coming back. Cease is best as an SP3/4 on fantasy squads.
18 weeks ago
Luis Arraez Note
Luis Arraez photo 134. Luis Arraez 1B,2B,DH
Last season was a landmark year for Luis Arraez. He became one of baseball's best hitters known for his exceptional contact skills, underlined by his .354 batting average, .393 on-base percentage, and .469 slugging percentage. He tallied 203 hits and 10 home runs over 617 plate appearances. Arraez's success is attributed to his elite strike-zone recognition and smart swing decisions. While chances are high that he won't hit .354 again, his xBA was still .325, and he is in the 100th percentile in K% and Whiff%. Arraez is THE stereotypical "empty batting average" player, but he is a nice offset to a power-only guy.
18 weeks ago
Michael King Note
Michael King photo 135. Michael King SP,RP
Yu Darvish Note
Yu Darvish photo 157. Yu Darvish SP
Robert Suarez Note
Robert Suarez photo 247. Robert Suarez RP
Luis Campusano Note
Luis Campusano photo 252. Luis Campusano C
Jackson Merrill Note
Jackson Merrill photo 293. Jackson Merrill SS,CF
Jake Cronenworth Note
Jake Cronenworth photo 297. Jake Cronenworth 1B,2B
Yuki Matsui Note
Yuki Matsui photo 319. Yuki Matsui RP
Jhony Brito Note
Jhony Brito photo 474. Jhony Brito SP,RP
Robby Snelling Note
Robby Snelling photo 598. Robby Snelling SP
Wandy Peralta Note
Wandy Peralta photo 602. Wandy Peralta RP
Enyel De Los Santos Note
Enyel De Los Santos photo 624. Enyel De Los Santos RP
Randy Vasquez Note
Randy Vasquez photo 652. Randy Vasquez SP,RP
Matt Waldron Note
Matt Waldron photo 677. Matt Waldron SP
Tom Cosgrove Note
Tom Cosgrove photo 678. Tom Cosgrove RP
Jurickson Profar Note
Jurickson Profar photo 687. Jurickson Profar DH,LF
Tyler Wade Note
Tyler Wade photo 695. Tyler Wade 2B,3B,LF,OF,SS
Graham Pauley Note
Graham Pauley photo 736. Graham Pauley 3B,DH
Kyle Higashioka Note
Kyle Higashioka photo 782. Kyle Higashioka C
Eguy Rosario Note
Eguy Rosario photo 801. Eguy Rosario 3B
Drew Carlton Note
Drew Carlton photo 866. Drew Carlton RP
Alek Jacob Note
Alek Jacob photo 929. Alek Jacob RP
Adrian Morejon Note
Adrian Morejon photo 941. Adrian Morejon RP
Donovan Solano Note
Donovan Solano photo 958. Donovan Solano 1B,2B,3B,DH
Ethan Salas Note
Ethan Salas photo 977. Ethan Salas C
Jose Azocar Note
Jose Azocar photo 1074. Jose Azocar LF,CF,RF
Jackson Wolf Note
Jackson Wolf photo 1088. Jackson Wolf SP
Tommy Nance Note
Tommy Nance photo 1102. Tommy Nance RP
Logan Gillaspie Note
Logan Gillaspie photo 1108. Logan Gillaspie RP
Tim Locastro Note
Tim Locastro photo 1166. Tim Locastro LF
David Peralta Note
David Peralta photo 1169. David Peralta DH,LF,RF
Ryan Bergert Note
Ryan Bergert photo 1219. Ryan Bergert SP
Nabil Crismatt Note
Nabil Crismatt photo 1228. Nabil Crismatt RP
Jeremiah Estrada Note
Jeremiah Estrada photo 1288. Jeremiah Estrada RP
Glenn Otto Note
Glenn Otto photo 1293. Glenn Otto RP
Kevin Kopps Note
Kevin Kopps photo 1320. Kevin Kopps RP,SP
Austin Davis Note
Austin Davis photo 1323. Austin Davis RP
Jayvien Sandridge Note
Jayvien Sandridge photo 1344. Jayvien Sandridge RP
Stephen Kolek Note
Stephen Kolek photo 1373. Stephen Kolek SP,RP
Sean Reynolds Note
Sean Reynolds photo 1430. Sean Reynolds RP
Jay Groome Note
Jay Groome photo 1439. Jay Groome SP
Luis Patino Note
Luis Patino photo 1490. Luis Patino RP
Brett Sullivan Note
Brett Sullivan photo 1518. Brett Sullivan C
Tucupita Marcano Note
Tucupita Marcano photo 1592. Tucupita Marcano 2B,SS
Matthew Batten Note
Matthew Batten photo 1595. Matthew Batten 2B,3B
Cal Mitchell Note
Cal Mitchell photo 1611. Cal Mitchell LF,RF
Oscar Mercado Note
Oscar Mercado photo 1627. Oscar Mercado LF,RF
Brad Miller Note
Brad Miller photo 1640. Brad Miller 3B,DH,LF
Bryce Johnson Note
Bryce Johnson photo 1670. Bryce Johnson CF,RF
Tirso Ornelas Note
Tirso Ornelas photo 1685. Tirso Ornelas LF,RF
Mason McCoy Note
Mason McCoy photo 1717. Mason McCoy SS