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Fantasy Football Player Notes

2019 Draft Rankings
DeAndre Hopkins photo 1. DeAndre Hopkins HOU (vs . TEN)
The best hands in football, Hopkins continually makes highlight-worthy grabs on passes that 95 percent of the league couldn't make on their best day. He'll continually see the oppositions best cornerback, but having Will Fuller back will help draw double-coverage away from him. He's now finished as a top-six fantasy receiver in three of the last four seasons, including his first No. 1 finish in 2018
11 weeks ago
Davante Adams photo 2. Davante Adams GB (at DET)
To know that Davante finished as the No. 3 wide receiver in fantasy football despite Aaron Rodgers throwing just 25 touchdowns, it should let you know how high his ceiling actually is. It wasn't just one game, either. It took 14.9 PPR points on average to be a top-24 receiver in 2018, and Adams is the only receiver in the NFL who hit that number in every single one of his games
11 weeks ago
Julio Jones photo 3. Julio Jones ATL (at TB)
When he's on the field, you have yourself a guaranteed top-five wide receiver. While health has been an issue in the past, Jones has now played at least 14 games in five straight seasons. Outside of his rookie season and the year he needed surgery on his foot, Jones has been a top-10 receiver in all six of his other seasons. He's a safe pick at the back end of the first-round
11 weeks ago
Odell Beckham Jr. photo 4. Odell Beckham Jr. CLE (at CIN)
You have to love the landing spot for Beckham as he's now tied to a franchise quarterback who's deadly accurate. The issue is that the Browns are a franchise that has tons of talent on the defensive side of the ball, which may limit the amount of pass attempts to go around. Still, you don't trade for Beckham and not use him. He may not belong in the elite tier in year one with the Browns, but it shouldn't shock anyone if he finishes there. He is an outlier
11 weeks ago
Tyreek Hill photo 5. Tyreek Hill KC (vs . LAC)
It appears the NFL will not suspend Hill for the off-the-field incidents that took place this offseason, which means he's back in the conversation as a second-round pick. He continues to defy the laws of efficiency and while it's normal to expect regression, he's proved us wrong in each of the last two seasons. He is the exception to the rule and an outlier in production. He won't be as consistent as the top-tier options, but he'll single-handedly win you weeks.
11 weeks ago
JuJu Smith-Schuster photo 6. JuJu Smith-Schuster PIT (at BAL)
With Antonio Brown out of town, many will automatically assume that Smith-Schuster will get more targets. You shouldn't be so quick to jump aboard that train. He saw 166 targets in 2018, which ranked fourth in the league. On top of that, the Steelers threw the ball a league-high 687 times. On top of that, he'll now see a bit more shadow coverage from top cornerbacks, making life a tad difficult. He's still going to be the focal point of their pass-attack, making him worthy of a second-round pick
15 weeks ago
Michael Thomas photo 7. Michael Thomas NO (at CAR)
Three straight top-10 seasons to start your career? Not bad. The Saints are throwing the ball less and less which is why Thomas hasn't contended for the No. 1 spot in the wide receiver rankings, but he's steady and consistent, making him well worth a late first-round selection
11 weeks ago
Mike Evans photo 8. Mike Evans TB (vs . ATL)
For years, it's been Evans' show in Tampa Bay. He's averaged 148 targets over the last four years. He'll now be competing with Chris Godwin and O.J. Howard, who have carved out important roles in the offense. The arrival of Bruce Arians is a positive on the offense as a whole, but the running backs are going to score a lot more points than they did under Dirk Koetter. Evans is a relatively safe pick as a low-end WR1 but his ceiling may not be what it used to be
11 weeks ago
Keenan Allen photo 9. Keenan Allen LAC (at KC)
With Tyrell Williams taking off to the Raiders, will Allen play on the perimeter much more, or do those targets go to Travis Benjamin? My guess is that he stays in the same role, though he might have a few more targets come his way. Throughout his time in the league, Allen has been a bit more up-and-down than fantasy owners would like, but his potential increase in targets could even that out. He's a fine low-end WR1 if you go RB-heavy in the first two rounds
11 weeks ago
Adam Thielen photo 10. Adam Thielen MIN (vs . CHI)
It was right to be a bit hesitant about Thielen last year, as it was going to be tough for both him and Stefon Diggs to be top-15 options. Fortunately, he and Diggs each saw at least 150 targets allowing both of them to finish as top-10 options. They didn't add anyone to take targets away from them, outside of rookie tight end Irv Smith Jr., and we all know not to expect much out of rookie tight ends. It is worth noting, though, that after his hot start, Thielen was the WR23 from Week 9 through Week 16
11 weeks ago
Amari Cooper photo 11. Amari Cooper DAL (vs . WAS)
It was good to see Cooper go to Dallas and get consistent targets as that's something he was missing throughout his time in Oakland. He saw at least five targets in each of his nine games with the Cowboys, while seeing seven or more targets in 7-of-9 games. Because of that, he finished as the No. 4 wide receiver in fantasy from the time he joined them, behind only Antonio Brown, Davante Adams, and Julio Jones. He may not offer the consistency that those guys do, but not many do. Cooper should be on the low-end WR1 radar
11 weeks ago
Brandin Cooks photo 12. Brandin Cooks LAR (vs . ARI)
Most wouldn't believe it, but 2018 was Cooks' most consistent season from a fantasy standpoint. That's impressive considering it was his first year in the offense while the other receivers had more experience. He finished as a WR2 or better in 53.3 percent of his games, which ranked 14th among wide receivers. With Cooper Kupp and Robert Woods getting theirs, it'll be hard for Cooks to get into elite territory, but knowing he was this consistent should give drafters confidence in taking him as a high-end WR2
11 weeks ago
Stefon Diggs photo 13. Stefon Diggs MIN (vs . CHI)
It's been quite the career arc for Diggs who has gone from the WR46 his rookie year, to the WR30, WR19, and then WR10 in 2018 while collecting a career-high 150 targets. That's important, as it shows his new quarterback Kirk Cousins trusts him. With Adam Thielen around, it'll be tough for him to break into the top-five, but Diggs should be considered a relatively safe low-end WR1 in fantasy circles who would have top-five upside should something happen to Thielen
11 weeks ago
Robert Woods photo 14. Robert Woods LAR (vs . ARI)
It required at least 11.7 PPR points to finish as a WR3 or better in 2018. That's a number Woods hit in 87.5 percent of his games. The wide receivers who did it more? Davante Adams, DeAndre Hopkins, and Antonio Brown. That's it. He doesn't offer the upside of the top-tier guys, but as a consistent WR2 in your lineup, Woods gets the job done
11 weeks ago
Tyler Lockett photo 15. Tyler Lockett SEA (vs . SF)
The loss of Doug Baldwin will surely open up some targets for Lockett, and the best part is that they'll come where he's most effective. Lockett has posted the third-best numbers in the league from the slot over the last two years behind only Tyreek Hill and A.J. Green. In the games that Baldwin missed all/most of in 2018, Lockett played in the slot on 59.4 percent of his snaps. His efficiency will have a hard time remaining as high as it was in 2018, but his increased snaps in the slot can help make up for it
11 weeks ago
Chris Godwin photo 16. Chris Godwin TB (vs . ATL)
The hype on Godwin has reached its peak as he's expected to make a splash in Bruce Arians' new offense. With Mike Evans stealing quite a large share of the targets, you have to wonder just how high the ceiling is for Godwin, as the Bucs are likely going to run the ball a bit more under Arians. Godwin is a rock-solid player, but you mustn't forget that he's the No. 2 receiver on his team, and there's also a tight end (O.J. Howard) who deserves a lot of targets by his own right. It's okay to like Godwin in 2019, but keep expectations in check
11 weeks ago
Julian Edelman photo 17. Julian Edelman NE (vs . MIA)
There are not nearly as many familiar faces for Tom Brady to look at nowadays, but Edelman remains his favorite target. With Rob Gronkowski ailing last year, Edelman stepped up and finished as a WR2 or better in 75 percent of his games, a new career-high. With Gronkowski and Chris Hogan gone, Edelman's role isn't going to shrink in 2019. He's a sturdy WR2 presence
11 weeks ago
Kenny Golladay photo 18. Kenny Golladay DET (vs . GB)
It's clear that the Lions view Golladay as their long-term WR1, though you have to wonder just how high his ceiling will be. Despite Golden Tate leaving and Marvin Jones missing time at the end of the season, Golladay finished as the No. 21 receiver in fantasy. When drafting him as your WR2, understand that he may not have the upside or consistency of guys like Stefon Diggs and Brandin Cooks
11 weeks ago
T.Y. Hilton photo 19. T.Y. Hilton IND (at JAC)
Through his seven-year career, Hilton has finished inside the top 20 wideouts just 4 times and only once higher than #10. His upside is likely outside that top 10 being that he is 30 years old and sharing an offense with so many weapons. Add in a downgrade at QB and Hilton could end up as a WR3 by season's end.
