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Fantasy Football Player Notes

Week 1 Rankings

Duke Johnson Jr. Note
Duke Johnson Jr. photo 125. Duke Johnson Jr. RB - (BYE)
Greg Olsen Note
Greg Olsen photo 137. Greg Olsen TE - (BYE)
Olsen could be someone worth looking at down the road this season, but there's too much uncertainty with his role on this team going into this matchup to roll him out in your starting lineup.
34 weeks ago
Chris Hogan Note
Chris Hogan photo 239. Chris Hogan WR - (BYE)
Vance McDonald Note
Vance McDonald photo 241. Vance McDonald TE - (BYE)
Isaiah Ford Note
Isaiah Ford photo 250. Isaiah Ford WR - (BYE)
Ted Ginn Jr. Note
Ted Ginn Jr. photo 253. Ted Ginn Jr. WR - (BYE)
Ginn should be listed as one of the starting receivers in Chicago, but that doesn't mean that he's someone you should be looking at for fantasy football. Ginn will be used primarily as a field-stretcher and will see his occasional deep shot downfield to keep the defense honest.
34 weeks ago
Jesse James Note
Jesse James photo 260. Jesse James TE - (BYE)
Derrius Guice Note
Derrius Guice photo 313. Derrius Guice RB - (BYE)
Rodney Anderson Note
Rodney Anderson photo 350. Rodney Anderson RB - (BYE)
Patrick DiMarco Note
Patrick DiMarco photo 360. Patrick DiMarco RB - (BYE)
De'Angelo Henderson Sr. Note
De'Angelo Henderson Sr. photo 374. De'Angelo Henderson Sr. RB - (BYE)
Hale Hentges Note
Hale Hentges photo 397. Hale Hentges TE - (BYE)
Josh Bellamy Note
Josh Bellamy photo 406. Josh Bellamy WR - (BYE)
Chandler Cox Note
Chandler Cox photo 427. Chandler Cox FB - (BYE)