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Fantasy Baseball Player Notes

2020 Fantasy Baseball Draft Notes
Cody Bellinger Note
Cody Bellinger photo 1. Cody Bellinger LAD
Bellinger had a tremendous season, drastically improving his walk rate and cutting his strikeout rate, and setting career highs in each of the five standard rotisserie categories. If there's a knock on Bellinger's season, it's that so much of his production came in the first half, and particularly in March where he batted .431 with 14 home runs. Beginning in June, he batted .280 or lower in each month, and he batted just .261 in the second half. But the numbers all count, and although it's reasonable to expect Bellinger to take a slight step back from his overall 2019 numbers, it still leaves him as a top-five pick.
10 weeks ago
Freddie Freeman Note
Freddie Freeman photo 2. Freddie Freeman ATL
Freeman tested positive for COVID-19 at the outset of renewed camp and has reportedly dealt with some difficult symptoms. It seems unlikely that he'll be able to begin the year with the Braves, though he is apparently on the road to recovery. When healthy, Freeman is a dynamic option, so long as he has recovered from the elbow soreness that plagued him in spring. Don't let Freeman slip too far, but he's out of the second round for now.
3 weeks ago
Pete Alonso Note
Pete Alonso photo 3. Pete Alonso NYM
It feels odd that a rookie can hit 53 homers with 120 RBIs then end up draft towards the end of the third round but that's exactly what we have here. 60 homrs is a real possibility but then again, so are 35 homers with a .235 batting average, similar to the disappointment fantasy owners had with Hoskins last season.
13 weeks ago
Anthony Rizzo Note
Anthony Rizzo photo 4. Anthony Rizzo CHC
We've never seen Rizzo hit 35 homers or bat .300 but his production has been so steady that fantasy owners can be certain they'll get 25 homers with 80+ runs, 90+ RBIs and a batting average north of .275. That makes him a worthwhile 4th or 5th round pick.
13 weeks ago
Paul Goldschmidt Note
Paul Goldschmidt photo 5. Paul Goldschmidt STL
Goldschmidt's batting average may have dipped thanks to a slow start but he finished with 30+ homers for the third consecutive season and very nearly went for 100 runs and 100 RBIs. More than likely, that batting average will end up north of .280 again too which would make him a steal at the end of the fifth round.
13 weeks ago
Matt Olson Note
Matt Olson photo 6. Matt Olson OAK
After two years of a low BABIP, Olson's BA finally jumped to .267. It isn't probable he will offer more than that but fantasy owners know 50 HRs and 120 RBIs is truly within reach if he doesn't miss a full month this season.
13 weeks ago
Jose Abreu Note
Jose Abreu photo 7. Jose Abreu CWS
Abreu outperformed Anthony Rizzo and Paul Goldschmidt last season, knocking 33 homers with 122 RBIs and a solid as always .282 BA. He hasn't slowed down one bit despite the age so you can rely on him to produce once again if you grab him in the 7th round.
13 weeks ago
Josh Bell Note
Josh Bell photo 8. Josh Bell PIT
Bell had a true breakout season in 2019, improving drastically in pretty much every measurable category. His increases in exit velocity (2.3 mph), launch angle (3.8 degrees), and barrels per plate appearance (3.8%) showed that his gains were not fluky, and he even recovered from what looked to be a second-half collapse with a .927 OPS in August. The issue for Bell is that even with the improvements, a first baseman who bats .277 and slugs 37 home runs is not blowing the fantasy world away. Buy many of the gains, but don't go crazy on draft day.
10 weeks ago
DJ LeMahieu Note
DJ LeMahieu photo 9. DJ LeMahieu NYY
LeMahieu tested positive for COVID-19 and is asymptomatic, according to the Yankees. Assuming he rejoins the team by the start of the season - a big "if" but somewhat likely given his early positive test - then he should have little difficulty getting ready for the season.
3 weeks ago
Max Muncy Note
Max Muncy photo 10. Max Muncy LAD
Muncy now has 70 homers over the last two seasons and while fantasy owners know he won't be a source of help in the batting average department, he still managed 100+ runs because of the 90 walks. Multi-position eligibility certainly doesn't hurt either.
