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Fantasy Baseball Player Notes

2022 Fantasy Baseball Draft Notes

Jose Ramirez Note
Jose Ramirez photo 1. Jose Ramirez CLE
Ramirez continues to be one of fantasy baseball's most bankable commodities, reliably stuffing the stat sheet. His fire-hydrant physique belies impressive speed; he swiped 27 bags last year, including 18 after the All-Star Break. The power numbers are stable. The batting average has been less predictable, but it's probably a good sign that he managed to bat .266 last year despite a .256 BABIP. His supporting cast isn't great, but it wasn't great last year either, and he still scored 111 runs and had 103 RBI. Invest with confidence.
30 weeks ago
Rafael Devers Note
Rafael Devers photo 2. Rafael Devers BOS
Devers hit a career-high 38 HRs in 2021, and the peripherals say there's more where that came from. He was north of the 90th percentile in average exit velocity, maximum exit velocity and hard hit percentage. Devers doesn't take a lot of walks, but he drives the ball to all fields with authority and should provide a plus batting average. He doesn't run much, but with this sort of hitting profile, that's a minor complaint. He plays in a great hitter's park and has a strong supporting cast. Devers is building an impressive body of work, and he's still only 25. This is a rock-solid investment.
30 weeks ago
Manny Machado Note
Manny Machado photo 3. Manny Machado SD
It's a shame you don't get points for defense in fantasy baseball, as that would bolster Machado's falling stock. The former perennial top-10 selection is now going in the late second or early third round. Machado will turn 30 this year, and some positive regression seems to be in order. He's still a five-category contributor, and in a loaded Padres lineup, 80/25/80 with 10 SBs should be on the table. But expecting Machado to return to the 35 HR level would be downright delusional.
30 weeks ago
Austin Riley Note
Austin Riley photo 4. Austin Riley ATL
Riley's value swings wildly depending on whether you play in an OBP league or a BA league. In the former, he's a four category stud. In the latter, he's a slightly overvalued three category asset. The young slugger should continue to get better, but reaching last year's ceiling may not be realistic. Kim Kardashian has a better chance of winning an Oscar for Best Actress than Riley does of equaling his 2021 second-half .397 BABIP. That said, while you don't want to reach for him based on his RBI numbers last year, the 3B position isn't as deep as usual, so Riley isn't a bad pick in the fifth or sixth round.
30 weeks ago
Kris Bryant Note
Kris Bryant photo 5. Kris Bryant COL
He hasn't turned into the superstar we thought he was going to become, but he's still got power and will still knock in runs, and now he'll be doing his mashing at Coors Field. Bryant might not have been worth a top-100 selection if he landed in a bad spot, but going to the Rockies gives him a significant value boost.
27 weeks ago
Nolan Arenado Note
Nolan Arenado photo 6. Nolan Arenado STL
If only fantasy baseball awarded points for spectacular defensive plays. Alas, you're stuck relying only on Arenado's bat. That ain't half bad - but it's no longer worth overpaying for. In his first season outside of Colorado, the highlight-reel third baseman showed that he can still rake. But as anticipated, his BA, OBP and OPS all dropped. Now on the wrong side of 30, Arenado is realistically a 2.5-category guy. He'll help you in HR and RBI, and he won't hurt you in runs, but let someone else in your league jump on him early based on name recognition. You can get 80 percent of his production from other third basemen three to four rounds later than Arenado is expected to go.
30 weeks ago
Wander Franco Note
Wander Franco photo 7. Wander Franco TB
The Rays' wunderkind signed an 11-year, $182 million contract in November and now simply has to go about the business of becoming the superstar everyone expects him to become. Franco scored 53 runs and had 39 RBI in only 70 games last season. He also displayed impressive plate patience and remarkable contact skills as a 20-year-old rookie. He's not a speed merchant, and the power might take time to develop, but Franco should score a lot of runs, drive in a lot of runs and produce something close to a .300 batting average.