11 weeks ago
Antonio Brown photo 20. Antonio Brown FA (BYE)
He's now going away from Ben Roethlisberger, so let's see if he remains an elite fantasy wide receiver as he's claimed. We've witnessed both Amari Cooper and Michael Crabtree remain consistent with Derek Carr under center and it's not as if there's been a new offense installed from last year where we can expect a drastic change. Because of that, Brown is likely going to be a tad inconsistent. Still, he's one of the rare cases where you can essentially lock him in for 150 targets if he's on the field. That's where the next question is: Will he be on the field? He's dealing with frostbite on both his feet and is upset about the NFL telling him he's unable to wear his current helmet. The drama continues...
11 weeks ago
Cooper Kupp photo 21. Cooper Kupp LAR (vs . ARI)
There will be some who are concerned about the after-effects of Kupp's ACL injury, but you shouldn't be one of them. With modern medicine players bounce back from them all the time. Throughout his two years in the NFL, Kupp has posted WR2 or better numbers in 47.8 percent of his games, which is better than the career marks of Jarvis Landry, Brandin Cooks, Keenan Allen, and T.Y. Hilton. He may lack the upside of some, but his consistency is great. He's a solid low-end WR2, but an even better high-end WR3
11 weeks ago
Mike Williams photo 22. Mike Williams LAC (at KC)
There have been just 16 wide receivers who have been able to finish as a top-20 fantasy receiver with less than 100 targets over the last 10 years. Williams just did it with 66 targets, while Tyler Lockett did it with 71 targets in 2018. No other wide receivers can say they did it with less than 79 targets. The exit of Tyrell Williams in free agency means a lot more targets and consistency is in store for Mike Williams in 2019. It's rare to find a wide receiver being drafted outside the top-25 wide receivers with top-10 upside, but Williams has it
11 weeks ago
Tyler Boyd photo 23. Tyler Boyd CIN (vs . CLE)
It's like everyone forgot how good A.J. Green is/was, and now he's dropping down draft boards while Boyd is skyrocketing up them. It's not to say Boyd will return to the waiver wire fodder he was his first two seasons in the league where he scored 15 PPR points just twice in 26 games, but he's not going to return to the player who saw seven or more targets in 9-of-14 games with Green back in the lineup. Do we really believe Andy Dalton can support two consistent top-24 receivers? That's what you're banking on with Boyd, because we know Green will be there if healthy. The only time Dalton has produced two top-30 receivers was in 2014, when Green missed three games, allowing Mohamed Sanu to finish as the WR29. It's not to say it's not possible Boyd takes a leap in the new offense, but he's being drafted at/near his ceiling without a Green injury
11 weeks ago
D.J. Moore photo 24. D.J. Moore CAR (vs . NO)
Moore became a full-time player for the Panthers in Week 8 so we've already seen a glimpse of what he can offer. But how high is his consistency and what players was he comparable to once he did take over that starting job? His teammate Curtis Samuel saw nearly the same target share in those weeks and actually offered more constant production. Moore is the superior player, but he'll also see more top-tier cornerbacks than Samuel will. With Cam Newton's hit-or-miss accuracy, Moore will definitely have some duds thrown in, which is why he's best-suited as a WR3 on your fantasy team
11 weeks ago
Calvin Ridley photo 25. Calvin Ridley ATL (at TB)
It's not often we see a rookie wide receiver make an impact in fantasy football the way Ridley did, especially when there's a stud wideout on the other side of the field like Julio Jones. Despite that, Ridley popped-off for 821 yards and 10 touchdowns, finishing as the WR20. While some would expect him to build on that, the Falcons aren't likely to throw the ball as much as they did in 2018 due to their defensive stars being healthy again. He should offer a bit more consistency, though, and if something were to happen to Jones, he'd immediately be a top-15 play every week
11 weeks ago
Allen Robinson photo 26. Allen Robinson CHI (at MIN)
It's tough to know how you should value Robinson as he was coming off a torn ACL in 2018, joining a new team with a new quarterback, and learning a new offense. With that being said, he'll likely be a bit more inconsistent than he was in Jacksonville due to the number of weapons the Bears have available. Between him, Anthony Miller, Taylor Gabriel, Trey Burton, Tarik Cohen, and David Montgomery, you may be stuck with some lackluster weeks, which is not something you want out of your WR2, meaning he's best-suited as a WR3 who'll give you some WR1 performances at times
11 weeks ago
Alshon Jeffery photo 27. Alshon Jeffery PHI (at NYG)
Did you know Jeffery finished as the WR20 in his first season with the Eagles and then finished as the WR26 in 2018 despite missing three full games? He's not an exciting pick, but he's proven production when in the lineup. It surely won't hurt that Carson Wentz should be back and healthy, as he posted better numbers with him than with Nick Foles
11 weeks ago
Robby Anderson photo 28. Robby Anderson NYJ (at BUF)
If you are drafting Anderson because you believe Sam Darnold is going to breakout, you may want to be more prudent. If it is because this receiver corps is horrendous, now that's another story. Anderson is a lock to see 100 targets and commonly notches 14+ yards per catch so he is a strong flex play or even WR3.
13 weeks ago
A.J. Green photo 29. A.J. Green CIN (vs . CLE)
Most don't realize that A.J. Green is still an elite wide receiver. The reason he's not going anywhere near the elite receivers this year is due to his injury-plagued history. This decade, there are only four wide receivers who have posted WR2 or better numbers in a higher percentage of games than Green. Those players are Odell Beckham Jr., Julio Jones, Antonio Brown, and Michael Thomas. The difference? You can't get those guys in the third-round. If he stays healthy, he can help you win a fantasy championship. The issue is that he's already suffered an injury and is now expected to miss 1-3 weeks to start the season. It's torn ligaments in his ankle, which can definitely affect performance when he's on the field. He's no longer a safe pick.
