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Fantasy Football Player Notes

Week 1 Rankings

Jamison Crowder Note
Jamison Crowder photo 37. Jamison Crowder (at BUF)
If you go and look at the games the Bills allowed to wide receivers last year, you'd see Crowder occupying two of the top three games. He crushed them for 22 receptions, 165 yards, and a touchdown in their two meetings. The other top game they allowed? Another slot-heavy receiver, Jarvis Landry. They are not a team that allows big passing plays, as just one receiver hit the 100-yard mark against them last year, but there were 14 wide receivers who caught at least five passes against them. They were consistent, that's for sure. Not only do we have that, but we also have Crowder as the only receiver who's returning to the starting lineup for Sam Darnold. It's hard to see a scenario where Crowder doesn't see at least eight targets in this game, and they'd be against the same cornerback (Taron Johnson) as last year. The Bills allowed just 10 wide receivers to finish as top-36 receivers last year, so it's not great regardless, but Crowder is the best bet on the Jets this week. Consider him a WR3 who doesn't have a massive ceiling, but he should come with a decent floor.
35 weeks ago
Corey Davis Note
Corey Davis photo 68. Corey Davis (at BUF)
We saw the numbers with A.J. Brown dramatically increase when Ryan Tannehill came on the field, but why didn't we see a bump from Davis? Well, it does help that Tannehill and Brown were working together as backups prior to the 2019 season in training camp. Now that Davis has had some time to work with Tannehill, we could see a bump in production. If the Broncos are going to use A.J. Bouye to shadow anyone, it'd be Brown, and that would leave Davis against Devontae Harris, who was destroyed in coverage last year, allowing 31/296/3 on just 44 targets in coverage. The Broncos cornerback depth is one of the biggest weaknesses on their team, and the Titans should be exploiting that, depending on who's lined up against Harris. Here's something that could blow your mind: Davis has totaled 21 targets over his last five games, while Brown saw 20 targets in that span. You can't start Davis knowing how bad he was throughout 2019, but don't be surprised if he makes a splash now that Brown is seeing a lot more attention. *Update* He's apparently dealing with a hamstring injury that had him limited in practice this week.
35 weeks ago
Keelan Cole Sr. Note
Keelan Cole Sr. photo 119. Keelan Cole Sr. (at BUF)
Braxton Berrios Note
Braxton Berrios photo 135. Braxton Berrios (at BUF)
Josh Malone Note
Josh Malone photo 192. Josh Malone (at BUF)