13 weeks ago
Rhys Hoskins Note
Rhys Hoskins photo 11. Rhys Hoskins PHI
Hoskins' BA luck caught up to him and that BA dipped to .226. His power remained about the same rather than jumping to a new level like many seemed to be anticipating. He does still have upside for more but the floor, as we've seen, is a non-top 25 first basemen.
13 weeks ago
Carlos Santana Note
Carlos Santana photo 12. Carlos Santana CLE
After a lousy 2018, it seemed Santana's bat had finally hit the end of career wall, but he bounced back to a tune of 34 homers, 110 runs and saw his batting average soar from .229 to .281. All are expected to regress in 2019, but not enough to make him worth passing on in the 12th round.
13 weeks ago
Edwin Encarnacion Note
Edwin Encarnacion photo 13. Edwin Encarnacion CWS
Encarnacion is most certainly getting up there in age but his power persists as he knocked 30+ homers again for the eighth straight season. As we all know, the batting average won't be great but we can put up with that for 100+ RBIs and 80+ runs to go with the power.
13 weeks ago
Yuli Gurriel Note
Yuli Gurriel photo 14. Yuli Gurriel HOU
Gurriel was unbelievable last season going from 13 homers and 85 RBIs to 31 and 104. Even with the power spike, he maintained his .290 BA for the third straight season. Although he is older, it is clear that fantasy owners can still rely on him for plenty of production.
13 weeks ago
Danny Santana Note
Danny Santana photo 15. Danny Santana TEX
Santana's breakout season was absolutely ridiculous on paper. He finished with 28 homers, 21 steals, a .283 BA and 80+ RBIs and runs in just 474 at-bats. He may not be as efficient this season but even if he takes a step back, he would be a steal in the 13th round.
13 weeks ago
Miguel Sano Note
Miguel Sano photo 16. Miguel Sano MIN
Sano tested positive for COVID-19, though he's asymptomatic. There have been few updates since his test in early July, and it's certainly possible that he'll return healthy before the start of the regular season. For now, drop him down your draft board a hair, but don't shy away entirely.
3 weeks ago
Christian Walker Note
Christian Walker photo 17. Christian Walker ARI
Walker finished as a top 15 first basemen with a near-identical stat-line to Paul Goldschmidt. He slowed down in the second half and the batting average won't be useful but unless Seth Beer forces Arizona's hand, Walker should again get 25+ homers for fantasy owners this year.
13 weeks ago
Yasmani Grandal Note
Yasmani Grandal photo 18. Yasmani Grandal CWS
In terms of overall game, Grandal may be the best catcher in all of baseball, as his OBP will hover just south of .400 and he plays excellent defense but the BA will be closer to that .240 mark and his HRs, RBIs and runs should dip in the ballpark and lineup moves from MIL to CWS.
13 weeks ago
Luke Voit Note
Luke Voit photo 19. Luke Voit NYY
Voit wasn't anything near the short sample-size explosion we saw in 2018 but he still managed 21 homers, 72 runs and 62 RBIs in just 118 games. While the batting average won't be ideal, you can certainly put up with 30 homers, 90/90 RBis and runs in the 17th round.
13 weeks ago
C.J. Cron Note
C.J. Cron photo 20. C.J. Cron DET
Cron had 30 homers in 2018 and followed it up with 25 last year despite just 125 games played. Should he see a full season of health, 35 or even 40 is a possibility but the cost is a medicore at best batting average.
13 weeks ago
Eric Hosmer Note
Eric Hosmer photo 21. Eric Hosmer SD
Since Hosmer went to San Diego, his batting average hasn't been anywhere near as reliable as it once was. The power is still in the 20 homer per season range but his primary calling card is the durability that affords fantasy owners 90+ RBIs per season and plenty of runs.
13 weeks ago
Daniel Murphy Note
Daniel Murphy photo 22. Daniel Murphy COL
Murphy didn't do all that much either of the last two seasons with just 12 and 13 homers plus 90 missed games combined, but his batting average has still be reliably good. If he can manage to stay healthy, .315 and 20 HRs is not out of the question.
13 weeks ago
Ryan McMahon Note
Ryan McMahon photo 23. Ryan McMahon COL
McMahon didn't play every day as some expected but he still managed 24 homers. With more playing time this year, that could spike to 30+ and his .250 BA is likely to improve as well considering his aptitude in that department throughout the minors.
