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Fantasy Football Player Notes

2021 PPR Draft Rankings

Henry Ruggs III Note
Henry Ruggs III photo 57. Henry Ruggs III (vs . LAC)
You'd think that when a team spends the No. 12 overall pick on a wide receiver, they'd actually find ways to use him, right? That didn't happen with Ruggs. There wasn't a game in 2020 where he saw more than five targets or caught more than three receptions. We did see the Raiders move on from Nelson Agholor, but he was quickly replaced by John Brown. It's no secret that Brown has struggled to stay healthy, which could be the door Ruggs needs to get more targets. He shouldn't need an injury to get targets, but if this Raiders coaching staff told us anything last year, it's that they don't know how to best utilize Ruggs.
10 weeks ago
Bryan Edwards Note
Bryan Edwards photo 67. Bryan Edwards (vs . LAC)
The Raiders were high on Edwards during last year's draft process, though injuries derailed his progress. Once Nelson Agholor left, it felt like Edwards might be starting in 2WR sets, though they quickly replaced Agholor with the veteran John Brown. Still, Edwards is the only notable receiver on the team who's over six-feet tall and can play that go-to role they seek outside of Darren Waller. We've also heard Derek Carr say that Edwards reminded him of his former teammate in college, Davante Adams, which is never a bad thing.
10 weeks ago
Hunter Renfrow Note
Hunter Renfrow photo 83. Hunter Renfrow (vs . LAC)
Willie Snead IV Note
Willie Snead IV photo 137. Willie Snead IV (vs . LAC)
Zay Jones Note
Zay Jones photo 159. Zay Jones (vs . LAC)
Javon Wims Note
Javon Wims photo 208. Javon Wims (vs . LAC)
Marcell Ateman Note
Marcell Ateman photo 341. Marcell Ateman (vs . LAC)
Dillon Stoner Note
Dillon Stoner photo 353. Dillon Stoner (vs . LAC)
Caleb Scott Note
Caleb Scott photo 372. Caleb Scott (vs . LAC)
DJ Turner Note
DJ Turner photo 373. DJ Turner (vs . LAC)