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Fantasy Baseball Player Notes

2024 Fantasy Baseball Draft Notes

Xander Bogaerts Note
Xander Bogaerts photo 12. Xander Bogaerts
Xander Bogaerts signed an 11-year contract with the Padres to join what looked like a deep lineup but turned out to be disappointing. The 31-year-old had 19 home runs and 19 stolen bases (a career-high), but his other counting stats took a hit. He slashed .285/.350/.440, but his expected slash numbers were .255/.318/.401. Those red flags should steer fantasy managers off the shortstop until later rounds at the earliest. With news he will gain second-base eligibility in 2024, his value gets a slight boost, but only if he falls to you.
9 weeks ago
Ha-Seong Kim Note
Ha-Seong Kim photo 13. Ha-Seong Kim
Entering the 2024 season, Ha-Seong Kim has established himself as a valuable asset for fantasy baseball managers. At 28 years old, Kim's versatility on the field is evident with his multi-positional eligibility. His performance in 2023 was impressive, as he racked up 84 runs, 140 hits, 17 home runs, and an exceptional 38 stolen bases, ranking fifth in the NL for steals. This was a significant increase from his 12 stolen bases in 2022. Kim had 626 plate appearances and 538 at-bats during the season, highlighting his consistent presence in the lineup. His advanced metrics indicate an increased comfort at the plate, reflected in his improved walk and strikeout rates and his on-base plus slugging (OPS) reaching .749. Kim's blend of speed, improving power, and position versatility make him a strong asset for fantasy teams. His growth at the plate and on the field suggests the potential for an even more impactful 2024 season.
9 weeks ago
Jackson Merrill Note
Jackson Merrill photo 33. Jackson Merrill
Tyler Wade Note
Tyler Wade photo 65. Tyler Wade
Tucupita Marcano Note
Tucupita Marcano photo 114. Tucupita Marcano
Mason McCoy Note
Mason McCoy photo 137. Mason McCoy