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Fantasy Football Player Notes

Week 2 Half PPR Rankings
Allen Robinson II Note
Allen Robinson II photo 6. Allen Robinson II (vs . NYG)
In case you haven't heard, Robinson has reportedly requested a trade. He's coming off a mediocre performance, so maybe it's not the best time, but the Bears should be making this right for the top-10 NFL wide receiver. It'll be business as usual for Robinson this week, though he'll have a tougher matchup than he did last week. The Giants acquired James Bradberry this offseason, and though he's their only starting-worthy cornerback, he's the one who'll see Robinson the most. Bradberry was charged with giving up two touchdowns in his coverage last week, but one was on a rub play where he was essentially screened out of the play, and the other was when he tried to come into the slot to cover JuJu Smith-Schuster. Bradberry isn't a slot cornerback (it's a different position) and the Steelers took advantage. If the Bears get creative with Robinson, he'll be just fine. He did play 41.7 percent of his snaps in the slot last week. Start him as a low-end WR1 here.
2 days ago
Anthony Miller Note
Anthony Miller photo 36. Anthony Miller (vs . NYG)
The end result was good, as Miller compiled four receptions for 76 yards and a touchdown, but there are concerns. He ran just 22 pass routes last week, while Ted Ginn ran 16, Javon Wims ran 13, and Darnell Mooney ran 12. They all pale in comparison to Allen Robinson's 36 routes, so Miller isn't quite an every-down player. Miller's 3.45 yards per route run in Week 1 ranked sixth among receivers who played 20-plus snaps. The Giants have fourth-round rookie Darnay Holmes covering the slot, which is more good news for Miller, who played almost all his snaps there. Holmes allowed 5-of-6 passing for 56 yards in his coverage last week. There may have been some first game jitters, but he wasn't someone they expected to come in and be impactful right away. The biggest thing standing in Miller's way of a breakout is Matt Nagy. Because of that, we can't say Miller is a can't-miss player, even in a great matchup. Consider him an upside WR4 who really should finish as a top-30 receiver in this matchup.
2 days ago
Cordarrelle Patterson Note
Cordarrelle Patterson photo 89. Cordarrelle Patterson (vs . NYG)
Ted Ginn Jr. Note
Ted Ginn Jr. photo 112. Ted Ginn Jr. (vs . NYG)
Darnell Mooney Note
Darnell Mooney photo 116. Darnell Mooney (vs . NYG)
Javon Wims Note
Javon Wims photo 117. Javon Wims (vs . NYG)
Riley Ridley Note
Riley Ridley photo 155. Riley Ridley (vs . NYG)
Thomas Ives Note
Thomas Ives photo 213. Thomas Ives (vs . NYG)
Rodney Adams Note
Rodney Adams photo 225. Rodney Adams (vs . NYG)