13 weeks ago
Joc Pederson Note
Joc Pederson photo 24. Joc Pederson LAD
Joc has always had power but last year he kicked it up a notch, reaching 36 bombs in just 450 at-bats. He is one to monitor in the upcoming weeks as his playing time could spike if the Dodgers deal him to Boston in the possible Mookie Betts deal.
13 weeks ago
Joey Votto Note
Joey Votto photo 25. Joey Votto CIN
It has now been two seasons since Votto has displayed any power, and his batting average has dropped quite a bit each of the last two years. He might not be helpful in fantasy whatsoever, but there is, of course, a chance that he bounces back to become a top 12 first basemen once again.
13 weeks ago
Brandon Lowe Note
Brandon Lowe photo 26. Brandon Lowe TB
Lowe didn't have a high prospect pedigree nor did he perform in his rookie debut but he blew up last year for the Rays, hitting 17 homers and driving in 51 runs in just 296 at-bats. Don't be surprised if that grows to 25 and 10 with a solid batting average over a full year.
13 weeks ago
Mark Canha Note
Mark Canha photo 27. Mark Canha OAK
Nobody seems to want to give Canha credit for the changes in his approach last year, but you're selling yourself short if you don't. Canha cut his swing percentage on pitches outside the zone way down last year, and the results were impressive, with 26 home runs and a .273 batting average in just 126 games. Slated to bat fifth for the A's, there's every reason for Canha to put up solid all-around numbers, and he's essentially forgotten in fantasy drafts.
10 weeks ago
Hunter Dozier Note
Hunter Dozier photo 28. Hunter Dozier KC
Dozier had a strong 2019, batting .279 with 26 homers, 75 runs and 84 RBIs. He won't swipe any bags, but that was good enough to outproduce Rhys Hoskins and Edwin Encarnacion from a fantasy perspective and fantasy owners can expect more four category production this year.
13 weeks ago
Yandy Diaz Note
Yandy Diaz photo 29. Yandy Diaz TB
Diaz finally received some playing time and the bat was strong as expected with 14 homers in just half a season. The batting average has room for growth too so don't be surprised if a full season gives fantasy owners 25 homers with a .280 average.
13 weeks ago
Renato Nunez Note
Renato Nunez photo 30. Renato Nunez BAL
Nunez went from 8 homers and a .258 average in 2018 to a breakout performance with 31 homers and 90 RBIs. The batting average certainly won't help fantasy owners, however.
13 weeks ago
Wil Myers Note
Wil Myers photo 31. Wil Myers SD
The 29-year-old Myers has been disappointing each of the last two seasons but let's not forget that he is not far removed from 58 HRs and 48 SBs in two seasons combined. The average will never be there but the power/speed combo is worth a late-round gamble.
13 weeks ago
Michael Chavis Note
Michael Chavis photo 32. Michael Chavis BOS
Chavis came out blazing after he made his MLB debut and many were calling him the next great star but he cooled off in a huge way and ended up only hitting .254 but with 18 homers in 347 at-bats. With multi-position eligibility, this is a premiere breakout candidate to target late in drafts.
13 weeks ago
Miguel Cabrera Note
Miguel Cabrera photo 33. Miguel Cabrera DET
If you play in a deeper league and are looking for a source of batting average in the later rounds, Cabrera is as solid of a bet as you'll find. Durability is a concern and he won't hit for power anymore though.
13 weeks ago
Justin Smoak Note
Justin Smoak photo 34. Justin Smoak MIL
Smoak batted just .208 but underlying metrics suggest he may have been the most unlucky hitter in all of baseball. Expect .240 at least this year with another 25+ homers in Milwaukee.
13 weeks ago
Jesus Aguilar Note
Jesus Aguilar photo 35. Jesus Aguilar MIA
Aguilar had a rough 2019 but was only given 314 at-bats. Now that he is with Miami, we can expect him to play near every game and if he does, those 35 homers fantasy owners saw in 2018 may return.
13 weeks ago
Howie Kendrick Note
Howie Kendrick photo 36. Howie Kendrick WSH
At-bat for at-bat, Kendrick was one of the best hitters in the MLB last season despite his old age. He somehow went from a 4 home run hitter to 17 bombs with a .344 batting average. It is hard to tell if it will stick around for a full year but he is well worth a late-round investment.
