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11 Players to Buy Low/Sell High (Fantasy Football)

Sep 23, 2021

It’s not too early to make a deal. In fact, waiting a couple weeks allows you to put any of your Week 1 overreactions in check. As long as you understand where your squad is weak and strong, or you see a good buy-low opportunity on a struggling team, then now is the perfect time to start negotiating! The goal here is to acquire the players whose worst days are behind them and send away the guys whose best days are in the rearview mirror. Without further ado, let’s see who our featured analysts have chosen as their top buy-low and sell-high candidates heading into Week 3.

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Q1. Who is your favorite buy-low trade candidate at this point in the season and why? Also, who are you willing to give up for him?

Justin Jefferson (WR – MIN) 
“Jefferson is currently WR30 in PPR leagues, and, in terms of fantasy points, he is the third-best receiver on his own team – both Adam Thielen and K.J. Osborn have more points. Jefferson managers may be panicking, and if that’s the case, now is the time to buy, and here is why. The fact is Jefferson is third on his team in points by a wide receiver, but is WR30 overall, which means the Vikings’ offense is currently supporting three top-30 wide receivers in what was thought to be a run-heavy offense. If this passing volume continues, Jefferson’s talent will eventually swing the pendulum the other direction and he is going to smash records.”
– Geoff Lambert (Going For 2)

“Weeks 1 and 2 usually cause all kinds of knee-jerk reactions and panic. It happens every single year. However, this season seems more unusual than most, as a large number of top-40 overall players are starting slow. The most common trade question I get as of late involves discarding Justin Jefferson for some lesser talent that happens to be playing better through two short weeks. Jefferson, a consensus second-round pick back in August, now goes for third- and fourth-round value via trade. Take advantage and buy-low using players like Amari Cooper, Adam Thielen, D.J. Moore, Courtland Sutton, and Deebo Samuel.”
– Smitty (SleeperU)

Antonio Gibson (RB – WAS) 
“Based on the questions I’ve gotten so far this week on social media, people are panicking a bit on Gibson. While he watched from the sideline as J.D. McKissic scored a rushing touchdown last week in the two-minute drill right before the half, he now has 38 total touches through the first two weeks. The usage of McKissic is concerning, but there’s the potential that Ron Rivera was relying on him because of Gibson missing time in practice early on last week combined with the fact that they played on Thursday night. Regardless, there’s no reason to panic on Gibson. He’s averaging 4.8 YPC on the season and he’s still getting the majority of the touches. Better days are ahead for the second-year player and there’s the potential that you can acquire him for cheaper than what his value truly is in your league. If you can sell high on Damien Harris for him, I’d at least see if that manager in my league is willing to bite.”
– Kyle Yates (FantasyPros)

Clyde Edwards-Helaire (RB – KC) 
“It’s going to sound gross, but I’m still buying Edwards-Helaire, merely because the market perception of him is simply lower than his actual value. Yes, it’s been a terrible start, yes he lost a goal-line carry to Darrel Williams, and yes, he pretty much single-handedly cost the Chiefs the game against the Ravens. But he still has 30 touches in two games and plays in an elite offense, and it’s not as if Williams is suddenly going to morph into Kansas City’s lead back. Look at the backs ranked immediately behind him in FantasyPros’ rest-of-season rankings: Kareem Hunt, Ty’Son Williams, and Josh Jacobs — those are realistic swaps you can make for Edwards-Helaire right now, and none of them has the same opportunity he does. It’s a bit of a leap of faith, but I’d personally also swap Damien Harris for him, as well as a WR2 like Mike Evans or Diontae Johnson if I needed a running back.”
– Dan Harris (FantasyPros)

Kyle Pitts (TE – ATL) 
“This seems like the right time to make a move for Pitts. He hasn’t produced impactful numbers, yet his involvement while the Falcons’ offense struggles to find its footing is encouraging. Falcons head coach Arthur Smith is eventually going to get the ship back on course, and Pitts is going to pop. He’s a special athlete, and the Falcons don’t have many credible pass catchers other than Pitts and Calvin Ridley. Try offering a useful RB like Damien Harris or Darrell Henderson. I don’t think Deebo Samuel or Adam Thielen would be too much to give up either.”
– Pat Fitzmaurice (FantasyPros)

George Kittle (TE – SF) | Mark Andrews (TE – BAL) 
“It is a close race between Kittle, Andrews, and Kyle Pitts. The TE position is so bad and these guys could break out later after slow starts. Your best bet is to give up your current TE and whatever WR you have been stashing. New WRs pop up on waivers every week and you need a starting TE, not WR depth.”
– Ryan Weisse (Footballguys)

Q2. Who is your favorite sell-high candidate at this point in the season and why? Also, who would you try to get in return?

