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Born in 1975. Just old enough to experience the last Raiders chip in 1983 and Dodgers World Series in 1988. Plunkett with his punter's facemask, Alzado's roid rage, and Orel's geeky dominance. I miss the Marcus Allen/Bo Jackson backfield and Tommy Lasorda on the bench. At least we still have Vin Scully. It's been tough times for Raiders Nation except for a Chucky-infused blip. Why can't the Dodgers beat the Cardinals? Many broken remotes and televisions due to The Tuck Rule, Callahan not changing the plays in the Superbowl against Gruden, the drafting of Jamarcus Russell over Megatron, Fabian over Aaron Rogers...I digress. Thank goodness for fantasy sports. Go Raiders & Dodgers!!!

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The beautiful thing about fantasy baseball is that we all approach the game from a unique persepctive. As a result, we value players differently, which creates a functioning, liquid market....

Remember that hot, crazy chick you just couldn't get away from? Yeah, me neither. From what I've heard, though, the experience would be very similar to owning Justin Upton in fantasy baseball....

Back in the days when MTV actually played music videos, there was a duo named Milli Vanilli who took the country by storm. Good looks, flowing locks, and catchy tunes brought instant fame, which...

Facebook (FB) is trading at an all-time high of $137.17 on the NASDAQ. It was viewed as a no-brainer investment when first coming public. The thing is, depending on when you invested, owning...

It is often said that history repeats itself. Nothing is more evident than in the fantasy baseball game. Young prospect with potential gets signed for millions of dollars and rips through...

There's a correlation between cost and expectation. The higher the cost, the greater the expectation. When you dish out hundreds of dollars on the Swoosh, you expect the Nike experience. If...

Did you know that Jonathan Lucroy, the top fantasy catcher in 2016, ended up as the 115th overall player on ESPN's Player Rater? Buster Posey was the only catcher to log over 600 plate appearances,...

It is often said that "Less Is More." Simplicity makes things more efficient and easily understood. When certain aspects of my life get cluttered, it definitely helps to simplify things. With...

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Fri, Mar 24th 7:34pm EDT |

Clayton Kershaw allowed two hits, walked one, and struck out 11 in six innings Thursday against the Texas Rangers. 62-of-92 pitches were thrown for strikes.

Wed, Mar 22nd 12:37pm EDT |

Hyun-Jin Ryu allowed one hit and struck out two in four innings Wednesday against the Milwaukee Brewers.

Tue, Mar 21st 2:44pm EDT |

Kenley Jansen struck out two in one inning of work Monday night, pitching for the Netherlands against Puerto Rico in the World Baseball Classic. 8-of-9 pitches were thrown for strikes.

Mon, Mar 20th 1:28pm EDT | Ken Gurnick on Twitter

Dave Roberts said "it's unrealistic" for Urias to be stretched out enough to make the Opening Day roster. He did leave open the possibility, though.

Sun, Mar 19th 2:33am EDT |

Kenta Maeda allowed five hits, one earned run, walked one, and struck out one in 4 1/3 innings Saturday against the Chicago White Sox.

Sun, Mar 19th 2:26am EDT |

Alex Wood allowed two hits, one earned run, and struck out five in 4 1/3 innings Friday against the San Diego Padres. 39-of-54 pitches were thrown for strikes.

Thu, Mar 16th 10:05pm EDT |

Hyun-Jin Ryu allowed three hits, one earned run, walked one, and struck out four in three innings Thursday against the Chicago Cubs.

Wed, Mar 15th 9:55am EDT |

Kenley Jansen allowed two hits, one earned run, and walked one in 2/3 innings Tuesday against the Cincinnati Reds.

Wed, Mar 15th 9:49am EDT |

Rich Hill allowed one hit, walked three, and struck out three in 3 2/3 innings Tuesday against the Cincinnati Reds.

Tue, Mar 14th 8:50am EDT |

Kenta Maeda allowed one hit, a home run, and struck out seven in 3 2/3 innings Monday against the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim.

Mon, Mar 13th 1:05pm EDT |

Clayton Kershaw allowed two hits (one home run), one earned run, walked one, and struck out four in four innings Sunday against the Kansas City Royals. 36-of-55 pitches were thrown for strikes.

Sun, Mar 12th 1:04am EST |

Kenley Jansen allowed two hits and one earned run Saturday against the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim.

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