11 weeks ago
Jarvis Landry photo 30. Jarvis Landry CLE (at CIN)
Despite no Josh Gordon and no Odell Beckham Jr. on the team last year, Landry finished as the WR19 while playing all 16 games and seeing 149 targets. That was the eighth-most targets among receivers and the 27th-most points per game. Not exactly efficient, and Freddie Kitchens actually dialed back his targets when he took over. With Beckham in the mix, look for Landry to move down into the 120-target range, which is still valuable, but he's more of a WR3 than he is a WR2
11 weeks ago
Sammy Watkins photo 31. Sammy Watkins KC (vs . LAC)
Here's your risk/reward player in the Round 4-5 range, as Watkins presents solid WR3 marks with Tyreek Hill in the lineup, but presents top-12 upside if Hill were to be suspended and/or miss time. Watkins also comes with health risks, as his foot injury acted up again in 2018, meaning this is a chronic injury that can resurface at any point. You know the risk, but you also know the potential reward. If drafting him, surround him with a few safer players on your roster
11 weeks ago
Curtis Samuel photo 32. Curtis Samuel CAR (vs . NO)
His teammate D.J. Moore is the favorite among the fantasy community, but Samuel actually performed better than him last year. Despite playing in just 12 games, Samuel hit WR2-type numbers in four games, while Moore hit that mark just three times while playing all 16 games. He may not have the consistent floor that Moore does, but he can help fill a few bye weeks if needed
15 weeks ago
Will Fuller photo 33. Will Fuller HOU (vs . TEN)
Fuller will be coming off an ACL tear in 2019, though that's not as daunting as it once was. During his career he's been a different player with/without Deshaun Watson, as he's averaged 4.1 receptions for 71.1 yards and 1.0 touchdowns per game with Watson, compared to just 3.1 receptions for 38.7 yards, and 0.1 touchdowns per game without him. The addition of Keke Coutee is going to eat into his target share, but Fuller was always somewhat of a big-play threat who needed to get it done on limited targets. That won't change in 2019
11 weeks ago
Christian Kirk photo 34. Christian Kirk ARI (at LAR)
On a team with not much fantasy appeal, Kirk made a splash his rookie year, totaling 590 yards and three touchdowns on just 68 targets. Under new head coach Kliff Kingsbury, the Cardinals are going to be four-wide a lot, which will allow Kirk to get more time in the slot, opposite Larry Fitzgerald, which is where most thought he'd wind up. If Kyler Murray lives up to the hype, Kirk just might be a fantasy starter, and has the chance to overtake Fitzgerald as the top option on the Cardinals
15 weeks ago
Dede Westbrook photo 35. Dede Westbrook JAC (vs . IND)
It's quite shocking to see the consensus has Westbrook as a borderline WR3 and that they would take him over Larry Fitzgerald in a redraft format. Do you believe that Nick Foles improves the pass-catchers' stock in Jacksonville? Tough to argue that point. To this point in his career, Westbrook has posted WR2 or better numbers in just 26.1 percent of his games, which is comparable to Kendall Wright's career numbers
15 weeks ago
Marvin Jones photo 36. Marvin Jones DET (vs . GB)
It's surprising to see Jones fall as far as he is in drafts this year, as he was a solid presence in fantasy lineups when healthy last year. He posted WR2 or better numbers 33.3 percent of the time, which ranked 30th among receivers, and a lot of the games he played was with Golden Tate on the field. When you have a wide receiver post at least 54 yards in 7-of-9 games, he's worth WR3 consideration
15 weeks ago
Corey Davis photo 37. Corey Davis TEN (at HOU)
It's been a brutal start to Davis' career as someone who was supposed to be in the conversation of top-15 receivers entering year three of his career. Instead, many are wondering whether he'll be able to deliver top-30 numbers now that they drafted A.J. Brown and spent some serious money on Adam Humphries. It was tough for Marcus Mariota to support a consistent wide receiver with the talent they had and it's unlikely that this makes it easier on the talented Davis who was a WR3 or better in just 37.5 percent of his games last year
11 weeks ago
Josh Gordon photo 38. Josh Gordon SEA (vs . SF)
He's back... The NFL decided that the few games he missed at the end of last season was enough of a suspension, and that Gordon will be active Week 1. With the lack of receiving options in New England, Gordon is likely to walk into a 6-8 target role, giving him low-end WR2/high-end WR3 probability, though we all know he can disappear at any minute, adding plenty of risk to selecting him in that range.
11 weeks ago
Sterling Shepard photo 39. Sterling Shepard NYG (vs . PHI)
There are many excited for Shepard's potential with Odell Beckham Jr. off to Cleveland. While his target potential has definitely improved, his role must now change, especially with Golden Tate being signed to seemingly take over the slot role that Shepard has occupied for the last few seasons. When playing on the perimeter, Shepard has seen 62 targets over the last two years and hasn't scored a touchdown. If you're drafting him, it's due to his increase in volume, because his efficiency will take a hit. You also need to know that he suffered a broken thumb during the first few days of training camp and is unlikely to play at all in the preseason. They're expecting him to be ready for Week 1, but it's something to monitor.
11 weeks ago
Dante Pettis photo 40. Dante Pettis SF (at SEA)
He didn't start for the 49ers right away, which was somewhat puzzling, but when Pettis got onto the field, he flashed a bit. It was Week 10 when Pettis turned into a full-time player, and from then until Week 16, he was the No. 20 wide receiver in fantasy, with Nick Mullens as his quarterback. The 49ers did add Deebo Samuel in the draft, but as we saw with Pettis, there's no guarantee he'll be a starter right away. Even if so, Jimmy Garoppolo returning to the lineup should only help his consistency in fantasy lineups
15 weeks ago
Courtland Sutton photo 41. Courtland Sutton DEN (vs . OAK)
Despite starting for much of the season and finishing with 84 targets, Sutton failed to capitalize on them in his rookie season. He finished with just over 700 yards, which isn't horrible, but he now has a quarterback (Joe Flacco) who hasn't supported consistency out of wide receivers his entire career. On top of that, the Broncos moved to a defense-first head coach who'll want to run the ball a bit more often. It's tough to see Sutton overcoming some of these obstacles and breaking out in 2019
15 weeks ago
Larry Fitzgerald photo 42. Larry Fitzgerald ARI (at LAR)
Fitzgerald is just one year removed from posting top 10 fantasy wide receiver numbers and while that is no longer a possibility, he seems like a lock to end up in the top 40 again, thanks in part to a new up-tempo offense.
