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Fantasy Basketball Waiver Wire Pickups: Week 19 (2020)

by Stan Son | @Stan_Son | Featured Writer
Feb 26, 2020

Harry Giles III is a talented player at both ends of the floor and was one of the top recruits coming up through the ranks.

Tick. Tock. Three more weeks until the start of most fantasy basketball league playoffs. No more messing around. It doesn’t matter where you drafted a player in the offseason or how much FAAB money you spent to acquire. All that matters now are games played, minutes, and stats. You should have a pretty good idea of how your squad is structured, so decide if you want to punt the weaknesses or not. This will all depend on your opponent for the week. Send out the scouts to gather as much intel as possible, then act accordingly.

I changed up the format of this piece last week in accordance of the time of year it is. It should be more beneficial, but if it is not, shoot me a DM on the Twitter machine. Info is at the end of this piece.

Ownership percentages are from the Yahoo database, and only those players owned in less than half of leagues will be highlighted.

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Below is how the NBA schedule maps out for Week 20:

7 8 9 4 10 6 11


Here are the schedules for each team (shout out to Hashtag Basketball for the grid):



Below are candidates for each category. Turnovers and free throw percentages are excluded. The players who put up enough volume to affect your free throw percentage are all owned.


Cody Zeller (PF/C – CHA) – 44% owned
On the season, Zeller is shooting 51% on 8.5 attempts from the field. He also grabs rebounds and contributes a little bit in the defensive categories. Unfortunately, he only averages 23 minutes per game, which is a shame because he could be a valuable fantasy asset. Regardless, he’s shooting enough volume and efficiently to be a player to consider if you need field goal percentage help.

Eric Paschall (SF/PF – GS) – 30% owned
The minutes are all over the map for Paschall. He starts when Draymond Green doesn’t play, but even when he comes off the bench, he can play 30 minutes or 17. Now that Juan Toscano-Anderson has also entered the rotation, the playing time could be more volatile. With that said, he does have a role on the team, and when he’s on the court, he will shoot a decent volume with good efficiency. On the season, he’s at 48%, but there are stretches when he converts 60% of his shots.

Harry Giles III (PF/C – SAC) – 8% owned
Marvin Bagley is likely done for the year. There’s a chance that Richaun Holmes could be as well. With both of those players out, Giles has been the starting center for the Kings. Over the past three games, he’s converted 60% of his 6.7 shot attempts per game. He’s a talented player at both ends of the floor and was one of the top recruits coming up through the ranks. It’s too bad a plethora of knee injuries have hampered him. With that said, as long as he plays, he’s going to help in the field goal percentage department.

Maxi Kleber (PF/C – DAL) – 41% owned
On the season, Kleber is shooting 46% from the floor on 7 attempts per game. That doesn’t sound great for a big man, but he shoots and converts from three-point range, so there’s some tradeoff. With that said, there are stretches when he converts 56% from the field on over 10 attempts per game. Kleber plays around 24 minutes per game.

Monte Morris (PG/SG – DEN) – 9% owned
It’s not often you see a guard helping out in the field goal percentage department, but here we are. On the season, Morris is converting 46% of his 7.5 shot attempts. That’s good for a guard, especially since he provides three-pointers. Over the past 12 games, though, he’s been shooting 52% from the field on 9.6 attempts.

Seth Curry (PG/SG – DAL) – 27% owned
On the season, Curry is converting 48% of his 8.7 shot attempts. He’s also chipping in 2.1 three-pointers, which makes that number more impressive. All of that is in 24 minutes per game. With injuries and depth chart shuffling, Curry has been playing over 30 minutes lately. He’s been shooting 53% on 11.8 shot attempts! He will likely settle into the 26-28 minutes per game and convert 48% on around 10 shot attempts per game.


Coby White (PG – CHI) – 43% owned
Over the past eight games, White has averaged 30 minutes per game and hoisted 7.9 three-point attempts per game. He’s converted at a 34% clip. Now, the volume is going to be there, but the efficiency is always an issue. On the season, White is shooting 38% from the field. If you can stomach the volatility, White can provide three-pointers.

Landry Shamet (PG – LAC) – 15% owned
With the Marcus Morris acquisition and return from injury of Paul George, the Clippers are healthy and ready to rock and roll. This negatively affects Shamet, though, as the playing time will take a big hit. With that said, he will still likely play in the mid-20s per game and provide close to 2 three-pointers per.