30 weeks ago
Adalberto Mondesi Note
Adalberto Mondesi photo 8. Adalberto Mondesi KC
If only we could transfer this skill set to a more durable body. Mondesi is a stolen base machine with some surprising pop in his bat, but he hasn't played in more than 102 games or made more than 443 plate appearances in any season, and he's played more than 75 games only once. Leg and foot injuries limited him to only 35 games last year, yet Mondesi still managed to swipe 15 bags and belt six home runs. He strikes out a ton, doesn't take walks and has a .249 career batting average, but his contributions in the counting categories (especially steals) more than make up for it. This is all about risk tolerance, and you're obligated to bake some missed games into Mondesi's price.
30 weeks ago
Alex Bregman Note
Alex Bregman photo 9. Alex Bregman HOU
After his monster 2019 season (.296, 41 HRs, 112 RBI), Bregman's last two campaigns have been disappointing. Quad and hamstring issues limited him to .348 ABs last season, and he batted .270 with 12 HRs, 55 RBI and 54 runs. Uninspiring Statcast numbers suggest that another 40 HR season isn't in the cards. Bregman is a career .281 hitter, however, and he'll make worthwhile contributions in RBI and runs. Just don't pay for the Bregman of 2018-2019.
30 weeks ago
Anthony Rendon Note
Anthony Rendon photo 10. Anthony Rendon LAA
A medley of injuries limited Rendon to 58 games and 249 plate appearances in 2021. He batted over .300 in each of his last three seasons with the Nationals, but Rendon's BA slipped to .286 in the COVID-shortened 2020 season and bottomed out at a career-low .240 last year. When he's at his best, Rendon is a choosy hitter who racks up extra-base hits and makes significant contributions in every category except stolen bases. He's slightly past prime age, but we should still expect a bounce-back season from Rendon, and he's very affordable in drafts.
30 weeks ago
Justin Turner Note
Justin Turner photo 11. Justin Turner LAD
Turner is entering his age-37 season and saw some mild decline last year, but he also tied his career-high with 151 games played and popped 27 home runs. His walk and strikeout rates largely held, as did his quality of contact. With the addition of the DH in the National League, and with the Dodgers only adding to their elite lineup, Turner should have enough juice left in the tank to put together another productive season. Considering the weakness of the third base position this year, Turner makes an excellent mid-round target with a mitigated health risk in light of the DH.
27 weeks ago
Yoan Moncada Note
Yoan Moncada photo 12. Yoan Moncada CWS
We've got a "best shape of his life" alert with Moncada, who has been vocal about his offseason training habits. Talk of 30 stolen bases have leaked out and considering the weakness of the third base position, Moncada's ADP has slowly begun to rise. But he's never stolen more than 12 bases in a season and is in the 67th percentile for sprint speed. Stolen bases are the least of Moncada's problems anyway, as he's hit just 20 homers and batted .253 combined over the last two seasons (196 games). His walk rate is still elite and there should be a ton of run and RBI opportunities again in the Chicago lineup. But until we actually see Moncada get back to the 2019 version of himself, don't bother reaching for him.
27 weeks ago
Matt Chapman Note
Matt Chapman photo 13. Matt Chapman TOR
Chapman get a massive upgrade moving from Oakland to Toronto, both in terms of home park and surrounding lineup. He's coming off an incredible disappointing year in which he hit only .210, but it's worth remembering that he had major surgery the prior offseason. As we saw with Buster Posey, players often take a full season to recover, so it's a good bet that you can write Chapman's 2021 off to his recovery. Even so, he hit 27 home runs last year, so if he can just get his strikeout rate back down to the 23% range he had shown in his career rather than the 33% range he's had the last two seasons, he could be in for a monstrous year.
