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Fantasy Football Player Notes

2020 PPR Draft Rankings
Keenan Allen Note
Keenan Allen photo 21. Keenan Allen (at KC)
Did you know Allen hasn't topped six touchdowns in any of the last six seasons? That's despite Philip Rivers throwing at least 28 touchdowns in five of them. He's a phenomenal route runner, but not the go-up-and-get-it receiver you'll fall in love with in the red zone. The move to Tyrod Taylor is likely going to be a tough one for Allen, as Taylor will lack pass attempts in comparison to Rivers. Even if we were to say the Chargers threw the ball 500 times (Taylor's career-high is 437 attempts), that's still a massive decrease from the 597 times they threw the ball in 2019. Taking away 97-plus targets will be felt throughout the depth chart, especially when you don't score a lot of touchdowns. It does help that the Chargers receiving corps is very top heavy with Allen and Mike Williams, though. Still, it's likely there'll be less than 250 targets between the Chargers receivers, so Allen isn't getting close to the 149 targets he got in 2019. Realistically, he's likely to be in the 110-120 target range. That's still enough for low-end WR2/high-end WR3 numbers, but don't expect the same Allen whose been relied upon as a borderline WR1 anymore.
13 weeks ago
Mike Williams Note
Mike Williams photo 56. Mike Williams (at KC)
Williams suffered a shoulder injury during camp and and although the Chargers have been publicly optimistic about him being ready for Week 1, there are reports that the team is preparing to be without him in September. He led all receivers last year with an 18.1 aDOT as Philip Rivers didn't hesitate to throw it up to him in deep in contested situations. Ordinarily, that would have probably made Williams a sleeper coming into this year, as his two touchdowns from last year were almost certainly due some positive regression. But with Tyrod Taylor replacing Williams, both the deep targets, and the number of targets, are likely to decline, and the Chargers should likely lean on their strong defense and running game. In other words, Williams is only a borderline WR4 this year who you probably won't be able to start with any regularity, even when he returns from injury.
12 weeks ago
Joe Reed Note
Joe Reed photo 122. Joe Reed (at KC)
K.J. Hill Note
K.J. Hill photo 134. K.J. Hill (at KC)
Jalen Guyton Note
Jalen Guyton photo 141. Jalen Guyton (at KC)
Jason Moore Note
Jason Moore photo 185. Jason Moore (at KC)
John Hurst Note
John Hurst photo 235. John Hurst (at KC)