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Fantasy Football Mock Draft: 12-Team, PPR (2024)

With the NFL quickly approaching, so too are redraft fantasy leagues. With that, it’s time to gauge where average draft position (ADP) data is and what the first round is looking like with less than two months to go until the Hall of Fame game kicks off the 2024 NFL preseason games.

I’ll use the FantasyPros Draft Simulator tool to participate in a first-round PPR mock draft. I used the randomize draft position button three times to determine my draft slot, and I ended up with the No. 9 overall pick out of 12 teams.

For roster construction, the team will be comprised of the following:

  • 1 QB
  • 2 RB
  • 2 WR
  • 1 TE
  • 1 WR/RB/TE Flex
  • 1 DST
  • 1 K
  • 6 Bench

Below, I’ll analyze each pick, identify the strategy used, mention the pick predictor, and indicate whether or not I decided to follow the suggestion. Make sure to use our FREE fantasy football mock draft simulator for your mock draft needs.

2024 fantasy football draft kit

Fantasy Football Mock Draft: Picks & Results

1.09: Puka Nacua (WR – LAR)

At 1.09, I went with Puka Nacua over A.J. Brown, who was suggested by the Pick Predictor, 61% of experts said to go that way.

I opted for Nacua due to his youth, massive season as a rookie, an aging No. 2 receiver in Cooper Kupp, and a quarterback who can still deliver the ball down the field with Matthew Stafford.

Additionally, I was aiming for a certain Eagles running back at 2.04, and I never like to stack running backs and receivers from the same team on any fantasy team.

Nacua should have another stellar season in 2024 as Stafford’s career winds down.

2.04: Saquon Barkley (RB – PHI)

As the top pick via the Pick Predictor, I went with Barkley at 2.04. I was crossing my fingers he’d land after passing up Brown, and I was rewarded.

Barkley enters an Eagles offense after getting paid and being on a team with a competent offense around him, forcing the opposing defense to look elsewhere beyond what he’ll do.

Still, he’ll be a valuable asset in the running game with the mobile Jalen Hurts and will catch plenty of passes. He has Brown and DeVonta Smith to contend with, but after that, I’d argue he’s the No. 3 option ahead of Dallas Goedert.

3.09: Isiah Pacheco (RB – KC)

I wanted a second running back as soon as possible and Isiah Pacheco was available. From Week 1 to Week 14 (which included a Chiefs bye week), Pacheco was the RB16 in PPR leagues but managed to post five games with 15+ points and three with 20+ points. The team has more receiving options for Pacheco to contend with, but tight end Travis Kelce is also getting a bit older, which could help Pacheco see similar action in 2023.

Also, Rashee Rice is facing a potential suspension.

Pacheco proved in 2023 that he can be relied on and he’ll remain productive on offense for the Chiefs. As my RB2, if I can get an RB16 performance, that’s a win.

4.04: Jaylen Waddle (WR – MIA)

The Pick Predictor here suggests Patrick Mahomes, but I didn’t want to run into a situation where I had a starting quarterback and a running back. So, I opted for Jaylen Waddle. From Week 4 to Week Week 14 (which includes a Dolphins bye), Waddle was the WR16 in PPR leagues. I used this sample because he didn’t play in Week 3, Week 17 or Week 18.

Of course, Waddle has Tyreek Hill to contend with for targets, but he still managed over 100 in 14 games while only scoring four touchdowns.

The Dolphins could look to run a bit more with De’Von Achane and Jaylen Wright, but Waddle is still a big play waiting to happen. He’s a comfortable WR2 for me.

Even if he starts to slip in production, the depth of my team will hopefully make up for it.

5.09: Malik Nabers (WR – NYG)

I passed up Anthony Richardson here as the Pick Predictor suggested going with rookie Malik Nabers.

The Giants desperately need offensive firepower and quarterback Daniel Jones is playing this year to keep his job.

Nabers will be peppered with targets. Now more than ever, we’re seeing rookie wide receivers burst onto the scene and be productive.

Expect Nabers to lead the Giants in all receiving categories this season, especially with Darren Waller officially retiring from football.

6.04: Zay Flowers (WR – BAL)

The Pick Predictor suggests Joe Burrow here, but I opted to wait a bit on a quarterback to load up on some wide receiver depth and take second-year player Zay Flowers.

Odell Beckham Jr. has left town, leaving Flowers as the No. 1 wideout on the team and potential No. 1 overall option, mostly contending with tight end Mark Andrews.

Flowers saw over 100 targets as a rookie. He caught 77 of them for 858 receiving yards and five scores.

Expect him to go north of 1,000 receiving yards in 2024.

7.09: Evan Engram (TE – JAX)

Passing up on Brock Purdy here, as suggested by the Pick Predictor, I wanted to shore up my tight end spot in the seventh round and did so with Evan Engram. Calvin Ridley has left town, and while they brought in Brian Thomas Jr. in the draft, I still feel good about taking a guy who caught 114 passes as a tight end in 2023. He had 963 yards and four touchdowns, so I’d like to see those numbers increase.