27 weeks ago
DJ LeMahieu Note
DJ LeMahieu photo 14. DJ LeMahieu NYY
LeMahieu seems like the poster child for the effect of the juiced ball. After drastically increasing his home run power over the previous few seasons, he hit just 10 home runs last year and his slugging percentage dropped to .362. LeMahieu had offseason surgery to repair a hernia, so perhaps his injury was bothering him longer than he let on and is responsible for his down year. But it's equally possible that at 33 years old, and without the juiced ball, LeMahieu just isn't as valuable a fantasy commodity as he used to be. Chances are, at the very least, that the days of a .300-plus batting average are gone, and now with likely low-teens home run potential, LeMahieu is more of a late-round pick whose main value is his position flexibility.
28 weeks ago
Chris Taylor Note
Chris Taylor photo 15. Chris Taylor LAD
Taylor had an excellent season, hitting 20 homers and stealing 13 bases while playing all over the diamond as usual. The Dodgers rewarded him with a four-year, $60 million deal, which pretty much guarantees that he'll find his way into the lineup nearly every day. He won't wow you in any category but given his position flexibility and placement in the best lineup in baseball, Taylor is an ideal player for any fantasy team who should offer similar numbers to last year.
27 weeks ago
Ke'Bryan Hayes Note
Ke'Bryan Hayes photo 16. Ke'Bryan Hayes PIT
Hayes had major buzz heading into 2021 after he batted .376 with a 1.124 OPS in 24 games in 2020. But his season went south nearly from the start, after he missed significant time with a wrist injury and continued to battle hand and wrist issues even after he returned. His hard-hit rate, average exit velocity and barrel percentage all dropped significantly, and it's fair to write if fantasy managers want to write all that off to his injury issues. But it's equally fair to acknowledge that Hayes's strong 2020 season was out of line with his minor-league career, and that fantasy managers were putting way too much stock into an incredibly small sample. The good news is that, unlike last year, fantasy managers won't need to pay a high price for Hayes, and in the wasteland (in terms of fantasy production) that is the third base position, Hayes makes a passable option at the hot corner in deeper leagues. Just make sure you draft some depth behind him in case he struggles again.
28 weeks ago
Josh Donaldson Note
Josh Donaldson photo 17. Josh Donaldson NYY
Spoiler alert with Donaldson - he's going to hit the ball really, really hard, he's going to walk a ton, andhe' going to miss time with an injury or two, probably involving his calf. The move to the Yankees can only help his fantasy outlook but, as with the Twins, the Yankees' DH spot will be filled most days, so Donaldson will need to play the field. His quality of contact has remained remarkably consistent despite his advanced age, so even in his age-36 season, fantasy managers shouldn't worry much about a decline. Book the production when he plays, but have a fill-in ready.
27 weeks ago
Ryan McMahon Note
Ryan McMahon photo 18. Ryan McMahon COL
McMahon showed that his poor performance during the shortened 2020 season was an aberration, as his 2021 statline was nearly identical to the one he put up in 2019. His batting average (.254), OBP (.331) and slugging percentage (.449) were all within four points of his 2019 mark and his counting stats were similarly comparable. There's a chance that McMahon makes some gains this season - he's entering his "magical" age-27 season and he cut his strikeout rate to 24.7% last year. But, given how closely his last two full seasons have mirrored one another, you can likely bank on a .250-ish average, 24 home runs, 145 combined runs and RBI, and five steals. Draft him with those numbers in mind.
28 weeks ago
Ty France Note
Ty France photo 19. Ty France SEA
Other than an awful May, during which he battled through a wrist injury and hit just .190, France had an outstanding 2021 season. He batted .291 overall and struck out just 16.3% of the time, all while putting up passable counting stats. There's a hard cap on France's value - he doesn't have a ton of power, he has no speed, and his expected stats say that he's due for a batting average correction. But absent an injury, there's pretty much no chance of the bottom dropping out, and he makes an ideal corner infielder who you can leave in your lineup without much concern.