Nicolo Melli (PF – NO) – 4% owned
Over the past four games, Melli has averaged 23.5 minutes and 3.3 three-pointers. He’s a big who can stretch the floor, which is an important role to fill for the Pelicans. Whether he’s locked down over 20 minutes per game remains to be seen, but he’s hot now and getting run. Reassess once the situation changes.

Seth Curry (PG/SG – DAL) – 27% owned
Will provide over 2 three-pointers per game regardless of his role.

Ben McLemore (SG/SF – HOU) – 5% owned
Over the past four games, McLemore has been playing around 20 minutes per game and providing 3 three-pointers per. It’s possible that the playing time inches down into the teens, but he should still provide close to 2 three-pointers in that scenario. It’s Houston, where the pace is fast and the threes rain down from the heavens like manna.

Malik Monk (PG/SG – CHA) – 38% owned
He is now the microwave off the bench for the Hornets and will likely play around 30 minutes per game the rest of the way. A shade under 2 three-pointers is what he will probably contribute.

Damion Lee (SG – GS) – 23% owned
He’s starting and playing over 30 minutes per game for the Warriors. Around 2 three-pointers per game should be expected.

De’Andre Hunter (SF – ATL) – 25% owned
The Hawks love him for his defense, so the playing time of 34 minutes per game is secure. The environment in Atlanta is super fantasy-friendly, so there’s always the chance to accumulate fantasy goodies. For three-pointers, Hunter will provide around 2 per game. With defenses focused on Trae Young and John Collins, Hunter should get a ton of open looks and convert.


Coby White (PG – CHI) – 43% owned
Averaging over 16 shots the past four games. The efficiency is volatile, but he’s going to get tons of playing time and opportunities on a terrible Cavs team.

Malik Monk (PG/SG – CHA) – 38% owned
Garnering a usage rate over 30% and hoisting up 16 shots per game over the past three games. As with White, Monk is going to get plenty of opportunities on a terrible Hornets team.

De’Andre Hunter (SF – ATL) – 25% owned
Averaging over 13 shots per game the past three games. Offense isn’t Hunter’s forte, but he has enough skill on that side of the ball to be effective.

Seth Curry (PG/SG – DAL) – 27% owned
Regardless if he starts or comes off the bench, Curry will hoist around 10 shots per game. With his good efficiency, double-digit points can be expected nightly.

Cam Reddish (PG/SG/SF – ATL) – 30% owned
The shooting efficiency can be frighteningly bad at times, but Reddish has the shot and skills to go bonkers on any given night. On the season, he’s shooting 35% from the field but can get white-hot at times. On most nights, he will play around 30 minutes and attempt 10 shots per game.

Damion Lee (SG – GS) – 23% owned
On the season, Lee is shooting 41% from the field. He’s shown the ability to go on heaters converting over 50% of his attempts. He’s starting, playing a ton of minutes, and the return of Steph Curry will likely help him as defenses will be focused on him.

Aaron Holiday (PG/SG – IND) – 10% owned
With Jeremy Lamb done for the season, Holiday will likely see an uptick in minutes. There’s also upside if Victor Oladipo sits. Keep in mind that Holiday is an inefficient shooter, though, as he’s converting only 41% of his shots from the field.


Bruce Brown (SG – DET) – 24% owned
Over the past three games, Brown has averaged 10 rebounds a game. He’s a guard! Now, he’s not going to maintain that pace, but 5 rebounds per game are within the range of outcomes. That is still a very good number. Brown should play around 29 minutes per game.

Ivica Zubac (C – LAC) – 24% owned
He starts but only plays around 19 minutes per game. With that said, he grabs close to 8 rebounds per game, with a ceiling of 15. Zubac has pulled down at least 10 rebounds in 14 games this season.

Josh Hart (SG/SF – NO) – 37% owned
Hart comes off the bench but averages around 27 minutes per game. On the season, he’s averaging 6.6 rebounds per game, but he’s had 10 games this season in double figures. His high on the season is 15.

Cody Zeller (PF/C – CHA) – 44% owned
Despite averaging only 23 minutes per game, Zeller pulls down 7-8 rebounds per game.