Trevor Lawrence is up for a new contract soon, so his increased production will only help pad his wallet even more, and Engram is part of that.

8.04: Tua Tagovailoa (QB – MIA)

In the eighth round, I took my quarterback with Tua Tagovailoa, stacking him with Waddle. I could’ve gotten Stafford later, but in 17 games last season, Tagovailoa passed for over 4,600 yards, 29 touchdown passes and 14 interceptions. He’s an uber-productive signal-caller who dropped weight this offseason to help be a bit more elusive, so hopefully, that’ll translate to a bit more rushing production, too.

He still has reliable targets, and Odell Beckham Jr. is on board.

9.09: Zach Charbonnet (RB – SEA)

The suggested pick at 9.09, I didn’t feel great about Zach Charbonnet, but the hope here is that he carves out a more sizable role with Kenneth Walker III on the roster and playing under Mike Macdonald, who comes over from the Baltimore Ravens that had the mindset to deploy multiple running backs last season. Walker averaged just over four yards per carry, so maybe Charbonnet will get more involved.

Either way, I needed running back depth, and Charbonnet felt like the best option.

2024 Dynasty Fantasy Football Guide

10.04: Ty Chandler (RB – MIN)

Another suggested pick, I opted to take Ty Chandler, but if this were a real league, I’d be ready to cut bait relatively quickly if needed. Chandler averaged 4.5 yards per carry last season on 102 carries and caught 21 passes. He has the profile to succeed in a more “involved” role, but with Aaron Jones in town, it’ll take an injury for Chandler to get meaningful carries.

That said, Jones played in just 11 games last season, so maybe Chandler does get some more “exclusive action.”

This pick would require some handcuff patience, but I wouldn’t be afraid to cut bait should a waiver wire darling pop up.

11.09: Kyle Pitts (TE – ATL)

I thought about Pitts at 10.04, so to get him here as more Flex depth, I was thrilled.

Pitts has been chronically under-utilized in the NFL, seeing just 90 targets last season, but he’s never had a quarterback like Kirk Cousins. The team will surely focus on Bijan Robinson and get Drake London involved, but Pitts will still be a prominent part of this offense with a more than capable quarterback averaging close to 300 passing yards per game with the Vikings last year before tearing his Achilles.

12.04: Jaylen Wright (RB – MIA)

Raheem Mostert is aging, and De’Von Achane showed signs of being a bit fragile last season, so Jaylen Wright is a potential option for more features. However, this goes against what I said before about stacking a running back with a quarterback or wide receiver, so he’s another player I’d be ok with letting go of in the event of a waiver pickup.

Should Wright get some action, it’ll be curious to see if he catches the ball. He had 22 receptions last season with Tennessee, showing some upside in that department.

13.09: Alexander Mattison (RB – LV)

A bit of dart-throw here, but I decided to go with Alexander Mattison to bolster my running back depth. Mattison is on a Raiders depth chart, and Zamir White is projected to be ahead of him. However, in 2023, Mattison had 180 carries for 700 yards and caught 30 passes for 192 yards and three touchdowns. He wasn’t exactly dazzling with his runs or ability, but he’s behind or in tandem with a guy who had 104 carries for 451 yards last season. He could see real touches right away.

Shoot, White is going in the sixth, and Mattison is in the 13th. I’ll take a 13th-round Mattison over that any day.

14.04: Miami Dolphins D/ST

The amount of speed on the Dolphins’ defense mixed with the new kickoff rule will make for nothing but an exciting watch before I inevitably stream defenses each week.

15.09: Jake Moody (K – SF)

I typically don’t play in leagues with kickers, but Jake Moody is a top-three option with how often the 49ers will be in the red zone or scoring touchdowns.

Fantasy Football Mock Draft Analysis

Per the projected standings, I was picked to finish eighth, and I understand why. There were some awkward picks, especially as I approached the 10th round as the running back group dries up quickly. However, there’s too much wide receiver talent to pass up, and there could be some trade bait in a worst-case scenario.

Instead of Engram, I could’ve gone with someone like Jaylen Warren, Trey Benson, or Nick Chubb, whom I could talk myself into knowing I got Pitts later.

The draft insights using the Draft Simulator tool here at FantasyPros mentioned my bye weeks, which is true. I have a lot of players slated for a Week 6 bye. These players include Nacua, Waddle, Pacheco, Tagovailoa and the Dolphins D/ST. However, I have plenty of receiver depth and will stream the defense. I need to pick from my running backs or pick someone up to fill Pacheco’s slot. The same goes for Tagovailoa.

Overall, there are some changes I’d make, like a better running back over Engram, but I like the Dolphins stack, stacking the bye weeks to get the majority of them out of the way in one week and my wide receiver depth.

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