Damien Harris (RB – NE)
“Harris has been great through two games and we all saw the tremendous touchdown run that he had in Week 2. While he’s been effective and efficient on the ground, he’s still barely involved in the receiving game for the Patriots. This role is being filled by James White and he’s producing with that opportunity. Harris has overachieved from a fantasy perspective through the first two weeks of the season, in my opinion, and the consensus value on him is higher than what it should be. If you can take Harris (who I have as a mid-range RB2 in my rest-of-season rankings) and flip him for a RB1 who isn’t producing the way managers were hoping for, I’d look to make that move. Maybe target someone like Jonathan Taylor or Antonio Gibson. There’s the possibility that it gets done in your league.”
– Kyle Yates (FantasyPros)

Damien Harris is getting used, which is wonderful news if you currently roster him. However, trusting the Patriots to start one single rusher all season long is like a poor man’s version of trusting Mike Shanahan to start one rusher all year long. Meaning, I trust New England more on this front, but James White is already stealing all kinds of volume (and a touchdown in Week 2). Only sell high, as Harris is a strong talent who is currently seeing good volume; however, it’s just smart management to sell this man at these heights before you are left asking yourself ‘why didn’t I just trade him in for a safer vehicle’ some weeks down the road. I mean, if you go to a different position and attack receivers, you can land slumping-but-sure-to-rebound talents like Calvin Ridley, Justin Jefferson, or D.K. Metcalf.”
– Smitty (SleeperU)

Deebo Samuel (WR – SF) 
“Samuel is off to a flying start and has played great football, but I’m not certain it’s going to last. George Kittle has barely been involved in the offense (but obviously will be), and eventually, Brandon Aiyuk is going to work his way back into the fold. He has also has a history of soft-tissue injuries, including hamstring problems, so health isn’t exactly on his side. I’d try to swap him for an underperforming Robert Woods or Allen Robinson, or a running back like D’Andre Swift.”
– Dan Harris (FantasyPros)

“While I like him as a player, Deebo Samuel is overplaying his value right now and this would be the tie time to move him. Go after a positional upgrade, maybe an elite TE, or an underperforming player like Clyde Edwards-Helaire.”
– Ryan Weisse (Footballguys)

Mike Evans (WR – TB) | Antonio Brown (WR – TB) 
“The Buccaneers’ pass catchers can’t ALL eat every week. We saw Mike Evans get left out in Week 1 while Antonio Brown went off, and then Brown laid low in Week 2 while Evans was scoring a couple of touchdowns. I’d be looking to deal Evans or Brown if I had one on my roster. Chris Godwin is the best of that group and the only one I trust to put up points consistently. Evans and Brown are destined to be streaky. Clyde Edward-Helaire is everyone’s favorite scapegoat this week, but I’d trade Evans or Brown for CEH in a heartbeat. I’d also take Josh Jacobs in return.”
– Pat Fitzmaurice (FantasyPros)

Tyler Lockett (WR – SEA) 
“Lockett has had two huge weeks and is currently the WR2 in PPR leagues, but we’ve seen this movie before. Russell Wilson and this offense always start out hot, putting up massive amounts of fantasy points, but they eventually fall back to earth and leave you wondering what happened. Locket may have one more big week in him in Week 3 versus a soft Vikings defense, but after that, he has the 49ers, Rams, Steelers, and Saints. Sell him before he gets to that stretch of games.”
– Geoff Lambert (Going For 2)

Thank you to the experts for naming their trade candidates. Be sure to give them a follow on Twitter if you’re not already doing so and check out our latest podcast below for more great advice.

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