16 weeks ago
Marquez Valdes-Scantling photo 43. Marquez Valdes-Scantling GB (at DET)
Despite seeing just five targets in the first four games of the season, Valdes-Scantling finished his rookie season with a solid 581 yards and two touchdowns. He moved into the slot role when Randall Cobb was out of the lineup, which gives him a leg-up on the competition, as Geronimo Allison is likely starting on the perimeter, which means Equanimeous St. Brown would be the odd man out from last year. If Valdes-Scantling can earn more of Aaron Rodgers' trust, he could vault up into the WR3/4 conversation
15 weeks ago
DeSean Jackson photo 44. DeSean Jackson PHI (at NYG)
Jackson returns to Philadelphia, though this time he's got a much better supporting cast. Between Alshon Jeffery and Zach Ertz, he won't be asked to be the focal point of the offense, but rather a game-changer in how a defense has to approach them. He still has the speed to beat cornerbacks down the field, as evidenced by his 18.9 yards per catch in 2018. Just don't draft him and expect WR2 numbers or anything. He'll be a splash player in the Eagles offense
15 weeks ago
Geronimo Allison photo 45. Geronimo Allison GB (at DET)
The more we hear about the Packers receiver corps, the more it seems like Allison will be starting opposite Davante Adams. Many have already forgotten that Allison was the No. 26 wide receiver in fantasy for the first quarter of the season before suffering a season-ending injury. If Allison is the clear-cut starter, he belongs in the WR3/4 conversation
15 weeks ago
Emmanuel Sanders photo 46. Emmanuel Sanders SF (at SEA)
It is extremely difficult, if not impossible to return to form following an achillies injury. Sanders has tons of upside if he can break the trend, however, as he was a top 10 wide receiver deep into last season and now has what may be an upgrade at the quarterback position.
14 weeks ago
Michael Gallup photo 47. Michael Gallup DAL (vs . WAS)
Does everyone realize Gallup actually saw a lot more targets with Amari Cooper in the lineup? He went from 22 targets in the first seven games (3.1 per game) without Cooper, to 46 targets in the final nine games (5.1 per game) with Cooper, and that includes a zero-target game. He was a rookie last year, so it was only natural for his role to grow, and he did that despite Cooper coming there. He's probably going to be on a lot of sleeper lists come August
15 weeks ago
Tyrell Williams photo 48. Tyrell Williams OAK (at DEN)
The season in which Williams broke out was when Keenan Allen got injured, while playing with Philip Rivers. Now he'll go to play behind Antonio Brown with Derek Carr at quarterback. Tying yourself to the No. 2 option under Derek Carr doesn't seem smart when he hasn't supported a consistent No. 1 option to this point in his career
15 weeks ago
John Brown photo 49. John Brown BUF (vs . NYJ)
Prior to Lamar Jackson taking over and throwing far less, Brown was once again a dynamic fantasy receiver. His only issue has been staying on the field. This isn't a strong passing game by any means, but he should be the #1 once again.
14 weeks ago
Donte Moncrief photo 50. Donte Moncrief CAR (vs . NO)
It sounds as though Moncrief will be the number two receiver for Pittsburg ahead of James Washington but it is by no means a guarantee. If he does play 80% of the snaps, we could be looking at one of the top breakouts of the season.
13 weeks ago
Anthony Miller photo 51. Anthony Miller CHI (at MIN)
It was a somewhat rough year for Miller in 2018, as most don't realize he had a Jones fracture in his foot prior to the NFL Draft, which was why he didn't participate in the Combine. He then went on to play through a separated shoulder his rookie season, yet proceeded to score seven touchdowns on just 54 targets. Miller seemingly has a knack for the end zone, as he scored 33 touchdowns in his final 26 games at Memphis. He did have shoulder surgery this offseason, but he is expected to be ready for the start of training camp. Knowing how well he played through injuries, you must wonder what he can do when healthy while playing the slot in Matt Nagy's offense
15 weeks ago
Jamison Crowder photo 52. Jamison Crowder NYJ (at BUF)
When Crowder signed with the Jets early in free agency, we're not sure why more people didn't like it. Remember when Quincy Enunwa played in the slot prior to Jermaine Kearse returning to the lineup? Enunwa totaled 37 targets over the first four weeks. Then Kearse took over and proceeded to get 48 targets over the next six weeks. The point is that Sam Darnold does like his slot receiver and the Jets signed Crowder very early in free agency, highlighting the need. He's just not a sexy pick, which is why the consensus is lower on him
15 weeks ago
James Washington photo 53. James Washington PIT (at BAL)
His rookie season didn't produce big stats for Washington despite him starting for a portion of the season, but that hasn't stopped his quarterback and head coach from talking him up. The way Ben Roethlisberger talks about Washington is the same way Aaron Rodgers talked about Davante Adams after a bad rookie campaign, saying he sees the player in practice, but they just need to translate it to the game. With Antonio Brown gone, you're going to see Washington get his shot in 2019
15 weeks ago
Albert Wilson photo 54. Albert Wilson MIA (at NE)
He only played seven games last year, but his 16-game pace in them was 894 yards and 9 touchdowns. Maybe he was being underutilized in Kansas City? The issue with relying on that production in 2019 is due to the new coaching staff, as they'll install a new offense, which will put him in a new role. It's hard to figure out exactly what the roles of the wide receivers are in that offense, but Wilson showed the team what he's capable of in 2018
15 weeks ago
Golden Tate photo 55. Golden Tate NYG (vs . PHI)
Going into last year, Tate had 90+ receptions in four straight seasons. He was actually on track to do it again to go with 1,200+ yards up until the trade, at which point he became an afterthought in an offense where he wasn't familiar with the playbook Don't be surprised when he returns to the norm from the moment he returns from his suspension since Beckham vacated so many targets.
15 weeks ago
Keke Coutee photo 56. Keke Coutee HOU (vs . TEN)
Coutee is a little banged up but shouldn't miss much time at all. The general public seems to be viewing Coutee as the distant number three weapon in this Texans' receiving corps, but with Will Fuller just 9 months removed from a torn ACL and DeAndre Hopkins on the PUP, Coutee may be in for a much larger target share than everyone realizes. Plus, Coutee actually had more targets than even Hopkins when the two shared the field together.
13 weeks ago
D.K. Metcalf photo 57. D.K. Metcalf SEA (vs . SF)
You've likely heard of the big 6-foot-3, 227-pound wide receiver who ran a 4.3-second 40-yard dash by now. He comes into the NFL a bit raw in his route tree and will take some time to develop, but one thing we know about him is that he can beat anyone deep in one-on-one coverage. Russell Wilson can chuck the ball downfield with precision, too. It's not to say Metcalf will be consistent in his rookie year, but there's going to be some games you wish he was in your starting lineup. He needed a knee scope towards the end of training camp, putting his Week 1 status in doubt, though they're saying it was nothing major.
12 weeks ago
Kenny Stills photo 58. Kenny Stills HOU (vs . TEN)
Going to the Texans right before the start of Week 1 will have some wondering whether Stills is worth rostering, but my take is that unless Will Fuller or Keke Coutee miss significant time, he's not worthy of a roster spot.