28 weeks ago
Eugenio Suarez Note
Eugenio Suarez photo 20. Eugenio Suarez SEA
Suarez has continued to hit for power but his batting average has fallen off a cliff the last two seasons to just .199. Other than the fact that he had shoulder surgery just before the 2020 season, there's nothing really to explain. Almost all of his underlying metrics and quality of contact data look nearly identical to how they have his whole career, and he's just entering his age-30 season. But whatever the reason, Suarez is now a batting average drain, and he'll likely hit fewer home runs after being traded to Seattle. There's still plenty of value there, as he should still be a plus contributor in homers and RBI. But hope for a .230 batting avaerage as his ceiling at this point.
27 weeks ago
Eduardo Escobar Note
Eduardo Escobar photo 21. Eduardo Escobar NYM
Escobar rarely gets much love from fantasy managers, probably because everything under the hood doesn't usually support his numbers. He almost always outperforms his expected statistics, and he offers no help in batting average or steals. But he does have plenty of pop (53 homers over his last two full seasons, at least 21 in each of his last four), and he's been a plus in runs scored and RBI despite playing on mediocre teams. He'll now be the everyday third baseman for the Mets, so managers can enjoy his dual eligibility, and his placement in the middle of a strong lineup should keep all his counting stats afloat. There's not a ton of upside with Escobar, but there's a high floor.
26 weeks ago
Luis Urias Note
Luis Urias photo 22. Luis Urias MIL
Urias exploded last year, putting up 23 homers with 149 combined runs and RBI. Just to put that into perspective, Urias's high in home runs before last year was four, and his best combined runs and RBI total was 51. Most of his production was backed up by the underlying data, as his hard-contact rates exploded. He'd be a prime sleeper but he's battling a quad injury that is going to shut him down until early April at least, so knock him down your draft board a bit with the injury news. Performance-wise, however, last year looks legitimate.
27 weeks ago
Jeimer Candelario Note
Jeimer Candelario photo 23. Jeimer Candelario DET
Candelario is not an exciting player. He has little speed and probsbly won't surpass 20 home runs. But he won't hurt you in batting average and will give you passable runs scored and RBI totals batting in an improved Tigers offense. With third base being so shallow, Candelario is a player you can draft late who can fill in on off-days or be a bench player. It's never fun to draft low-upside players late, but Candelario is one of the few guys to take a shot on there.
26 weeks ago
Bobby Dalbec Note
Bobby Dalbec photo 24. Bobby Dalbec BOS
Dalbec has a ton of power, and ranked in the top nine percent of the league in average and maximum exit velocity. But he also struck out often, 34.4% of the time, which led to a middling .240 batting average despite him hitting the ball hard consistently. That's likely what we'll see again in his second year, though with more job security and perhaps a minor step up. Dalbec is one of a handful of 25-homer bats going very late in drafts, but he has enough upside to hit 35 without too much needing to go right. That makes him the ideal bench player or corner infielder in deeper mixed leagues.
26 weeks ago
Spencer Torkelson Note
Spencer Torkelson photo 25. Spencer Torkelson DET
Torkelson looks poised to start the year in the majors with the Tigers at first base, and there is a lot of reason to be excited after he blazed through three levels of the minors last year. He likely won't hit for much average, but he's got an exceptional eye at the plate (his lowest walk rate at any level last was 13%) and he hit 30 home runs in 121 games total in 2021. He's just 22 years old so don't be surprised if he struggles at first. But particularly in keeper formats, and even in redraft leagues, the upside is so strong that he should be a late-round target everywhere.
25 weeks ago
Alec Bohm Note
Alec Bohm photo 26. Alec Bohm PHI
Bohm was dreadful last year, but there's a pretty plausible theory as to what went wrong. He was one of the unluckiest hitters in baseball in the first half of the year, ranking near the top of the league in quality of contact but just not seeing the results. Eventually, that got into his head, and he expanded the zone and watched his strikeout rate climb significantly. By the end of the year, Bohm was a total mess, swinging at pitches out of the zone, taking pitches in the zone, and watching his already poor numbers decline. That's not the type of thing that usually derails a hitter for multiple seasons, so hopefully he can get back to doing what made him a strong prospect- being patient and hitting the ball hard. He's worth a flier late in your drafts, just don't go into the season relying on him.