Alex Len (PF/C – SAC) – 22% owned
He’s finally back after missing a ton of games. In his return, Len grabbed 8 rebounds in 16 minutes. With Marvin Bagley and Richaun Holmes out, with no timetable to return, Len could split the center minutes with Harry Giles.

PJ Washington (SF/PF – CHA) – 44% owned
Over the past three games, Washington has grabbed 7 rebounds per game. He starts, plays over 32 minutes, and contributes a little something in every category.

Kyle Anderson (SG/SF/PF – MEM) – 18% owned
Anderson is starting for the Grizzlies and has grabbed 7 rebounds per game over the past four. He is only averaging 23 minutes per game, though.

Harry Giles III (PF/C – SAC) – 8% owned
Pulling down 6.7 rebounds over the past three games in 25.7 minutes per contest. Giles and Len will likely split the center minutes for as long as Bagley and Holmes are out due to injury.

Naz Reid (C – MIN) – 33% owned
It ain’t hard to tell that Naz is the guy to own in Minnesota, for as long as Karl-Anthony Towns is out. He’s averaging 6 rebounds per game in 27 minutes since entering the starting lineup.


J.J. Barea (PG/SG – DAL) – 0% owned
Jalen Brunson is out for few games, so Barea will see an uptick in minutes. In his last two games, he’s played 19 and 22 minutes and dished out 5 and 8 assists respectively.

Ish Smith (PG – WAS) – 26% owned
Over the past five games, Smith has averaged 28 minutes and 6 assists per game. There is a chance, though, that he gets moved to the second unit, as Coach Brooks has mentioned that he likes him in that role. If that happens, the minutes may come down, but there could be more opportunities to make plays, as he won’t be on the court with Bradley Beal.

Aaron Holiday (PG/SG – IND) – 10% owned
Dished out 6 assists in the last game. Could get more playing time with the Lamb injury.

Darius Garland (PG – CLE) – 26% owned
Over the past four games, Garland is averaging 5.8 assists per game. He’s starting and playing over 35 minutes per game.


Trevor Ariza (SG/SF – POR) – 27% owned
He’s starting and playing over 33 minutes per game. There are stretches when he steals over 2 per game, but a more realistic expectation is 1.5 per. If you haven’t lived the Ariza experience, just know that it is fraught with inconsistencies.

Kent Bazemore (SG/SF – SAC) – 35% owned
Over the past three games, Bazemore has averaged 27 minutes and 2 steals per game. Will Luke Walton continue to ride the hot hand? That is the question.

Damion Lee (SG – GS) – 23% owned
Over the past three games, Lee has averaged 2 steals per game. On the season, he’s at 1.


James Johnson (SF/PF – MIN) – 16% owned
Johnson is splitting the center minutes with Naz Reid with Karl-Anthony Towns out. Over the past four games, he’s blocked 2.3 shots per game. He’s more like a 1 block per game player, though. The allure of Johnson is his ability to contribute in every category.

Maxi Kleber (PF/C – DAL) – 41% owned
Over the past four games, Kleber has blocked 2 shots in 23 minutes per game. He’s more like a 1.2 blocks per game player. Kleber averages around 24 minutes per game and can also contribute three-pointers and rebounds.

Jakob Poeltl (C – SA) – 10% owned
He only plays 14 minutes per game, but in that limited time, Poeltl can average 1.4 per game. A few games ago against Utah, he blocked 4 shots in 13 minutes.

Andre Iguodala (SG/SF – MIA) – 6% owned
Over the past three games, Iguodala has blocked 2 shots per game. Highly unlikely that level maintains. He will probably settle into the 0.5 to 0.7 range, as he only averages 19 minutes per game.

Nerlens Noel (PF/C – OKC) – 35% owned
Noel blocked 5 shots in 16 minutes against the Spurs’ last game. That’s the upside. The issue is that he only plays around 16 minutes per game. The hope is that he can get up to 20. Close the door and pray.

Thon Maker (PF/C – DET) – 19% owned
In 13 games as a starter, Maker has averaged 21.1 minutes and 1.2 blocks per game.

Alex Len (PF/C – SAC) – 22% owned
Len can average a block per game if he gets close to 20 minutes per game. This all depends on the outlooks for Bagley and Holmes, but if they are both out, Len will likely split the center minutes with Giles.

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