11 weeks ago
Marquise Goodwin photo 59. Marquise Goodwin SF (at SEA)
There have been games with Goodwin that make everyone want to believe he's more than just a role player. It's why he was being drafted as a top-36 wide receiver last year. A year later, everyone has forgotten about him. The 49ers have drafted three wide receivers inside the top three rounds over the last two years, but as we saw with Dante Pettis last year, it doesn't mean they'll get on the field right away. Goodwin still possesses game-changing speed down the field, but is likely going to lose snaps as the year goes on
15 weeks ago
Mohamed Sanu photo 60. Mohamed Sanu NE (vs . MIA)
When looking for a spot-starter who you know will give you a solid floor, look no further than the underrated Sanu. Since joining the Falcons, he's delivered WR3 or better numbers in 50 percent of his games. That's over three years. Do you know how many receivers were able to do that in 2018 alone? Just 32 of them. He's not going to finish as a top-20 wide receiver or anything, but he's a stable producer who is essentially free
15 weeks ago
Devin Funchess photo 61. Devin Funchess IND (at JAC)
The Colts are fond of Parris Campbell long-term, but he is much more of a T.Y. Hilton model than the big-bodied red-zone threat they need on the opposite side like Funchess. He is a safe bet to be their second receiver for Brisset, but that merely makes him a WR5 or WR6.
11 weeks ago
DaeSean Hamilton photo 62. DaeSean Hamilton DEN (vs . OAK)
There are some expecting a breakout season from Hamilton after he posted four straight 40-plus yard games with two touchdowns in the final month of the season, but you should have some doubts. Not only is Courtland Sutton the No. 1 option on the team, but they also brought in Noah Fant, a possession-style tight end, in the first-round of the draft. On top of that, Joe Flacco has never really supported a consistent wide receiver in fantasy for more than spurts. Hamilton is talented, but it's likely the wrong situation to expect a breakout
15 weeks ago
Tre'Quan Smith photo 63. Tre'Quan Smith NO (at CAR)
It's year two for Smith, who had a chance to work his way into the starting lineup with Ted Ginn missing most of 2018, but Ginn is back for 2019. It's tough to find the targets for Smith, as the Saints now have Michael Thomas, Ginn, Alvin Kamara, and newly-acquired Jared Cook taking much of the target share. It's possible Ginn fades away and Smith assumes the No. 2 receiver role, but it's not likely to start that way. He's a better best-ball target than he is in redraft
15 weeks ago
Devante Parker photo 64. Devante Parker MIA (at NE)
It might pain your ears to hear it, but when Parker is on the field, he hasn't been terrible. In fact, he's turned in WR3 or better performances in 44.7 percent of his games, which is better than the career rates of Emmanuel Sanders, Robert Woods, and Kenny Golladay. A new coaching staff will likely do him some good as it appeared he and Adam Gase never truly saw eye-to-eye. The quarterback position has improved, and from the reports of local beat reporters, Parker has dominated mini-camp. Could this be the year he finally breaks out?
15 weeks ago
Adam Humphries photo 65. Adam Humphries TEN (at HOU)
Humphries was tremendous at the close of the season for Tampa, and while New England may have been a better landing spot, he falls into a nice spot in Tennessee too where there is limited competition for targets. He makes for a solid WR5 with bye week appeal.
14 weeks ago
Deebo Samuel photo 66. Deebo Samuel SF (at SEA)
Samuel clearly has some upside not only in dynasty but for redraft leagues. He would have to pass either Dante Pettis or Marquise Goodwin, however, if he wants enough snaps to produce at a meaningful level. And let's not overlook Jalen Hurd on the depth chart either.
13 weeks ago
Quincy Enunwa photo 67. Quincy Enunwa NYJ (at BUF)
Marquise Brown photo 68. Marquise Brown BAL (vs . PIT)
Brown may very well be a second version of DeSean Jackson, but fantasy owners certainly can't expect that right away as he might not have full agility back until October. With that said, if your league has enough bench spots, Brown may be worth waiting for.
14 weeks ago
Trey Quinn photo 69. Trey Quinn WAS (at DAL)
Someone has to lead this Washington roster in targets and Quinn appears to have as good of a chance as anyone seeing that he is a strong route runner. Even so, his upside is limited to a WR4 flex type, and that's if everything goes right.
16 weeks ago
Zay Jones photo 70. Zay Jones OAK (at DEN)
Believe it or not, Jones finished as a WR3 last season. It wasn't especially consistent and the Bills did bring in John Brown, but Jones is a safe WR5/WR6 type in case you need respectable production during a bye week or in place of an injured player.
13 weeks ago
Mecole Hardman photo 71. Mecole Hardman KC (vs . LAC)
Hardman is stuck behind both Tyreek Hill and Sammy Watkins so his snap count will likely be lower than 60%. With that said, he has the skills to break a handful of long touchdowns this year and we saw Godwin and Ridley both produce despite #3 receiver snaps last year.
13 weeks ago
Ted Ginn photo 72. Ted Ginn NO (at CAR)
Ginn is by no means an exciting pick, but he is the starting receiver opposite of Michael Thomas in a high-powered offense so he offers some fantasy value as a WR6.
11 weeks ago
Parris Campbell photo 73. Parris Campbell IND (at JAC)
There are many who are expecting Campbell to walk into the Colts offense and make an immediate impact, but that may be tough considering he might be the fifth target in the offense behind T.Y. Hilton, Eric Ebron, Jack Doyle, Nyheim Hines, and maybe even Devin Funchess. There's no doubt that Campbell is explosive with the ball in his hands, but the targets might be sporadic in year one. Knowing that Andrew Luck has retired, it's best to let someone else take Campbell in your drafts.
11 weeks ago
Robert Foster photo 74. Robert Foster BUF (vs . NYJ)
There are many taking solace in the fact that Foster finished with three 100-yard games over the final seven weeks, and while it was impressive, it's not repeatable. He saw more than five targets in just two games, not nearly enough to have consistent production. On top of that, the Bills went out and snagged both John Brown and Cole Beasley in free agency. Unless they bench their leading receiver last year (Zay Jones), Foster won't be on the field very much. It's possible he overtakes Jones, but do you really want the third option on a run-first team. Pass on Foster and let someone else cut him after the first few weeks
15 weeks ago
Taylor Gabriel photo 75. Taylor Gabriel CHI (at MIN)
Did you realize Gabriel saw 93 targets in 2018? That ranked 36th among wide receivers, so he's clearly a big part of Matt Nagy's offense. That's unlikely to happen again considering Allen Robinson and Anthony Miller are healthy, but he's still going to play a role. If you're looking for a high-ceiling player to help fill some bye weeks, he could be that guy
15 weeks ago
Randall Cobb photo 76. Randall Cobb DAL (vs . WAS)
Rashard Higgins photo 77. Rashard Higgins CLE (at CIN)
Marqise Lee photo 78. Marqise Lee JAC (vs . IND)
Most don't realize just how good Lee has been when on the field, with Blake Bortles nonetheless. In the 29 games he played in 2016 and 2017, he finished as a WR3 or better in 17 of them (59 percent). Throughout the 2018 season, there were just 25 wide receivers who hit that mark. One of those seasons was while playing alongside Allen Robinson. He may not be the same player and it's a different situation, but he's shown that he can be a contributor in fantasy
15 weeks ago
D.J. Chark photo 79. D.J. Chark JAC (vs . IND)
The Jaguars clearly thought Chark would be a big part of their offense when they drafted him in the second-round of the 2018 draft, but his 32 targets in 11 games tell a different story. He dealt with some injuries, but the Jaguars will get Marqise Lee back from his torn ACL, and they added Chris Conley, another field-stretcher. They need to find out if he's the guy they thought, so expect him to get the starting nod over Conley, even if it is a run-first offense
15 weeks ago
A.J. Brown photo 80. A.J. Brown TEN (at HOU)
The Titans don't have a load of talent in the receiving corps but they sure to have a lot of mediocre mouths to feed. It is possible that Brown plays his way into a starting job from the get-go, but rather, this already poor passing offense will be a frustrating one from a fantasy standpoint because of the unpredictability of targets from week to week.