26 weeks ago
Gio Urshela Note
Gio Urshela photo 27. Gio Urshela MIN
Urshela was moved to Minnesota this offseason where he'll man third base and likely bat in the bottom third of the order. When healthy, he's a high-average, 20-homer bat who will chip in everywhere but steals. But his margin for error is fairly thin given how mediocre his quality of contact is and with his poor walk rate. Given that his surrounding llineup and home park took a pretty drastic step down, he's really just an AL-only option at this point.
25 weeks ago
Patrick Wisdom Note
Patrick Wisdom photo 28. Patrick Wisdom CHC
Cavan Biggio Note
Cavan Biggio photo 29. Cavan Biggio TOR
Jonathan Villar Note
Jonathan Villar photo 30. Jonathan Villar SEA
Josh Rojas Note
Josh Rojas photo 31. Josh Rojas ARI
Rojas chipped in last year, but he didn't quite meet expectations placed on him after a strong spring. He came a steal short of reaching double digits in both home runs and steals, but his expected stats leave little to be desired. He's got position flexibility and won't hurt you while he's in there, but he's not someone you can draft as a starter and feel confident about. Expect a similar line to last year.
26 weeks ago
Evan Longoria Note
Evan Longoria photo 32. Evan Longoria SF
Mike Moustakas Note
Mike Moustakas photo 33. Mike Moustakas CIN
Joey Wendle Note
Joey Wendle photo 34. Joey Wendle MIA
Luis Arraez Note
Luis Arraez photo 35. Luis Arraez MIN
Abraham Toro Note
Abraham Toro photo 36. Abraham Toro SEA
Josh Harrison Note
Josh Harrison photo 37. Josh Harrison CWS
Brian Anderson Note
Brian Anderson photo 38. Brian Anderson MIA
Yandy Diaz Note
Yandy Diaz photo 39. Yandy Diaz TB
Wilmer Flores Note
Wilmer Flores photo 40. Wilmer Flores SF
Ha-Seong Kim Note
Ha-Seong Kim photo 41. Ha-Seong Kim SD
Hunter Dozier Note
Hunter Dozier photo 42. Hunter Dozier KC
Kyle Farmer Note
Kyle Farmer photo 43. Kyle Farmer CIN
Jose Miranda Note
Jose Miranda photo 44. Jose Miranda MIN
J.D. Davis Note
J.D. Davis photo 45. J.D. Davis SF
Kevin Smith Note
Kevin Smith photo 46. Kevin Smith OAK
Rougned Odor Note
Rougned Odor photo 47. Rougned Odor BAL
Tommy La Stella Note
Tommy La Stella photo 48. Tommy La Stella SF
Dylan Moore Note
Dylan Moore photo 49. Dylan Moore SEA
Tyler Wade Note
Tyler Wade photo 50. Tyler Wade NYY
Andy Ibanez Note
Andy Ibanez photo 51. Andy Ibanez TEX
Leury Garcia Note
Leury Garcia photo 52. Leury Garcia CWS
Diego Castillo Note
Diego Castillo photo 53. Diego Castillo PIT
Carter Kieboom Note
Carter Kieboom photo 54. Carter Kieboom WSH
Maikel Franco Note
Maikel Franco photo 55. Maikel Franco FA
Triston Casas Note
Triston Casas photo 56. Triston Casas BOS
Santiago Espinal Note