13 weeks ago
Brandon Belt Note
Brandon Belt photo 37. Brandon Belt SF
Belt's batting average is not likely to jump back up to the .275 mark we grew used to seeing earlier in his career but there is something to be said for 15+ homers every year and all the runs that come with his high OBP.
13 weeks ago
Christian Vazquez Note
Christian Vazquez photo 38. Christian Vazquez BOS
Vasquez is being drafted as the ninth catcher off the board this season but finished 2019 as the #4 catcher in fantasy with 23 homers and a solid .276 average. Playing in Boston's treacherous lineup certainly dosn't hurt either. His upside isn't as sexy but this is a good bat well worth using as a top 12 catcher.
13 weeks ago
Nate Lowe Note
Nate Lowe photo 39. Nate Lowe TB
Lowe didn't do a ton in his 152 at bats last year but in the minor leagues he made it clear that he is a masher through and through. It would be no surprise if he ended the year batting .290 with 25 homers much like we saw in Trey Mancini's breakout 2019.
13 weeks ago
Daniel Vogelbach Note
Daniel Vogelbach photo 40. Daniel Vogelbach SEA
Vogelbach did manage 30 homers as many thought he might but the batting average was so horrendous that there are talks that he may lose his job at some point this season. With that said, with the risk comes upside for 40 bombs and a Joey Gallo like season.
13 weeks ago
Niko Goodrum Note
Niko Goodrum photo 41. Niko Goodrum DET
Goodrum isn't going to hit even .250 but this a multi-position guy for your bench that will hit a dozen homers and steal a dozen bases.
13 weeks ago
Eric Thames Note
Eric Thames photo 42. Eric Thames WSH
Thames probably won't play every day for Washington but even with just 396 at-bats last year, he managed 25 homers, 67 runs and 61 RBIs. Fantasy owners would love that production repeated out of a last round pick.
13 weeks ago
Evan White Note
Evan White photo 43. Evan White SEA
Trey Mancini Note
Trey Mancini photo 44. Trey Mancini BAL
Mancini was terrific last year but he is unlikely to play in 2020 because of Stage 3 cancer.
13 weeks ago
Garrett Cooper Note
Garrett Cooper photo 45. Garrett Cooper MIA
Cooper has a solid bat that could again bat .280 with 20+ homers if he plays a full season in the middle of Miami's lineup. There isn't a ton of upside, however, and there is risk he would lose his job if he doesn't start well.
13 weeks ago
Travis d'Arnaud Note
Travis d'Arnaud photo 46. Travis d'Arnaud ATL
d'Arnaud is not likely to help with batting average but as long as he can manage to stay healthy, fantasy owners can again expect 15+ homers with 60+ RBIs in this potent Atlanta offense.
13 weeks ago
Ji-Man Choi Note
Ji-Man Choi photo 47. Ji-Man Choi TB
Jose Martinez Note
Jose Martinez photo 48. Jose Martinez TB
Martinez was only given 334 at-bats last year even though he batted .305 in 2018. His batting average dipped but all of the underlying metrics suggest that was a fluke. If he plays the full season in Tampa, he could prove to be one of the great steals in 2020.
13 weeks ago
Albert Pujols Note
Albert Pujols photo 49. Albert Pujols LAA
Pujols is nowhere near where he once was and has some durability concerns but this is still a 20+ homer hitter for the end of your bench with a BA that won't entirely kill you.
13 weeks ago
Rowdy Tellez Note
Rowdy Tellez photo 50. Rowdy Tellez TOR
Tellez has power galore, as evidenced by his 21 homers in just 370 at-bats. Now, the BA will hurt a bit, but you can afford to deal with that if his homers jump to 35 over a full season.
13 weeks ago
Mitch Moreland Note
Mitch Moreland photo 51. Mitch Moreland BOS
Moreland has never been a source of batting average but he does offer power and last year it was plus power with 19 homers in just 91 games. That could become 30-35 with a full season of health this year.
13 weeks ago
Marwin Gonzalez Note
Marwin Gonzalez photo 52. Marwin Gonzalez MIN
Marwin is a long way removed from batting .303 with 90 RBIs for the Astros in the now infamous 2017 Astros' season, but he still has 20 homer power if he can stay on the field and the batting average shouldn't hurt.