13 weeks ago
Cole Beasley photo 81. Cole Beasley BUF (vs . NYJ)
Paul Richardson photo 82. Paul Richardson WAS (at DAL)
He was the clear-cut No. 1 receiver on the team before getting hurt last year, so it's odd to see him completely forgotten about, but not many are expecting big things from Case Keenum. Richardson had seen at least five targets in 6-of-7 games before going down for the season, and that was with Jamison Crowder on the roster. While the Redskins did draft a few receivers, they've talked about taking snaps away from Josh Doctson, so it would even out a bit. He could be someone you look to during problems with bye weeks
15 weeks ago
Nelson Agholor photo 83. Nelson Agholor PHI (at NYG)
The addition of DeSean Jackson all but guarantees that Agholor has his slot gig in-between Jackson and Alshon Jeffery. Moving back to the slot is going to be huge for Agholor, as he's really struggled on the perimeter throughout his career. Of the 66 wide receivers who totaled at least 40 targets in each of the last two seasons, Agholor ranked as the No. 63 receiver in points per target on the perimeter, while he ranked No. 12 in points per target in the slot
15 weeks ago
David Moore photo 84. David Moore SEA (vs . SF)
It appeared that Moore would be in the starting lineup alongside Tyler Lockett in two wide receiver sets to start the year, but he suffered a shoulder injury that's described as "severe," meaning he won't be ready for the start of the season.
12 weeks ago
Andy Isabella photo 85. Andy Isabella ARI (at LAR)
Isabella was exceptional in college and is so fast that we may seem him break a few long plays for touchdowns this season. Assuming he can win that third receiver job, he may have flex appeal in your fantasy league before long.
14 weeks ago
John Ross photo 86. John Ross CIN (vs . CLE)
You know it happens every preseason. A speedy receiver will get free and go for a long touchdown. That's going to be Ross this year and while some will dismiss it, you shouldn't. It's a new offense, one that's designed after the Rams, which has been a very WR-friendly system. Don't be so quick to judge a wide receiver who was playing in a bad offense. Remember Robert Woods before he went to the Rams? Ross will rise up draft boards come late August
15 weeks ago
N'Keal Harry photo 87. N'Keal Harry NE (vs . MIA)
We're always left looking for the next big thing in the Patriots offense, only most of those hyped players never pan out. The Patriots spent a first-round pick on Harry to walk in and start right away, but how will he fare as a rookie receiver who will get minimal time with Tom Brady. Remember, Brady doesn't show up early in training camp like some younger quarterbacks, so it's going to be difficult for those two to develop instant chemistry on the field. There's likely going to be some highs his rookie season, but there's also going to be some downs
15 weeks ago
J.J. Arcega-Whiteside photo 88. J.J. Arcega-Whiteside PHI (at NYG)
Miles Boykin photo 89. Miles Boykin BAL (vs . PIT)
Willie Snead photo 90. Willie Snead BAL (vs . PIT)
Lamar Jackson is bound to pass the ball much more than last season and while it won't lead to much in the way of fantasy production, his number one receiver may still have some WR5 type value, and more than likely, that player is Snead.
16 weeks ago
Antonio Callaway photo 91. Antonio Callaway CLE (at CIN)
Danny Amendola photo 92. Danny Amendola DET (vs . GB)
Kenny Golladay and Marvin Jones are still in town, but Amendola will be on the field for the vast majority of three-wide snaps. When he is, you can expect him to persist as that reliable WR6 type that you can use in a time of desperation.
13 weeks ago
Phillip Dorsett photo 93. Phillip Dorsett NE (vs . MIA)
Is Dorsett someone we're all overlooking? With Chris Hogan, Cordarrelle Patterson, and Rob Gronkowski out in New England, Tom Brady will need some familiarity. Dorsett didn't play a massive role last year, but when he was called upon, he delivered, catching 32-of-42 targets for 290 yards and three touchdowns. The Patriots did draft N'Keal Harry in the first-round, but there's no guarantee he starts in 2WR sets right now. This is a situation to monitor, as Dorsett is likely to make a few splash performances in 2019
15 weeks ago
Josh Reynolds photo 94. Josh Reynolds LAR (vs . ARI)
Chris Conley photo 95. Chris Conley JAC (vs . IND)
Terry McLaurin photo 96. Terry McLaurin WAS (at DAL)
Washington's wide receiver depth chart is up in the air, but there has been little question about which receiver has been the best in camp. It's McLaurin, who is a pro-ready, fast and intelligent receiver. He doesn't have the ceiling of others, but with targets, he could be one of the top rookie producers.
14 weeks ago
Breshad Perriman photo 97. Breshad Perriman TB (vs . ATL)
Demaryius Thomas photo 98. Demaryius Thomas NYJ (at BUF)
KeeSean Johnson photo 99. KeeSean Johnson ARI (at LAR)
Keelan Cole photo 100. Keelan Cole JAC (vs . IND)
Jalen Hurd photo 101. Jalen Hurd SF (at SEA)
Chris Hogan photo 102. Chris Hogan CAR (vs . NO)
Hunter Renfrow photo 103. Hunter Renfrow OAK (at DEN)
Josh Doctson photo 104. Josh Doctson MIN (vs . CHI)
Jake Kumerow photo 105. Jake Kumerow GB (at DET)
Aaron Rodgers loves Kumerow as he has said over and over again. If anything were to happen to any of their top three receivers, Kumerow is expected to jump into the starting lineup and would be an immediate must-add.
14 weeks ago
Preston Williams photo 106. Preston Williams MIA (at NE)
Taywan Taylor photo 107. Taywan Taylor CLE (at CIN)
Demarcus Robinson photo 108. Demarcus Robinson KC (vs . LAC)
Cordarrelle Patterson photo 109. Cordarrelle Patterson CHI (at MIN)
Diontae Johnson photo 110. Diontae Johnson PIT (at BAL)
Deon Cain photo 111. Deon Cain IND (at JAC)
Michael Crabtree photo 112. Michael Crabtree FA (BYE)
With Hakeem Butler headed to the IR and Kevin White cut, this Arizona depth chart is wide open for Crabtree to get early snaps and targets next to Fitzgerald and Kirk. Unfortunately, he likely isn't anything more than a WR5 or WR6 at this stage in his career.