Santiago Espinal photo 57. Santiago Espinal TOR
Nolan Gorman Note
Nolan Gorman photo 58. Nolan Gorman STL
Josh Jung Note
Josh Jung photo 59. Josh Jung TEX
Aledmys Diaz Note
Aledmys Diaz photo 60. Aledmys Diaz HOU
Jake Burger Note
Jake Burger photo 61. Jake Burger CWS
Juan Yepez Note
Juan Yepez photo 62. Juan Yepez STL
Kelvin Gutierrez Note
Kelvin Gutierrez photo 63. Kelvin Gutierrez FA
Jace Peterson Note
Jace Peterson photo 64. Jace Peterson MIL
Josh VanMeter Note
Josh VanMeter photo 65. Josh VanMeter PIT
Drew Ellis Note
Drew Ellis photo 66. Drew Ellis SEA
Edwin Rios Note
Edwin Rios photo 67. Edwin Rios LAD
Jon Berti Note
Jon Berti photo 68. Jon Berti MIA
Mark Vientos Note
Mark Vientos photo 69. Mark Vientos NYM
Matt Duffy Note
Matt Duffy photo 70. Matt Duffy FA
Nolan Jones Note
Nolan Jones photo 71. Nolan Jones CLE
Colton Welker Note
Colton Welker photo 72. Colton Welker SF
Asdrubal Cabrera Note
Asdrubal Cabrera photo 73. Asdrubal Cabrera FA
Starlin Castro Note
Starlin Castro photo 74. Starlin Castro FA
Mike Brosseau Note
Mike Brosseau photo 75. Mike Brosseau MIL
Rio Ruiz Note
Rio Ruiz photo 76. Rio Ruiz FA
Yu Chang Note
Yu Chang photo 77. Yu Chang BOS
David Bote Note
David Bote photo 78. David Bote CHC
Marwin Gonzalez Note
Marwin Gonzalez photo 79. Marwin Gonzalez NYY
Zach McKinstry Note
Zach McKinstry photo 80. Zach McKinstry CHC
Eric Sogard Note
Eric Sogard photo 81. Eric Sogard FA
Renato Nunez Note
Renato Nunez photo 82. Renato Nunez FA
Mauricio Dubon Note
Mauricio Dubon photo 83. Mauricio Dubon HOU
Travis Shaw Note
Travis Shaw photo 84. Travis Shaw FA
Jake Lamb Note
Jake Lamb photo 85. Jake Lamb FA
Phil Gosselin Note
Phil Gosselin photo 86. Phil Gosselin FA
Hanser Alberto Note
Hanser Alberto photo 87. Hanser Alberto LAD
Johan Camargo Note
Johan Camargo photo 88. Johan Camargo PHI
Ehire Adrianza Note
Ehire Adrianza photo 89. Ehire Adrianza ATL
Hoy Park Note
Hoy Park photo 90. Hoy Park PIT
Matt Duffy Note
Matt Duffy photo 91. Matt Duffy LAA
Harold Castro Note
Harold Castro photo 92. Harold Castro DET
Sherten Apostel Note
Sherten Apostel photo 93. Sherten Apostel TEX
Charlie Culberson Note
Charlie Culberson photo 94. Charlie Culberson TEX
Joshua Fuentes Note
Joshua Fuentes photo 95. Joshua Fuentes FA
Jack Mayfield Note
Jack Mayfield photo 96. Jack Mayfield LAA
Luis Rengifo Note
Luis Rengifo photo 97. Luis Rengifo LAA
Joe Panik Note
Joe Panik photo 98. Joe Panik FA
Brock Holt Note
Brock Holt photo 99. Brock Holt FA
Jose Rojas Note
Jose Rojas photo 100. Jose Rojas FA
Emmanuel Rivera Note
Emmanuel Rivera photo 101. Emmanuel Rivera ARI
Isaac Paredes Note
Isaac Paredes photo 102. Isaac Paredes TB
Rylan Bannon Note
Rylan Bannon photo 103. Rylan Bannon ATL