13 weeks ago
Ryan Mountcastle Note
Ryan Mountcastle photo 53. Ryan Mountcastle BAL
Jay Bruce Note
Jay Bruce photo 54. Jay Bruce PHI
Wilmer Flores Note
Wilmer Flores photo 55. Wilmer Flores SF
Flores finally signed and with Scooter Gennett out of San Francisco, Flores has a solid path to consistent playing time for the first time in years. This reliable bat is a solid late-round investment.
13 weeks ago
Jake Lamb Note
Jake Lamb photo 56. Jake Lamb ARI
Kevin Cron Note
Kevin Cron photo 57. Kevin Cron ARI
Dominic Smith Note
Dominic Smith photo 58. Dominic Smith NYM
Victor Caratini Note
Victor Caratini photo 59. Victor Caratini CHC
Caratini is almost certain to be the backup once again to Contreras this season, but should he suffer an injury or the Cubs trade him, Caratini would likely morph into a low-end C1 or high-end C2.
13 weeks ago
Jake Bauers Note
Jake Bauers photo 60. Jake Bauers CLE
Bauers has not produced at the level many prospect hounds expected but he does have upside to break out this year to a tune of 20 homers, 10 steals and a .250 batting average if he hangs onto the job.
13 weeks ago
Ryan O'Hearn Note
Ryan O'Hearn photo 61. Ryan O'Hearn KC
Jeimer Candelario Note
Jeimer Candelario photo 62. Jeimer Candelario DET
Chris Davis Note
Chris Davis photo 63. Chris Davis BAL
Ronald Guzman Note
Ronald Guzman photo 64. Ronald Guzman TEX
Matt Beaty Note
Matt Beaty photo 65. Matt Beaty LAD
Beaty offered fantasy owners a jolt last season with both power and speed. It was a small sample-size and there is no guarantee for playing time but he may be worth a late-round investment.
13 weeks ago
Willians Astudillo Note
Willians Astudillo photo 66. Willians Astudillo MIN
If Astudillo gets more playing time this year, fantasy owners can expect a useful batting average but not much in the way of power or speed.
13 weeks ago
Mike Ford Note
Mike Ford photo 67. Mike Ford NYY
Ford hit 12 bombs in just 143 at-bats last year after destroying Triple-A pitching to open the year, but there doesn't seem to be a spot in the lineup for him versus righties.
13 weeks ago
Jose Osuna Note
Jose Osuna photo 68. Jose Osuna PIT
Austin Nola Note
Austin Nola photo 69. Austin Nola SEA
Rio Ruiz Note
Rio Ruiz photo 70. Rio Ruiz BAL
Aledmys Diaz Note
Aledmys Diaz photo 71. Aledmys Diaz HOU
Josh VanMeter Note
Josh VanMeter photo 72. Josh VanMeter CIN
Kendrys Morales Note
Kendrys Morales photo 73. Kendrys Morales FA
Tyler White Note
Tyler White photo 74. Tyler White LAD
Ryon Healy Note
Ryon Healy photo 75. Ryon Healy MIL
Yonder Alonso Note
Yonder Alonso photo 76. Yonder Alonso ATL
Brandon Drury Note
Brandon Drury photo 77. Brandon Drury TOR
Ryan McBroom Note
Ryan McBroom photo 78. Ryan McBroom KC
Darin Ruf Note
Darin Ruf photo 79. Darin Ruf SF
Pablo Sandoval Note
Pablo Sandoval photo 80. Pablo Sandoval SF
Edwin Rios Note
Edwin Rios photo 81. Edwin Rios LAD
Greg Bird Note
Greg Bird photo 82. Greg Bird TEX
Brock Holt Note
Brock Holt photo 83. Brock Holt MIL
Ehire Adrianza Note
Ehire Adrianza photo 84. Ehire Adrianza MIN
Matt Adams Note
Matt Adams photo 85. Matt Adams ATL
Neil Walker Note
Neil Walker photo 86. Neil Walker PHI