12 weeks ago
Jaron Brown photo 113. Jaron Brown SEA (vs . SF)
Travis Benjamin photo 114. Travis Benjamin LAC (at KC)
With Tyrell Williams off to Oakland, the Chargers will insert Benjamin back into the starting lineup. If you go back to 2017, when Mike Williams was forced to miss much of the season, you'll see that Benjamin posted a respectable 567 yards and four touchdowns on 65 targets. It's possible that Benjamin finishes as a top-50 wide receiver in 2019, though his production will be a bit sporadic
15 weeks ago
Jakobi Meyers photo 115. Jakobi Meyers NE (vs . MIA)
Keith Kirkwood photo 116. Keith Kirkwood NO (at CAR)
Trent Taylor photo 117. Trent Taylor SF (at SEA)
Ryan Grant photo 118. Ryan Grant GB (at DET)
Jakeem Grant photo 119. Jakeem Grant MIA (at NE)
Kendrick Bourne photo 120. Kendrick Bourne SF (at SEA)
Justin Watson photo 121. Justin Watson TB (vs . ATL)
Tim Patrick photo 122. Tim Patrick DEN (vs . OAK)
Cody Latimer photo 123. Cody Latimer NYG (vs . PHI)
Chad Beebe photo 124. Chad Beebe MIN (vs . CHI)
Chester Rogers photo 125. Chester Rogers IND (at JAC)
Ryan Switzer photo 126. Ryan Switzer PIT (at BAL)
Chris Moore photo 127. Chris Moore BAL (vs . PIT)
Cameron Meredith photo 128. Cameron Meredith FA (BYE)
Kelvin Harmon photo 129. Kelvin Harmon WAS (at DAL)
Damion Willis photo 130. Damion Willis CIN (vs . CLE)
Gary Jennings photo 131. Gary Jennings MIA (at NE)
J.J. Nelson photo 132. J.J. Nelson FA (BYE)
Riley Ridley photo 133. Riley Ridley CHI (at MIN)
Dontrelle Inman photo 134. Dontrelle Inman LAC (at KC)
Jarius Wright photo 135. Jarius Wright CAR (vs . NO)
Allen Hurns photo 136. Allen Hurns MIA (at NE)
Darius Slayton photo 137. Darius Slayton NYG (vs . PHI)
Tajae Sharpe photo 138. Tajae Sharpe TEN (at HOU)
Alex Erickson photo 139. Alex Erickson CIN (vs . CLE)
Tavon Austin photo 140. Tavon Austin DAL (vs . WAS)
J'Mon Moore photo 141. J'Mon Moore FA (BYE)
Justin Hardy photo 142. Justin Hardy ATL (at TB)
John Ursua photo 143. John Ursua SEA (vs . SF)
Isaiah McKenzie photo 144. Isaiah McKenzie BUF (vs . NYJ)
Seth Roberts photo 145. Seth Roberts BAL (vs . PIT)
Laquon Treadwell photo 146. Laquon Treadwell MIN (vs . CHI)
Russell Shepard photo 147. Russell Shepard NYG (vs . PHI)
Byron Pringle photo 148. Byron Pringle KC (vs . LAC)
Scott Miller photo 149. Scott Miller TB (vs . ATL)
Jordan Matthews photo 150. Jordan Matthews PHI (at NYG)
Bennie Fowler photo 151. Bennie Fowler NYG (vs . PHI)
Trent Sherfield photo 152. Trent Sherfield ARI (at LAR)
Richie James photo 153. Richie James SF (at SEA)
Mack Hollins photo 154. Mack Hollins PHI (at NYG)
DeAndre Carter photo 155. DeAndre Carter HOU (vs . TEN)
Josh Bellamy photo 156. Josh Bellamy NYJ (at BUF)
Russell Gage photo 157. Russell Gage ATL (at TB)
Zach Pascal photo 158. Zach Pascal IND (at JAC)
Austin Carr photo 159. Austin Carr NO (at CAR)
Juwann Winfree photo 160. Juwann Winfree DEN (vs . OAK)
Travis Fulgham photo 161. Travis Fulgham DET (vs . GB)
Maurice Harris photo 162. Maurice Harris FA (BYE)
Auden Tate photo 163. Auden Tate CIN (vs . CLE)
Mike Davis photo 164. Mike Davis FA (BYE)
Cody Core photo 165. Cody Core NYG (vs . PHI)
Andre Roberts photo 166. Andre Roberts BUF (vs . NYJ)
Olabisi Johnson photo 167. Olabisi Johnson MIN (vs . CHI)
Torrey Smith photo 168. Torrey Smith FA (BYE)
Greg Dortch photo 169. Greg Dortch FA (BYE)
Dez Bryant photo 170. Dez Bryant FA (BYE)
Noah Brown photo 171. Noah Brown DAL (vs . WAS)
Pierre Garcon photo 172. Pierre Garcon FA (BYE)
Geremy Davis photo 173. Geremy Davis LAC (at KC)
Braxton Berrios photo 174. Braxton Berrios NYJ (at BUF)
Jaleel Scott photo 175. Jaleel Scott BAL (vs . PIT)
Damion Ratley photo 176. Damion Ratley CLE (at CIN)
Kelvin Benjamin photo 177. Kelvin Benjamin FA (BYE)
Javon Wims photo 178. Javon Wims CHI (at MIN)
Emmanuel Butler photo 179. Emmanuel Butler NO (at CAR)
Damiere Byrd photo 180. Damiere Byrd ARI (at LAR)
Marcell Ateman photo 181. Marcell Ateman OAK (at DEN)
Chad Williams photo 182. Chad Williams IND (at JAC)
Dylan Cantrell photo 183. Dylan Cantrell LAC (at KC)
Darius Jennings photo 184. Darius Jennings FA (BYE)
Emanuel Hall photo 185. Emanuel Hall FA (BYE)
Jordan Taylor photo 186. Jordan Taylor FA (BYE)
Bobo Wilson photo 187. Bobo Wilson FA (BYE)
Trevor Davis photo 188. Trevor Davis OAK (at DEN)
Vyncint Smith photo 189. Vyncint Smith NYJ (at BUF)
Brandon Zylstra photo 190. Brandon Zylstra CAR (vs . NO)
Jazz Ferguson photo 191. Jazz Ferguson FA (BYE)
Chris Lacy photo 192. Chris Lacy DET (vs . GB)
Olamide Zaccheaus photo 193. Olamide Zaccheaus ATL (at TB)
Dwayne Harris photo 194. Dwayne Harris OAK (at DEN)
Eli Rogers photo 195. Eli Rogers FA (BYE)
Ray-Ray McCloud photo 196. Ray-Ray McCloud BUF (vs . NYJ)
Brice Butler photo 197. Brice Butler FA (BYE)
Cam Sims photo 198. Cam Sims WAS (at DAL)
Mike Thomas photo 199. Mike Thomas LAR (vs . ARI)
JoJo Natson photo 200. JoJo Natson LAR (vs . ARI)
Jordan Lasley photo 201. Jordan Lasley FA (BYE)
Devin Smith photo 202. Devin Smith DAL (vs . WAS)
Robert Davis photo 203. Robert Davis PHI (at NYG)
Malik Turner photo 204. Malik Turner SEA (vs . SF)
Chris Thompson photo 205. Chris Thompson FA (BYE)
Stanley Morgan Jr. photo 206. Stanley Morgan Jr. CIN (vs . CLE)
Josh Malone photo 207. Josh Malone NYJ (at BUF)