Yonny Hernandez Note
Yonny Hernandez photo 104. Yonny Hernandez ARI
Luis Guillorme Note
Luis Guillorme photo 105. Luis Guillorme NYM
Romy Gonzalez Note
Romy Gonzalez photo 106. Romy Gonzalez CWS
Ronald Torreyes Note
Ronald Torreyes photo 107. Ronald Torreyes FA
Wilmer Difo Note
Wilmer Difo photo 108. Wilmer Difo FA
Jose Peraza Note
Jose Peraza photo 109. Jose Peraza FA
Jordy Mercer Note
Jordy Mercer photo 110. Jordy Mercer FA
Ernie Clement Note
Ernie Clement photo 111. Ernie Clement OAK
Elehuris Montero Note
Elehuris Montero photo 112. Elehuris Montero COL
Isan Diaz Note
Isan Diaz photo 113. Isan Diaz SF
Willians Astudillo Note
Willians Astudillo photo 114. Willians Astudillo MIA
Jordan Groshans Note
Jordan Groshans photo 115. Jordan Groshans MIA
Brandon Drury Note
Brandon Drury photo 116. Brandon Drury SD
Jason Vosler Note
Jason Vosler photo 117. Jason Vosler SF
Pablo Reyes Note
Pablo Reyes photo 118. Pablo Reyes MIL
Alejo Lopez Note
Alejo Lopez photo 119. Alejo Lopez CIN
Daniel Robertson Note
Daniel Robertson photo 120. Daniel Robertson PHI
Phillip Evans Note
Phillip Evans photo 121. Phillip Evans NYY
Ildemaro Vargas Note
Ildemaro Vargas photo 122. Ildemaro Vargas WSH
Taylor Motter Note
Taylor Motter photo 123. Taylor Motter ATL
Brendon Davis Note
Brendon Davis photo 124. Brendon Davis DET
Jake Noll Note
Jake Noll photo 125. Jake Noll WSH
Jedd Gyorko Note
Jedd Gyorko photo 126. Jedd Gyorko FA
Yolmer Sanchez Note
Yolmer Sanchez photo 127. Yolmer Sanchez NYM
Brendan Donovan Note
Brendan Donovan photo 128. Brendan Donovan STL
Kevin Padlo Note
Kevin Padlo photo 129. Kevin Padlo PIT
Robel Garcia Note
Robel Garcia photo 130. Robel Garcia FA
Anderson Tejeda Note
Anderson Tejeda photo 131. Anderson Tejeda FA
Freddy Galvis Note
Freddy Galvis photo 132. Freddy Galvis FA
Ivan Castillo Note
Ivan Castillo photo 133. Ivan Castillo KC
Todd Frazier Note
Todd Frazier photo 134. Todd Frazier FA
Ryan Goins Note
Ryan Goins photo 135. Ryan Goins ATL
Erik Gonzalez Note
Erik Gonzalez photo 136. Erik Gonzalez MIA
Andrew Bechtold Note
Andrew Bechtold photo 137. Andrew Bechtold MIN
Domingo Leyba Note
Domingo Leyba photo 138. Domingo Leyba SD
Eddy Alvarez Note
Eddy Alvarez photo 139. Eddy Alvarez FA
Jordan Zimmerman Note
Jordan Zimmerman photo 140. Jordan Zimmerman FA
Tyler Ladendorf Note
Tyler Ladendorf photo 141. Tyler Ladendorf FA
Ryan Dorow Note
Ryan Dorow photo 142. Ryan Dorow TEX
Matt Davidson Note
Matt Davidson photo 143. Matt Davidson OAK
Ryon Healy Note
Ryon Healy photo 144. Ryon Healy FA
Austin Martin Note
Austin Martin photo 145. Austin Martin MIN
Brett Baty Note
Brett Baty photo 146. Brett Baty NYM
Buddy Kennedy Note
Buddy Kennedy photo 147. Buddy Kennedy ARI