Matt Thaiss Note
Matt Thaiss photo 87. Matt Thaiss LAA
Brandon Dixon Note
Brandon Dixon photo 88. Brandon Dixon DET
Alex Kirilloff Note
Alex Kirilloff photo 89. Alex Kirilloff MIN
Sam Travis Note
Sam Travis photo 90. Sam Travis TEX
Triston Casas Note
Triston Casas photo 91. Triston Casas BOS
Josh Fuentes Note
Josh Fuentes photo 92. Josh Fuentes COL
John Hicks Note
John Hicks photo 93. John Hicks ARI
Rangel Ravelo Note
Rangel Ravelo photo 94. Rangel Ravelo STL
Charlie Culberson Note
Charlie Culberson photo 95. Charlie Culberson ATL
Ronny Rodriguez Note
Ronny Rodriguez photo 96. Ronny Rodriguez MIL
Austin Slater Note
Austin Slater photo 97. Austin Slater SF
Kyle Farmer Note
Kyle Farmer photo 98. Kyle Farmer CIN
Jose Marmolejos Note
Jose Marmolejos photo 99. Jose Marmolejos SEA
Derek Dietrich Note
Derek Dietrich photo 100. Derek Dietrich CHC
Brent Rooker Note
Brent Rooker photo 101. Brent Rooker MIN
Aramis Garcia Note
Aramis Garcia photo 102. Aramis Garcia SF
Jordy Mercer Note
Jordy Mercer photo 103. Jordy Mercer DET
Andrew Vaughn Note
Andrew Vaughn photo 104. Andrew Vaughn CWS
Logan Forsythe Note
Logan Forsythe photo 105. Logan Forsythe MIA
Logan Morrison Note
Logan Morrison photo 106. Logan Morrison MIL
Cheslor Cuthbert Note
Cheslor Cuthbert photo 107. Cheslor Cuthbert CWS
Bobby Bradley Note
Bobby Bradley photo 108. Bobby Bradley CLE
Mark Reynolds Note
Mark Reynolds photo 109. Mark Reynolds COL
Hanley Ramirez Note
Hanley Ramirez photo 110. Hanley Ramirez CLE
Josh Ockimey Note
Josh Ockimey photo 111. Josh Ockimey BOS
Steve Pearce Note
Steve Pearce photo 112. Steve Pearce FA
Tyler Nevin Note
Tyler Nevin photo 113. Tyler Nevin COL
Taylor Jones Note
Taylor Jones photo 114. Taylor Jones HOU
Chris Shaw Note
Chris Shaw photo 115. Chris Shaw SF
Lucas Duda Note
Lucas Duda photo 116. Lucas Duda FA
Jared Walsh Note
Jared Walsh photo 117. Jared Walsh LAA
Patrick Wisdom Note
Patrick Wisdom photo 118. Patrick Wisdom SEA
Seth Beer Note
Seth Beer photo 119. Seth Beer ARI
Will Craig Note
Will Craig photo 120. Will Craig PIT
Jake Noll Note
Jake Noll photo 121. Jake Noll WSH
Colton Welker Note
Colton Welker photo 122. Colton Welker COL
Tyler Austin Note
Tyler Austin photo 123. Tyler Austin FA
Lewin Diaz Note
Lewin Diaz photo 124. Lewin Diaz MIA
Zach Green Note
Zach Green photo 125. Zach Green SF
Frank Schwindel Note
Frank Schwindel photo 126. Frank Schwindel DET
Gavin Sheets Note
Gavin Sheets photo 127. Gavin Sheets CWS
Ryan Court Note
Ryan Court photo 128. Ryan Court OAK
Peter O'Brien Note
Peter O'Brien photo 129. Peter O'Brien ATL
Matt Davidson Note
Matt Davidson photo 130. Matt Davidson CIN
AJ Reed Note
AJ Reed photo 131. AJ Reed CWS
Jose Pirela Note
Jose Pirela photo 132. Jose Pirela FA
Jim Adduci Note
Jim Adduci photo 133. Jim Adduci FA
Corban Joseph Note
Corban Joseph photo 134. Corban Joseph FA
Chris Gittens Note
Chris Gittens photo 135. Chris Gittens NYY
Seth Mejias-Brean Note
Seth Mejias-Brean photo 136. Seth Mejias-Brean SD
Patrick Kivlehan Note
Patrick Kivlehan photo 137. Patrick Kivlehan TOR
Matt Skole Note
Matt Skole photo 138. Matt Skole FA
Justin Bour Note
Justin Bour photo 139. Justin Bour LAA