Brandon Powell photo 208. Brandon Powell ATL (at TB)
Artavis Scott photo 209. Artavis Scott LAC (at KC)
De'Anthony Thomas photo 210. De'Anthony Thomas BAL (vs . PIT)
Gehrig Dieter photo 211. Gehrig Dieter KC (vs . LAC)
Keelan Doss photo 212. Keelan Doss OAK (at DEN)
River Cracraft photo 213. River Cracraft FA (BYE)
Daurice Fountain photo 214. Daurice Fountain IND (at JAC)
Tommylee Lewis photo 215. Tommylee Lewis FA (BYE)
Derrick Willies photo 216. Derrick Willies CLE (at CIN)
Charles Johnson photo 217. Charles Johnson FA (BYE)
Deontay Burnett photo 218. Deontay Burnett SF (at SEA)
Lil'Jordan Humphrey photo 219. Lil'Jordan Humphrey NO (at CAR)
DaMarkus Lodge photo 220. DaMarkus Lodge FA (BYE)
Diontae Spencer photo 221. Diontae Spencer DEN (vs . OAK)
Pharoh Cooper photo 222. Pharoh Cooper ARI (at LAR)
Darrius Shepherd photo 223. Darrius Shepherd GB (at DET)
Brian Quick photo 224. Brian Quick FA (BYE)
Steven Sims photo 225. Steven Sims WAS (at DAL)
Khadarel Hodge photo 226. Khadarel Hodge CLE (at CIN)
Alexander Hollins photo 227. Alexander Hollins MIN (vs . CHI)
Kevin White photo 228. Kevin White FA (BYE)
Bruce Ellington photo 229. Bruce Ellington FA (BYE)
Deonte Harris photo 230. Deonte Harris NO (at CAR)
Isaiah Ford photo 231. Isaiah Ford MIA (at NE)
Dillon Mitchell photo 232. Dillon Mitchell MIN (vs . CHI)
Ishmael Hyman photo 233. Ishmael Hyman TB (vs . ATL)
C.J. Board photo 234. C.J. Board JAC (vs . IND)
Anthony Johnson photo 235. Anthony Johnson LAC (at KC)
Kelvin McKnight photo 236. Kelvin McKnight DEN (vs . OAK)
Braxton Miller photo 237. Braxton Miller FA (BYE)
Terrelle Pryor photo 238. Terrelle Pryor FA (BYE)
Terry Godwin photo 239. Terry Godwin JAC (vs . IND)
Fred Brown photo 240. Fred Brown DEN (vs . OAK)
Andy Jones photo 241. Andy Jones FA (BYE)
TJ Jones photo 242. TJ Jones FA (BYE)
Ashton Dulin photo 243. Ashton Dulin IND (at JAC)
Marvin Hall photo 244. Marvin Hall DET (vs . GB)
Trinity Benson photo 245. Trinity Benson DEN (vs . OAK)
Devin Gray photo 246. Devin Gray ATL (at TB)
Alonzo Russell photo 247. Alonzo Russell FA (BYE)
Marcus Green photo 248. Marcus Green PHI (at NYG)
Cam Batson photo 249. Cam Batson TEN (at HOU)
Allen Lazard photo 250. Allen Lazard GB (at DET)
Kalif Raymond photo 251. Kalif Raymond TEN (at HOU)
Cortrelle Simpson photo 252. Cortrelle Simpson FA (BYE)
David Sills photo 253. David Sills NYG (vs . PHI)
Keon Hatcher photo 254. Keon Hatcher FA (BYE)
Charone Peake photo 255. Charone Peake FA (BYE)
Amara Darboh photo 256. Amara Darboh FA (BYE)
Davon Grayson photo 257. Davon Grayson FA (BYE)
Nsimba Webster photo 258. Nsimba Webster LAR (vs . ARI)
Codey McElroy photo 259. Codey McElroy TB (vs . ATL)
Matt Slater photo 260. Matt Slater NE (vs . MIA)
Gunner Olszewski photo 261. Gunner Olszewski NE (vs . MIA)
Michael Floyd photo 262. Michael Floyd FA (BYE)
Devonte Boyd photo 263. Devonte Boyd FA (BYE)
Jawill Davis photo 264. Jawill Davis FA (BYE)
Penny Hart photo 265. Penny Hart SEA (vs . SF)
Shelton Gibson photo 266. Shelton Gibson CLE (at CIN)
Alex Bachman photo 267. Alex Bachman FA (BYE)
Alex Wesley photo 268. Alex Wesley FA (BYE)
Reggie White photo 269. Reggie White NYG (vs . PHI)
Marcus Johnson photo 270. Marcus Johnson IND (at JAC)
Lance Lenoir photo 271. Lance Lenoir FA (BYE)
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1Christian McCaffrey (CAR)RB
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22Cooper Kupp (LAR)WR
23Amari Cooper (DAL)WR
24Todd Gurley (LAR)RB
25Brian Hill (ATL)RB
26Travis Kelce (KC)TE
27David Montgomery (CHI)RB
28Joe Mixon (CIN)RB
29Austin Ekeler (LAC)RB
30Julian Edelman (NE)WR
1Ronald Acuna Jr. (ATL)LF,CF
2Nolan Arenado (COL)3B
3Mookie Betts (BOS)CF,RF
4J.D. Martinez (BOS)LF,RF
5Trevor Story (COL)SS
6Justin Verlander (HOU)SP
7Cody Bellinger (LAD)1B,CF
8Trea Turner (WSH)SS
9Alex Bregman (HOU)3B,SS
10Jacob deGrom (NYM)SP
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11Max Scherzer (WSH)SP
12Francisco Lindor (CLE)SS
13Gerrit Cole (FA)SP
14Freddie Freeman (ATL)1B
15Javier Baez (CHC)2B,3B
16Charlie Blackmon (COL)CF
17Aaron Judge (NYY)RF,DH
18Juan Soto (WSH)LF
19Anthony Rendon (FA)3B
20Bryce Harper (PHI)CF,RF
21Jose Altuve (HOU)2B
22Xander Bogaerts (BOS)SS
23Starling Marte (PIT)CF
24Walker Buehler (LAD)SP
25Manny Machado (SD)3B,SS
26Anthony Rizzo (CHC)1B
27Kris Bryant (CHC)3B,RF
28Whit Merrifield (KC)1B,2B
29George Springer (HOU)CF,RF
30Paul Goldschmidt (STL)1B
1Anthony Davis (LAL)PF,C
2James Harden (HOU)PG,SG
3Giannis Antetokounmpo (MIL)SF,PF
4Karl-Anthony Towns (MIN)C
5Kevin Durant (BKN)SF,PF
6LeBron James (LAL)SF,PF
7Stephen Curry (GSW)PG,SG
8Russell Westbrook (HOU)PG
9Damian Lillard (POR)PG
10Nikola Jokic (DEN)PF,C
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11Kawhi Leonard (LAC)SG,SF
12Victor Oladipo (IND)PG,SG
13Joel Embiid (PHI)PF,C
14Paul George (LAC)SF,PF
15Ben Simmons (PHI)PG,SF
16Chris Paul (OKC)PG
17Kyrie Irving (BKN)PG,SG
18Kemba Walker (BOS)PG
19Jimmy Butler (MIA)SG,SF
20Donovan Mitchell (UTH)PG,SG
21Andre Drummond (DET)PF,C
22John Wall (WAS)PG
23Rudy Gobert (UTH)C
24Jrue Holiday (NOR)PG,SG
25Kyle Lowry (TOR)PG
26Bradley Beal (WAS)SG
27Kevin Love (CLE)PF,C
28Khris Middleton (MIL)SG,SF
29Devin Booker (PHO)PG,SG
30Draymond Green (GSW)PF,C
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